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The Supernatural Breaking Into a Relative World

Updated on February 24, 2011

“Tambry Young, an advocate for Citizens for Equal Rights, told lawmakers of her pending 30th anniversary with her partner and urged passage of a bill she said would "allow our family to be treated with dignity and fairness that all families are entitled to and that most families have taken for granted." (Star Advertiser, February 9, 2011)

In a world of relativity, what gays and lesbians are fighting for seems right and justifiable. They love each other and have adopted kids. They are law abiding. They all live under the same roof. They should get all the benefits that a married couple gets. SB 232 (New civil union law being discussed in Hawaii) is their ticket to greater civil rights and freedoms. “How dare the Christians and other religionists stop us from our inalienable rights.”

First, to argue with the radical homosexual agenda is almost impossible because we argue from different premises. They argue from a relative world. We argue from a Judeo-Christian world view. They believe truth is sourced in each individual, we believe truth is sourced in God and his Word.

What is the definition of relativism? Webster’s dictionary defines it this way: “A view that ethical truths depend on the individuals and groups holding them”. Based on this general definition, they believe that homosexuality is normal and should be recognized as normal by the rest of society. They base their beliefs on their personal experience; what they think is right; what they hold as truth. The Christian bases their moral beliefs on the Bible.

Hear me out on this. It's not the true Christian that condemns homosexuality and other sins, but the Bible. Yes, there are some nut cases out there who spew a religion of hatred toward gays and lesbians. They visit the funerals of soldiers who have died in battle and cry out that they deserved to die because America promotes homosexuality and abortion. I personally think there is a special place in hell for these folk. They make me sick.

However, what is real love? Is it real love to tell people that what they are doing is okay in God's eyes? Is it okay to let people drive off a cliff? Of course not. Whether we like it or not, we have to be salt and light. Honestly, I would rather go on my merry way and let people do what they want. It's a lot easier. I do not need the head ache or stress. I'd rather go surfing or snuggle up with a good book at Starbucks. But the Scriptures and the Spirit of God say otherwise. They compel me to reach out and love.

Yes, the interpretation of Scripture is subjective, but there is not much interpretative leeway when it comes to homosexuality. The Bible’s view about this lifestyle is crystal clear (1 Cor 6:9, 1 Tim 1:10, Lev 18:22, Romans 1:1-32). It is a sin, an abomination, an action that leads to spiritual and even physical death. The Old and New Testament vouches for this position. There is no wiggle room for any other interpretation, none whatsoever.

Does God hate homosexuals? No. Is homosexuality a greater sin than murder, lying, stealing, and jealousy? No. However, it is a sin.

Despite this overwhelming prohibition against homosexuality, one has to believe in the Bible as absolute truth in order to submit to it. That is why to debate them or even politicians, who do not share a Judeo-Christian worldview, is basically futile. Relativism is deeply embedded within our culture and leadership. It will be difficult to uproot. It’s a scary place to be.

That is why something from outside our natural laws must break into our hermetically sealed relativistic world. Supernatural healings, deliverances, prophesy, signs and wonders, and words of knowledge must break forth upon this anchorless world. It’s the same type of situation that Paul the Apostle faced in the first century. The supernatural opened the way for the Gospel to be preached (Acts 3). It worked.

Christianity is sourced in the supernatural workings of God. Resurrecting someone from the dead is pretty supernatural if you ask me. Without the resurrection of Christ there is no Christianity. However, modern Christianity has deteriorated into a religious academic exercise without power or even love. We need to come back to our roots. We need to come back to the supernatural lifestyle that the early disciples walked in. Just read the book of Acts and you'll see what I mean.

God desires none to perish, but for all to come to know Him, including the gays and lesbians. They are in extreme bondage; requiring extreme evangelism; needing extreme love. The supernatural will pave the way for the Word of God. All that is required is faith, love, and boldness. People do not want to meet a three point sermon. They want to meet God.

Easier said than done, but we are called to use all of our wealth from heaven to draw people to God. This is a new season for the church. It is a season of breakthrough.

Yes, some will not believe even if they see someone rise from the dead. The supernatural cannot convince a heart that is dead set against God. The majority of the pharisees stand as evidence to this sad phenomena.

Whatever the case, we are not responsible to save, but to share. Time is running short. The fullness of time is upon us. It's time for the church to rise up into its true calling and maturity. It's time.

Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of God be reconciled to God2 Cor 5:20


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    • The Minstrel profile image

      The Minstrel 6 years ago from Hawaii

      Bless you Dave. God has a plan that is even beyond our understanding.

    • DavePrice profile image

      DavePrice 6 years ago from Sugar Grove, Ill

      Fantastic word brother! You speak on these things with much more wisdom than I do.