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The Suit of Wands with Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Updated on June 29, 2014

The Suit of Wands

Wands are the first suit of the Minor that we are going to talk about. Wands are associated with the elements of fire, creativity, energy, passion, ambition, and spirituality. Wands usually mean things that you are passionate about. These are things that are hobbies, or creative pursuits that you really enjoy. If there is a topic that might get you on your soap box then that is a Wand in your life. A good example for me would be with Tarot... HA! Or my Uncle when it comes to politics. We all have our own things that we get passionate about so the Wands will change depending on who we are doing the reading for. For wand cards it is a good idea to keep in mind to ask them about their passions to help understand what the card is giving you direction on. When you get a lot of Wands in a reading it means that you are getting a lot of passion and energy surrounding the journey in question.

Ace of Wands

This is the start of a new passion, or creative path. This is something that you are generally just good at, and something that you don't really have to try to hard to do. This means that the energy is right to get things done, but that doesn't mean they will actually manifest. Seeing as it is the first of the wands; all it is showing is that the essentials are there to get the venture off the ground. Its your job it keep it there. So if you get this card, and have a passion you believe that you can do then this is saying go for it. Just keep in mind that more work is to be done if you really want to finish this task. This doesn't mean that it will take you where you want to go, but it is telling you to do it anyway. Whatever you get out of this is something that can help you along your life. This is a card of beginnings, and Aces are always a good card to see when you want to get something started. They have great new, and fresh energy. They are one of the cards that the energy is hard to be rivaled.

2 of Wands

This card is a card of success. This means that you got something off the ground, and are so far able to keep it there. This means that you are on a winning streak, and still have the ability to keep going forward. Here he is holding onto a small model of the world. He is assessing where to go from here, and there are so many options. So you need to pick correctly. If you get this card then that means you have already started a path, and that it is saying it is okay to keep going. Just keep in mind that the future is still unknown so you must choose your path wisely otherwise it might not head in the right direction. The 2 of Wands is a good indicator though that you are on the right path to take the next steps forward. Also keep in mind that since this is still a wand that is involved this is something that has a lot of passion around it. So if the question has to do with love than this means that the love has a lot of passion in it. Again this doesn't mean that the relationship will work, but it shows that there is beginning potential.

3 of Wands

Okay this is a harder card because it really means fully setting out on the destination that you chose in the 2 of Wands, but can also mean authority, boldness, and partnership. You get this card when you have really set out past 2 of Wands, and you are ready to really start actual travel. This card can mean that you are going to travel, but because it is a Wand this is going to be a passionate trip. This isn't going to be something that you are whatever about. This will be either something you are really excited about, or are really upset about. You need to be bold, and have authority when this card comes. This card is telling you that you know what to do, and have the confidence to do it. This card shows growth in things that you are passionate about. This is more often then not a good omen. This card reminds us that sometimes we have to move forward to actually achieve what it is we want. Often times this takes being bold, or getting involved with someone else who can help us.

4 of Wands

The 4 of Wands is usually a very fun card. This means celebrations, harvest, ceremony, gratitude, and home. This is like parties, get together with good friends, or weddings. This means it is okay to take a break from the grind of what you are working on to have a little fun. Remember to give thanks for all the blessings that you have, and start looking into the future with a positive outlook. The 4 of Wands can also mean that you need to mark something with a party or something. Is something important coming up that you were going to make nothing? This is something that the reader will enjoy, and have a good time at. And that cards want them to know that its all good to jump in the action. The last thing is this means home so that means that it might also be telling you to clean our your home and environment so that you are ready to celebrate the future.

5 of Wands

Next, is the 5 of Wands which is usually good fun, and games, but sometimes some people don't know how. This is a card of general friendly competition, contests, games, struggles, and hassles. If you see this card then you know to expect a little conflict. This could be good things like entering a competition, playing a sport, or playing a game with friends, but this can also be a simple thing that turns into a larger struggle. Ask your self or the reader if there are any good or bad competition going on in their life, or is there anywhere that they think their might be some tension soon? When people get together there is always going to be a little bit of struggles and hassles, but only some of these types of struggles make the situation better. It is best to do the work, and get over the struggle though so that you can move on. Competitions, and games can't last forever. Sometimes this can mean that someone is playing games with something you are passionate about. If the question is about love then you need to look at the other cards to see if there is someone that is playing games with them. If this card is surrounded by a lot of cup cards then someone is playing games of the heart.

6 of Wands

Now we have the 6 of Wands. This card means that you have gotten over the struggles during that last card, and now you are getting noticed. This is the first PUBLIC notice of your accomplishments. This is when you start to actually get noticed for the things in your journey. This might be a celebration at work for getting a promotion. The 6 of Wands generally shows that most of the public opinion of you in this situation is great, but if it gets placed in a cross, or opposition position in a reading that means that there is someone who is upset or jealous of your public notice. Maybe even the reader is upset that they are getting noticed for something that is a passion of theirs. A great example of this is a reading I was doing where a lady got a lot of attention from men, but her problem was that she was gay. Often times women wouldn't walk up to her because they always thought she was straight seeing as so many men were talking to her. So she wasn't liking the public attention she was getting, and it was causing her issues.

7 of Wands

Then we get to the 7 of Wands. This is a card of facing opposition, and being steadfast, and courageous. This is a card that tells you that you should be ready to stand up for your passions. There are big things working against you, and you need to face the challenge head on. If you are willing to take on these problems than you will develop some great character, and get closer to the end of the journey with this passion. This means that you are already standing on 6 steps, and are really close to getting to the end. This is when you need to drop things that no longer suit you, and to get ready for the last stretch of the race. When receiving the 7 of Wands just remember to not back down, and fight for yourself, and morals. This card reminds you that you need strength, and courage to keep moving. You have the ability if you just keep going.

8 of Wands

The 8 of Wands is a card of rapid motion. Something is going to happen, and it is going to happen fast. This is one of the wands that shows the most energy, and passion come out. This is a card that once it has been started there will be no way to stop it. So make sure that whatever you set in place is what you want. The 8 of Wands is a card that once you have started it you just wait a short time, and then see where everything lands. So you might as well enjoy the ride, and see where the chips fall. The 8 of Wands can also mean traveling. This cards kinda travel is a quick kind of travel. Either going somewhere that isn't far, or travel in an airplane if you are going far. This card can also mean moving fast in something that you are passionate about. A great example of what I mean is if you meet someone, and the relationship moves quickly. In a cross, or opposing position that maybe moving so quickly that now it has caused a problem.

9 of Wands

This card has a lot of strong connotations of one last battle, and can mean going back to old habits, or become cautious or suspicious. This is a card showing you that you have traveled a long way, and you are almost done, but you are not quite completed. Even though you are tired you must keep moving forward. The man has 8 Wands behind him, and one that he is leaning on. He has a bandage on his head like he has fought hard to get to be able to this spot. He is also looking off to the side like he is waiting for someone to come charging up. The wall behind him can also represent the barriers that we set. Sometimes this means that you are overly cautious and beginning to doubt yourself, but yet you are so close. You have the energy to finish this last card, but must let the wall down so that you can finish. Remember that you have the ability to still change things. This isn't over. Anything that you didn't fight off in past Wand cards it is now time to do that. You can finish this though, and remember you are almost finished with your creative pursuit.

10 of Wands

The 10 of Wands shows you that you are finally here, and that you can finally be done with this pursuit. Now this card can also mean being over burdened, and burned out at whatever it is that you have done. Some journey's are fun, and some are really not very fun. Ask the reader or yourself was this worth it? Was everything that you had to go through to get here worth what you have gotten. This card it really depends on the question, and the other cards to tell you if this is a good ending or a bad ending. Again this card is a card that can change depending on the others. This card can also mean that it is time to delegate some work to someone else. Hand the baton so that you can move on to other things. It is nice sometimes to start something, and do with it what you can. Then allow someone else to do what it is they can to make it even better. This is why companies are sold, and bought all the time. Someone else looking in can sometimes see the things you missed.

Page of Wands

This card will generally represent a child or a young at heart kind of person. Sometimes this will mean an immature adult, or someone that is acting like a child in the current situation. They are very independent, and often want to do things on their own. They are often high energy, and often like to do a lot of physical activity. This Page often has very risky behaviors, and can sometimes do things that accidentally hurt themselves or others.

Now unlike what I said before this can also mean things other than being a person. A Page also represents messages. So you could also be looking for a messenger that brings you an opportunities for passion. This card is also telling you when you see that chance then you should go for it! This is something that is worth pursuing.

Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is usually charming, confident, adventurous, and passionate. This is usually a young adult male, or one that you see as having the maturity of the same. He loves to experience new things, and he is always looking for a new adventure. He will also sometimes risk everything that he has for this new found passion. So remember that sometimes the Knight of Wands isn't the best person to fall in love with, as he will follow a new relationship if one comes up that he thinks is more exciting. This Knight is one that is always willing to travel, and doesn't have to have a hotel room. This guy will sleep in a tent, or just under the stars if you wouldn't mind. This guy is one that is fun to fall for, but isn't always the best catch to have. Think of the bad boy that all the girls love. This guy also has a hard time with commitment, but that doesn't mean it will always be impossible. He is a great fun guy if you can get him to at least tie to you, but that doesn't mean you can actually tie him down.

Queen of Wands

This beautiful, and popular woman is one that has a lot of friends. This is going to be a woman, and is going to be someone you see as an adult. She is someone who often has a lot of friends, and is often very warm, and an enjoyment to be around. She is often very active, and has an inner vibrancy that is hard to ignore. This woman is one that she can sometimes get her self in a lot of things, and usually does better this way. That doesn't mean though that she can't overwhelm herself. Sometimes this Queen will get her hands in so many things at once that she starts to drop the ball. That doesn't mean she should only choose one thing. All it means is that she should probably at least drop one. The Queen of Wands is one that she is very honest, and sometimes she can be a little blunt. She doesn't mean it to be mean she usually just does it because she is trying to help. This woman will be a great athlete, and is often very healthy. This is a woman that you will remember meeting. She isn't easily forgotten as she can make a grand entrance without even trying.

King of Wands

This is a man that you see as an adult. This is a man who is really creative. He has the ability to express himself completely in artistic avenues, and often uses these skills for things that are useful. He is really active, and often can be very inspiring when he is talking about one of his passions. He is very good at leading people, and can almost always get others to help him achieve his goals. Sometimes this man can be very domineering though. He can come off as assertive, but sometimes he can be seen as aggressive. Often times this man is very bold, and is willing to make big risks in hopes that they pay off. He often confronts anyone who is opposing him head on, and is never afraid of a fight. This is someone that often feels good about being different then other people. This King loves to have something others don't, or to have the ability to brag to others. Sometimes this king can seem like a little bit of a show off, but if others just willing give complements sometimes he wont show this side.

Final Notes

Now sometimes with the court cards they can get confusing. At times men are shown as women, and women are shown as men. This is not that uncommon even though I teach them to you as if they are. This is because you really need to ask yourself if the person in question is acting more feminine and internal, or masculine and external? Is this person showing a more masculine side of themselves, or are they showing a more feminine side? Often time women bosses are still portrayed as the King because we often see them showing a masculine side to themselves if they are in charge, or they are seen as the King still because they are the ones in charge. So really when deciding if someone is this queen or that king ask yourself are you really seeing them as they are, or are you perceiving them differently? Then with the Knight this can be a young woman, but I show it as a male because usually women switch from pages to queens faster than guys. That doesn't mean though that all women skip this step though. So sometimes a Knight might actually be a woman who is acting like a young adult. Just keep in mind that if you see someone as acting like an adult your higher self will show them as queens and kings, and anyone you view as a child or immature your higher self will show them as Pages and Knights.

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