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The Story of Us the Greatest Story Ever Told?

Updated on October 9, 2014

In the Beginning

How can we know this our story is true?

By knowing the Ordering of the things that have come to pass and to those yet to come. This is one way we can know the truths of the Good Book. And yes the Bible is full of contradictions when you take verses out of context and then quote them trying to make them work else where within the Story.

You must discern not only fact from fiction and truth from untruth for our world is full of It LIES that is. You must discern the time line as well. The Word [Jesus} is the only truth you need seek. For the truth clings to Him. All scripture is open and good for discussion, instruction and teachings none of It is set by private interpretations. The Bible is very unclear in the Beginnings of Its origins. Of telling the story of us.

Time never existed until after "the Fall" or as some will refer to it the "Katabole". The Foundations of our Hell or our separation from the True Father; Our Creator, Our GOD! There is nothing New Under the Sun here in hell [which is only our separation from Our Father] nor is there anything new Under the Son of GOD! Every child born here is a child of God that fell from the Heavens there is a finite number of souls yet to be reborn and only God knows this number.

We must be mindful that there is always at least two who Claim to be The True Father here and Yet there is Only One GOD, ONE Father, ONE Son, and One Holy Spirit or Ghost.

If and when you come to under stand the dimensions of Time in the WORLD. [the eternity that was, the presence that is, and the eternity that is yet to come] Our world it becomes easier to discern the truths and facts which are scatter about in It.

Satan is the name GOD gave the Fallen Angel; who Fell? I believe as many do It was Lucifer. Lucifer is why we are all here to begin with. It is his and the fallen angels and their original sin [the Failure to repent, to seek It, or to accept It] for it was still available and It will always be available. Accept for one the one we call "Satan the Devil". Since Christ's crucifixion he has been sentence to Death eternal

When he fell he took all that GOD left him in charge of and tried to take much more. Hence the war that was in Heaven 2/3 of the Angels fought 1/3 and 1/3 of those Angels were cast out. This is the War of Powers, Thrones, and Principalities. The Heavenly Angels did not accept Lucifer and the Babes way of thinking for they knew who GOD truly was, Is, and where He was and Is.

Were was GOD when this War took place? Many times I am ask this question I believe HE was so far away at this TIME preparing a new place for a new crop of angels; the ones that Lucifer was in charge of.

This is the story I have come to know. It is now the truth that I hold too and yes It is in the Bible and the Scriptures as well, but you will need to seek it most diligently. To ever find it you must ask of the Father to have the Comforter to show it to you.

GOD the Father Is Not a destroyer, but the god of this world who pretends and has fooled us all from our start; he is! Our biggest trouble is knowing who is who and how to discern them apart.

For One is Our Creator who is not wholly with us and the other is one of His fallen sons. Who has been wholly consumed by his own Desires and Pride. So much so that GOD renamed him Satan. For there was no longer any truth found within him.

We can still learn today of the true story of us, but we can not do so without the Comforter who is the Holy Spirit within us all. And is the ONE Jesus promised to send in His stead to us until HIS return.

But first we must repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of our Sins as John the Baptist was instructing us to do. As well OUR Lord and Saviour so did to show Its Importance. It is were HE received the Holy Spirit as well; in the form of a Dove descending upon HIM as well as an audible Phrase from Heaven. "This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased".

Repentance is the First step to receiving the Comforter. But Belief is the first step unto Salvation.

Until one Knows in their heart that they are a creation of GOD and then of the god of this world they know not that they have fallen or have fell.

The Let us in Genesis is GOD the Creator and Satan. As they remake us in the Image of themselves or rather the Image that Satan held for us; as we were still under his care.

GOD the Father, His sole desire is That NONE of HIS Children shall parish and that included Lucifer who is now Satan. Lucifer was a highly ranked angel not an ordinary cherubim.

He was made in the full pattern of the Lord Our GOD. Some surmise that he would be Jesus's twin in appearances as a human male. Satan is and has been mocked by the Angels that did not fall unto Earth from Heaven. Calling Satan a man "is this the man that cause the earth to tremble; that did shake the kingdom; made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; opened not the house of his prisoners?

These captured little children they know Not that they are Sinners or what their sin truly is. They Know Not the True Creator. Our Father GOD in Heaven and they care not for the False father that raised us all here up since our fall.

These prisoners they do not believe that they are children of the Living GOD the Christ, Our Lord Jesus and there for can not accept the free Gift of Grace and Forgiveness from Him.

Their enduring until the end is to the death of their own flesh.

Which If Judas Iscariot was murdered as I believe he was; he than did accomplished that enduring. I believe It was never in the heart of Judas to destroy Jesus, but to force Him to use His Father's power and angels to end the Jews torment to win the war and to serve as their earthly King.

In the Garden before His crucifixion. Jesus ask that this cup may pass from Him. As so that He would not be made to drink of it; not for Himself, but in fact for His brother Lucifer who was renamed Satan.

This is the final call to repentance for Lucifer in which Satan is consumed by his satan [his evil desire and pride] chose not to answer, this last call to repentance. But tried as the Stewards of the Master's vineyard; to destroy the master's son. So That they could lay claim to the new crop.

The Parable of the wicked Husbandmen is a direct parallel to this Our Story. Jesus stated that this was liken to the condition of Heaven. That the Master planted a Vineyard and went on his way and then when the Vineyard was coming into bloom sent stewards to claim the wealth there of, but they beat them and sent them away. Hearing this the master sent HIS SON and the Son was killed because of their satans [their evil plot to claim and control the vineyard for themselves]. The Vineyard is our planet Earth.

The death and resurrection of Our Christ the Lord Jesus. Our Fathers Only spiritually living heir or Begotten Son has trigger the event of GOD the Father's returning to our world this planet Earth. Because Lucifer has done this exact thing, he has stolen the crop of new angels and has claimed and control over them as their god.

This action of killing the SON was what Sealed Satan's destruction and all whom did, do, and now do follow him again. By following him a second time or rejecting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

This is the thing that troubled Him so enough that Jesus sweat Blood. For Christ in the garden was making that final decision based by Satan actions to come. Not that He would suffer and die, but Satan without GOD's Authority of all things above and below Heaven shall parish for these actions to the Son at the Father's return.

Only God Knows The Truth of Our Story We must Discern It and Wait

Were Adam and Eve the Ones Who Created Original Sin?

If you think about It, it should have been impossible for them to have created Original Sin. For if there was no sin there would be no need for a new Creation to tend the Garden. This was Lucifer's job before the Fall to instruct and to teach the little children of the world. To plant seeds of knowledge to tend and grow the Vineyard.

Adam and Eve were warned and were instructed not to eat of or even touch the Tree of both Good and Evil; the Tree of Knowledge. A contradiction of a Godly creation in the first place if you think about It. To be both good and evil. This tree was diseased or in a state of fluctuation neither wholly good nor evil.

Lucifer was an angel of Light and of Song known for his musical pipes. He would be the most beautiful creature in the Garden when they saw him and my guess as well as others is he would look to Adam and Eve just as beautiful as Jesus or the Tree of Life. After all to this day Satan tries to deceive us as the Christ and Scripture says he will be cast out of Heaven Fooling the whole world in as much as they would whore after him thinking that he is the Christ. And except to a select group or Election of Christians he will. To this Election of Christians he is better known as the anti-Christ.

So disobedience was Adam and Eves first transgression. it was not a sin just yet because it would have cause their deaths in their flesh bodies and possible their spirits as well would have die. As soon as It was found out! But this was not the case for Lucifer nor was it the case for Adam and Eve. For there was a punishment associated with the transgression that they all made or a better word would be chastisement was given to them GOD does this to those whom HE loves.

I see now that the Lord God was trying to call Lucifer back to his assigned task of instruction and teachings, but instead Lucifer made Eve to seek Her own God-ship to be like the God that walk in the Garden with her and Adam. Satan use the nimble creature the snake to tempt or entrap Eve in these desires she knew not she had. For they were Lucifer's and not hers to begin with.

Before this act and before the Fall there was no sin only transgressions which one could repent from. Lucifer's refusal to repent here in the Garden created the Sin called original sin. He then blamed Adam and Eve and ever since this accusal he accuses Us all day and night before the Lord Our GOD.

It makes perfect sense to me now that I understand the order of things and I know Our Father is not the author of confusion. There was a war in Heaven and to this day it rages on. It is a war of Powers, Thrones, and Principalities. In short right and wrong. Of those things which offend GOD and his creations.

The Story of Our Salvation is Only a Truth of Who Our Father Is

We all must face Our Father when our time comes and to know that we have an intercessor at our side in the form of Jesus Oh what a relief for a soul that was stolen from its place in Heaven. By the beguiling of Lucifer and his followers

The Gospel of Salvation tells us that Our Father has sent HIS Son why? For our Father is not here with us this is why some call this planet Hell and rightfully so for GOD the Father has yet to return, but He is on HIS way! And His son that was Murdered did arise and show the Might of Our True Father. Death also Satan has been defeated and this Grave our prison has been cast open wide for any soul that would believe and call upon the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour. That soul shall not parish, but shall have everlasting Life.

He has sent HIS Son just as the Master in the parable of the wicked husbandmen sent his and this world responded in kind. Because of the god of this world and those he has left behind in it.

There are some that say Satan is a made up old time church story. I think not as I can see It and him [Satan] in the many stories of the Good Book and within the Scriptures.

If there are those trying to convince you that Satan is a made up story. I would stay as far away from their redirection as you can. For Hell is real and GOD has a troubled Son who has gone a stray and so far over the line and in such a way there is no return for him. And those who would be like him they all shall Parish but they will not suffer for eternity, but be eternally eradicated. Yes Hell is an eternal condition! But it is not an eternal place of torment for those of GOD's children who refuse to repent.


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