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The Stone Buddha

Updated on August 8, 2012

In a tall grass meadow, beneath a sycamore tree, sat a single stone Buddha. A small brook tinkled nearby blending into the background of birds chirping and bees humming, the essence of natures silence roaring in his ears.

Time moved slowly here. So slow, that this once of human flesh being had been passed by time, for so long, that it actually appeared no longer as a man, but a statue of fine black onyx.

The man that once was, still sits inside. He watched from his awareness as life rolled out backward and forward, split from top to drop into the bottom, and curved in on itself from left to right. The stone Buddha sits in the middle of his world and watches as the world springs forth form from his musings.

One day, a butterfly passed over the stone Buddha, appearing as if it had just emerged from his third eye in the center of his forehead. This did not even cause him to smile though on the inside he was quite pleased by this event. No “thing” moved him. Even his heart barely moved.

The butterfly flittered to the left, disappearing from view. Seconds later, it would reappear and dance some more and disappear again. It danced the colors of its wings…waltzing a peaceful blue, jiterbugging racy red, twirling a lofty purple. How like the mind of humans, the stone thought…flitting from one place to another, landing on one thought then another. His own thoughts were still through years of meditation and contemplation. His logic now stood vast and empty within. There was desire but it was a controlled desire tempered by subtle passions and easily discardable. Rigid and unbending…hard but not cold.

The butterfly was fascinating but only as a mild curiosity. Perhaps it would stay awhile, nothing stays forever, perhaps it will return. Maybe. A small flicker of hope rose then dissipated in the vastness. He was content to watch its rainbow of colors as it floated in and out of his field of vision.

It came to rest upon him. First, upon his shoulder. Second, upon his knee. Finally, it came to rest upon his left cheek where it extended its wings then folded and re-extended. His breath became a rhythm in sync with its movements. And his mind began to merge as he became aware of another presence within himself. His presence slipping inside the butterfly as the butterfly entered his inner landscape.

He felt himself lift softly into the air become enchanted by the scent of a wild orchid as it adorned a nearby cacao tree. Hints of vanilla and chocolate subtly permeated the place. Attracted again by the lilt of water he drifted near the brook and landed on a nearby rock testing the drops of water soon to be dried by the suns light. Poignant memories rose as similar kin dressed in royal blue robes with velvet black trim, erratically cut a path nearby. Time became non-existent in a new way as one moment collapsed onto itself like a small human pyramid where all that remained were a pile of children like moments still growing into themselves, lay giggling.

As a rainbow of colors once again rose before his eyes, he settled once more into his vast awareness where the world of his senses had long been left behind. He breathed in his longing, tasting his moment of freedom, remembering. If you could do or be anything, then you would do and be everything. He did not chastise himself for his time as stone for there was much value in all that he had learned. He simply arose walked to the brook and knelt beside it drinking its cool waters in as a smile birthed itself upon his lips.


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