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The Stresses of Wanting to be Successful and How to Cope with It

Updated on March 18, 2011

What is Success

Be Happy with What You Have Accomplished

Determining What Success Is

The problem with a lot of people who want to be successful is never becoming satisfied with their accomplishments. The greed syndrome is what I refer to. It is not necessarily finances but wanting to continue to have success for any number of spicific reasons. You need to prove yourself to someone, friends, family, or just to you, you need to brag or boast to others about your accomplishments. Some people have a problem with success because they never could satisify their parents, who may or may not have compaired them to other siblings. Whatever the reason, this can destroy ralationships to others and even lead to problems for the person dealing with this as well.

Acceptance of what you can and have done to become succesful

First of all what have you done that you really feel good about. Did you pass a test that was difficult? Have you overcome some of the things that you felt people always said you would never do? Examining what you have already accomplished in your life and knowing in all honesty that you have made significant changes in your life is one way to begin to start getting to feel better about yourself.

What capabilities do you have and are you willing to work on them?

Knowing what your capacity is to learn and your willingness to acheive is a question you really need to ask yourself. You need to be honest with your answer. From there you begin to work on what you need to do. The problem with a lot of people is even after they have made a huge accomplishment they are never satisfied. This is like gambling. It quite frankly becomes a sickness. Once you choolse to work on what it takes to make you successful then you need to concentrate and focus on that area.

Choosing a level of success.

Once you decide what it is you want to suceed at you then need to determine how far can you go with it. In other words if you are in business how high in promotions would you be comfortable with. There are many facets of success within any one catagory. It all comes down to one thing. Feeling good about what you have accomplished regardless of what any one else has to say about it. Are you caring for your family and making a comfortable living for yourself? Are you likable by most you come into contact with? Do your friends think well of you and want to be around you?

Not everyone will accept what you have accomplished.

Undoubtedly not everyone will accept what you do no matter what it is. People have varying degrees of personalities. Once you've come to accept this then you can live with who you are. Do not associate with people who always have something negative to say. Listen to peope who honestly want to help and support you. They should offer construstive critisism.

Success grows success.

As a result of your succcess you will obtain more projects, be asked questions by people who feel you've done well and want your advice. Your social status will be raised by people wanting you to join, speak at, or consult with them on various issues.

Don't over expect.

Don't always expect compliments all the time. Don't feel that because you don't always get pats on the back that you're not doing well with your life. Life is a balance of happiness and accomplishments that contribute to peace of mind.

Set reasonable goals, be willing to expand, don't be overcome by people who are mean, pessimisric, or who never seem to accept anything good about anything and only think they are the only ones who are smart and successful and who look for fault in everyone else. These type of people are missing out because if you continually put down others then you will not be able to use your talent to help anyone else. It's your life and you only get one go at it. success can be acheived, managed and lived with if you will follow these basic principals.



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