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The Supposed Ewey Gooey... Warm and Fuzzy Benevolence of Atheism by Merwin

Updated on June 2, 2010


Seriously... visit a spiritual chat room.

My lovely Wife visits one quite often. Now bear in mind this is supposed to be a spiritual chat room, where people of a spiritual nature collect and supposedly share things of a spiritual nature.

I just now asked her, "That chat room you go to... is there more believers or atheists?"

She replied, "I think there were more atheists."

Now I know that my question and her answer is not conclusive, but my exchange with her does showcase the fact that even if there were less atheists than believers, the frequency and intensity is what may have appeared to her as the majority of the postings.

This tells me that even if they were (truly) not the majority... they were forceful enough to make it seem that way. Kind of like the old movies of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers... they are out on the dance floor just dancing with all the other club patrons that are doing the same. When all of a sudden they start Tripping the Light Fantastic and soon they have the floor to themselves and they are all you see.

Or like when you have a room of maybe a hundred people but there are four who sound ten times louder than anyone else and pretty soon... THEY have the dance floor all to themselves while all around them others are distracted from their conversations.

Where am I going with this?

The atheists who visit these "spiritual" chat rooms are there why? They don't believe, they have contempt (or sound as they do) for those they find there who are not like them. And for the most part they monopolize the conversations. The loudest of these are militant angry people who sound more bigoted and violent than a white supremest.

You know I don't even blame them for some of their anger, after all a lot of us brothers and sisters are ignorant of what we believe, and abusive to those that do not worship exactly as we do. And that is just the tip of the Christian Knucklehead iceberg, but that is definitely... for another time and another Hub.

The reason for writing this Hub is their main complaint about Christians... "hypocrisy". And I get it... yeah we are hypocritical, in varying degrees of hypocrisy but, yeah I get it.

We Christians, have got to take a look at their claim for a moment to respond to it effectively. The atheist is looking at us... then looking at what they know about Jesus calling down the Pharisees with "hypocrite", then looking back at us, and likely thinking, "This will probably get their goat... 'cause Jesus bagged on the Pharisees for it!"

Never mind how much error might be in that thought process, never mind what Jesus was really pointing out to the Pharisees and His disciples through the chastisement, and how that really doesn't match with the atheist's use. Never mind all that for a moment and go right to the point.

And the point is also the response... "Yes I am a hypocrite, my brothers and sisters are all hypocrites... you, and everybody else on the planet are hypocrites. You want to talk about hypocrisy? Then we should mention another gripe from your corner of philosophy... specifically the militant view that all religions should be done away with. And... that the world would be kinder and gentler place, without all the bloodshed and heinous atrocities that has happened as a result of religion.

While there has been more mass murders and starvation and torture done by atheistic, socialistic, totalitarian regimes than any other sector of society since history began and you somehow think that atheism is free from the voracious blood-lust ills that plague mankind? My atheist friend you are either extremely naive or a blatant hypocrite... or both."

Of course one may wish to tone it down from that verbal cascade of accusation at least a little, because what you are intent on accomplishing may slip beyond your reach if you don't.

The Ewey Gooey, Warm and Fuzzy presentation they like to portray for a religious free society that has as its anthem, John Lennon's "Imagine" is nonsense. For the only way for them to reach that supposed Utopia is through fear tactics, broken bones and the lost lives of all who believe in the supernatural.

Mankind is hypocritical and murderous. The only way to escape ourselves is Jesus!


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    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      Thank you Roger... and Amen.

    • Roger Crigger profile image

      Roger Crigger 

      8 years ago from Northern Idaho

      Great, Thought provoking dialog and content Merwin! I actually think one of the best nuggets on this whole page is the very last sentence of your last response. "The absence of ism's becomes an "ism" in itself... (They) cannot be avoided."

      The people who are hell bent, (no pun intended) on removing religion of any kind IS ITSELF based on a belief system. The belief that YOUR belief is wrong and mine is right. The belief that religious beliefs or systems should be done away with IS a belief system and lately, in this day and age, shoved farther and harder down other peoples throats than any Christian system that I've personally seen. I could go on about how it's being systematically removed from all stages of society, usually by a vast minority at that, but the point has been made... Personally, I have to remember that it's ALL going by the book and ultimately God's will is the last Word!

    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      Thank you for your comment Kris...

      I agree with most of what you advocate.

      A parent cannot help but indoctrinate their children, it really boils down to what they are being indoctrinated with.

      The word indoctrinate carries with it an unfortunate reaction in the thoughts of those who read it or hear it.

      It basically means to teach.

      To indoctrinate with dogma I believe is what you meant, but then this is nearly as hard for the parent to avoid.

      The best of parents make mistakes and the worst of parents indoctrinate with the dogma of dysfunction and by degree. The worse the parent(s) the greater the dysfunction.

      It really becomes a significant issue in the arena of spirituality, whereby what ever the dysfunctions of the parent are transferred to the child through the spiritual (faith or non-faith) dogma.

      Now... this does not make the dogma (of whatever brand) good or bad in itself, but it does tend to give a label to the behavior of the errant parent for easy an easy identification by the growing child.

      It then becomes a translation of sorts for the child - now adult to condemn the label and give rationale as to why their otherwise lovable parent(s) were, are, was or is... nuts.

      In other words... my parents would have acted appropriately were it not for them being orthodox fanatics about their; Atheism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Humanism, Humanitarianism... etc.

      In the cases of indoctrinations of any sort, information in and of itself, is simply that... information. Dogma is not bad or good. Passion for dogma is not bad or good. Indoctrination by force, coercion by any kind violence, is counter productive to one's goals and therefore self destructive to one's intentions.

      As far as the public schools go... the absence of ism's, becomes an "ism" in itself... isms, cannot be avoided.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I am an atheist. I do not belong to any 'group.' I had a difficult childhood in that while being raised a catholic, my doubts and quest for understanding and rationality were given an extremely short-shrift, and if I did not believe I was the devil incarnate.

      I think it is totally your right to believe whatever you want to believe, and vice-versa. I do not like child-rearing/raising dogma and indoctrination. I only hope that at some point every individual has the opportunity to look at their belief system in a rational way and make their decisions about it for themselves.

      I do not think that public schools or government are any place to be touting any 'ism', except perhaps humanitarianism.


    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      @ secularist10

      Thank you so much for your comment I believe it is quite accurate and not at all in conflict with the very point I was attempting to make.

      Many atheist are loath to admit that their sector of society is just as guilty of atrocities as any other, and they point to the religious wars and the hypocrisy of Christians as justification for the removal of all religions.

      Of course this would mean outlawing faiths in general, phasing out child indoctrination of dogma, and perhaps even the murder of the staunchest adherents of whatever religious view.

      Oddly enough, they don't see their own hypocrisy in advocating the eradication of religions, perhaps they are not able to follow the logic of what certainly needs to happen to free the world of religious oppression. And even if they are able to track that future bloody trail... do they care?

      There it is, and, what else can we expect from any ideologies that hate? They are convinced that their choices are right for everyone and the end justifies the means. Just like every other oppressive movement that gains enough momentum to have power, so it might be with the anti-religion ideology/movement.

    • secularist10 profile image


      8 years ago from New York City

      It is important to be critical of all ideas, but also to do so in a civil manner. Many atheists, secularists and religious people do indeed let their emotions get the better of them on a regular basis. That is not the way to convince someone of anything.

      However, you are a bit off on the "atheistic, socialistic, totalitarian" part. It is not atheism that causes people to kill. Belief systems cause people to kill. Belief systems, such as Christianity, Islam, Communism, Machiavellianism, etc are what can cause problems. But atheism, theism, deism, and the like are simply ideas. They are simply beliefs (or, in the case of atheism, lack of a belief), not systems of belief.

      If Christians are really concerned about Stalin and Mao and the like, they need to focus their attention on the religion of Marxism and Revolutionary Socialism, not atheism. In the same way, the atheists are wrongheaded when they say that theism alone has the potential to kill. Religions, yes, but a simple belief in a God--it does not follow.

      I do agree that ultimately, humankind is to blame for these atrocities, but history clearly shows that ideological, religious and philosophical belief systems can up the death count significantly. Thank you for an interesting article.

    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      Shameful on both sides.

      Thanks for you input.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      They are as violent in their rhetoric, but not as profane.

      Either variety is quite frustrating to anyone trying to engage in meaningful discourse.

    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      Yes, that makes sense... but are they as violent in their rhetoric? Just curious, would not surprise me, but it should.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I've frequented Christian IRC channels since 1993, and Christian Usenet newsgroups since the early 1980s.

      What your wife reports is correct. The atheist trolls who appear in these microcosms accomplish nothing but the embarrassment of atheists.

      However, this works in both directions. I also visit atheist channels and newsgroups, where Christian trolls appear with the same frequency.

      For damaged people, there is something unwholesomely liberating about the anonymity of these obsessive groups.


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