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The Sunday Best

Updated on December 20, 2012

The Sunday Best

I know some people go to church on Sunday

And they always put on their Sunday best.

Those things they keep for one day a week

Of everything just a little better than the rest..

On Sunday they don their Sunday clothes

Their Sunday manners and their Sunday smile.

Everyday things aren't good enough for church

So they wear things they just use one in a while..

They take their places with manners so grand,

They are dressed in clothes that look so new

If you will just stop and take a better look

Smiles that they wear looks the same way.too.

They are playing church for now they testify

Of nearness of the Lord the week just passed.

Does God really care for once a week religion

Or every day never tiring kind that will last ?

Now do you know any people who are like this

Playing church believing it's the thing to do ?

Making people think it is all right with your soul,

Do you know anyone or does it sound like you?

Do you ever really see the person in your mirror,

The one who is always trying to put on a good show?

Can you say you are completely committed to Jesus

And can you take Him with you everywhere you go?

Clara kish

Maybe we think we can fool people about

the life we are living but we can not fool

God. He has an all seeing eye and He knows

all that we say or do , Why would we want to

anyway.Without The Lord we will never get

to Heaven , and that is the place we want

to be , Jesus is the One who will open the gate,

There is no other way to pass inside !


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    • clara kish@yahoo. profile image

      Clara Kish 5 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio

      Hello Eric, I hope you don't mind it if I shortened the address. Thank you for your comments. I had not heard about the white robe and gown but it does seem interesting. I always tried to wear the best that I had to God's House . I know they wear just about any type of clothing anymore but dressed as a servant does seem more fitting. Hope you come back. thank you .clara

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Interesting and Awesome and voted way up. I get all gussied up on Sunday, never wear tie but mostly a suit. My boy is dressed right on and his momma always looks her best ---- but casual. I walk in a vestry door remove my jacket and put on a very plain white robe and belt. I feel when I put it on, I am gone. It is really neat. I supposed some churches favor glamorous robing. But ours is to make us as servants and nondescript. I love your hub thank you.