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The Story of Walk and Talk

Updated on May 28, 2013

The Story of Walk and Talk

Does your walk match your talk?

In a land not so far away lived two brothers; Walk and Talk. Born identical twins the two were nearly inseparable through the early years of life. Raised in the same home, under the same principles, and sharing much in common; the two were as though one. When one focused on the life of Walk it was obvious that he and Talk were of the same mind and heart. When one listened to the conversations of Talk it was as though he were the script on which Walk based his daily living…truly it was a relationship of indistinguishable living.

Nevertheless, as the years passed, Discontent made himself known and revealed to Walk and Talk the many desires that had lain dormant in their hearts. Discontent had a rather effective way of illuminating the not so important and dulling the most important. Before long the two began to struggle with a desire to have their own identity; for far too long were they inhibited by the others lifestyle. Yet this desire for individual identity was shadowed by their equally passionate desire to retain their relationship with one another. To have the best of both worlds was a fleeting shadow they long sought to capture.

Deep down Walk was a man of adventure and exploration; he viewed the world as a giant playground designed to touch, taste, smell and experience. Walk spent his days watching others enjoy the great fountains of indulgence this world had to offer and each day he grew more and more envious of all he was missing. His most passionate desire was to be a part of the adventurous crowd; those who refused to bridle their raging fleshly desires, who refused to decline the longing of their eyes, and who were permeated with the arrogance of the “good life”.

Talk, on the other hand, was a man who appreciated the finer things of life. He above all else sought to please people. Yet, his relationship with Talk took him only so far, for he desired the more sophisticated, sterile and spiritual crowd. He spent his days in the less than desirable circles and longed for the day he could move past the menial conversations of sport and song. If only he could find a way to embrace his preferred lifestyle while retaining his relationship with Talk.

As is often the case, in due time Discontent introduced Walk and Talk to one who offered great promise, one who held the keys that could unlock the door to the seemingly impossible. Hypocrite was polished, his attire starched and ironed and his speech as from a golden tongue. For from his mouth he could spew both sweet and sour waters, whatever the circumstance necessitated. His demeanor fit for a king. As each day grew dim, Hypocrite engaged in a life of indulgence hidden by the opaque curtains of night. It was Hypocrite who instructed Walk and Talk in the ways of covert living. Through both instruction and example Hypocrite made clear the possibility for Walk to enjoy his sensuous lifestyle while Talk could continue to impress with winged words those whom he sought to receive approval from.

Such was the road traveled that led Walk and Talk to a place of distant strangeness. The two were finally living their lives in a way that suited their passions; one for the life of”self indulgence” the other for the life of “self-centeredness”, while at the same time retaining some measure of their relationship with one another so as not to dilute the image they were working so diligently to construct.

Unfortunately, Hypocrite failed to disclose to Walk and Talk the dangers of this road and such danger remained taciturn until one day the two brothers were introduced to Ruin. Ruin was a man of abrasive and blunt edges and none who have ever met him have escaped the stinging of his ways. Often times he shows up at the front door of life, uninvited, and unappreciated, yet, his meetings are devastatingly memorable. His business is that of destruction and devastation and his home is that of the regretful, remorseful and ashamed.

Who are you walking with today. Are you a companion to discontent? have you already been introduced to Hypocrite? Do you have a scheduled meeting with "Ruin"? Turn to Christ my friend and allow Him to strengthen you to live a life worthy of the Gospel!

Are you a Christian who struggles with Hypocrisy?

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    • Tamarajo profile image


      8 years ago

      brilliant...reminded me a little of hinds feet on high places.


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