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The Survival Alchemist's Handbook

Updated on December 4, 2010

Survival Alchemist’s Handbook

By Malenashum

A Guide to the 200,000 levels between “Good” and “Evil”


1. Predecessor of chemistry

a. An early, unscientific form of chemistry that sought to change base metals into gold and discover a life-prolonging elixir, a universal cure for disease, and a universal solvent alkahest.

2. Transforming or enchanting power

a. A power supposedly like alchemy, especially of enchantment or transformation.

In chemistry, to synthesize a substance is to join two or more substances together. Those that traverse levels of reality could possibly be termed mentally “ill”, or more properly, be termed waking dream oneironauts, waking lucid dream travelers. I believe that due to the “schism” between hemispheres of the brain, the waking oneironauts actually synthesize reality bandwidths. When one experiences sensory fluctuations, or extra perceptions, and then interprets the incoming data through the benefit of more than one point of view, one is synthesizing bandwidths of reality, interpreting both incoming (reality) and outgoing (manifestation) through the separate hemispheres. What better way to do this, than with a genetic schism between hemispheres- two heads are better than one. Synthesizing the brain is not necessary, in my opinion, unless one is trying to see consensus reality. I see the segment of the population that explores the possibilities for mankind, humanity in general, as not only explorers, but warriors. A warrior is nothing unless they wage war upon themselves, and as any “mentally ill” person can tell you, they are warriors! The final outcome of this synthesizing of reality bandwidths is new developments in consensus reality as the collective consciousness explores new avenues of thought. This book is meant to be a handbook for all such warriors.


Loss of contact with reality, psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia or mania that is marked by delusions, hallucinations, incoherence, and distorted perceptions of reality.

Believe it or not, every episode follows a certain structure. It is a mixed up premonition of future events, presented in a random fashion to the waking lucid. In other words, as life unfurls, it will make sense, as one’s life path is traveled.

Life as it unfurls is the “key”, the episode itself, a“coded” transmission of prophetic knowledge.

It will all make sense of itself slowly throughout one’s life, and certainly be resolved at death.

Life as an adventure game, based on karma:

Metaphorically speaking, life is similar to an online adventure game. Telepathy can be likened to chat rooms online; things one finds on the ground are always dependent on a karma reserve (sometimes money, sometimes some dog has soiled the ground for one to step in). It is possible to “level up” when old negative karma is exhausted.

Money, by the way, is just concentrated energy. To attract or feel a dearth, money is dependent on one’s own energetic fluctuations.

I do believe that on the physical plane, there are levels of happiness and unhappiness, a different reality perceived at different levels. Navigating these levels could be likened to riding an elevator. This, perhaps, is where the online adventure game analogy falls flat, because one traverses these levels in both a forward and backward (positive and negative) direction, sometimes in a manner of minutes, rather than just leveling up. It is possible to not only fall from heaven, but to fall from Earth as well. I received this information in a dream, that there were exactly 200, 000 levels between absolute heaven and absolute hell, good, and evil. Earth it seems, is somewhere in the middle.

I find I can determine what level I am currently visiting by simply turning on the radio. No need to change the station, a new one will come in as you travel, with static between. The radio is a good energy barometer, or compass.

If no radio is available, listen carefully to the people around you. They may say things they have no recollection of later, as they were speaking on a frequency you may not be listening to. Another words, you may hear a lower frequency sentence, as they reside on a higher frequency, or vice versa. I suppose, in a parallel universe, the two of you are conversing about an entirely different matter, and there is bleed through. Just listen carefully to determine your level.

This is the perfect time to mention what I call “anchoring”. It is essential to redirect consciousness into the super consciousness throughout the day. Even in conversation, pause to connect with God, your higher aspects of yourself, spirit guides, super consciousness, whatever you want to call it. You are casting your anchor into the sea of God, although the anchor is going “up” in my imagination, into the more subtle layers of reality, rather than “down” into grosser areas. To accomplish this, one must silence the inner voice.

When quieting the inner voice, from a Buddhist standpoint, at first there are only “gaps” in a continuous monologue. It is important to become aware of, and focus one’s attention on, noting the “gaps”. This tends to increase their duration. Once one is able to still the mind, higher, or more subtle areas of your mind are awakened.

This goes double for the waking lucid dream traveler, as they “hear voices”, or more properly, experience interruptions from lower realm beings. Just as with one’s own inner voice, the mere act of recognition of these beings tends to eliminate their ability to interrupt, or send impulses.

This is a good time to mention (while speaking of negative entities) that demons can piggyback on substances to influence events in the surrounding area, as well as “possess” susceptible people, when said people use substances as a doorway to the beyond. With already delicate brain chemistry, substance abuse should be avoided at all costs.

Survival Alchemy is a form of magick, an intuitional witchcraft that has its basis in the arrangement of physical objects. The physical objects that are arranged in patterns are a physical representation of a two way communication with God, or the realm of infinite possibilities. This also applies to eating artistically and representationally. The stomach could be likened to an artist’s palette, and one should consider what the food ingested represents to them personally. The body is a universe in itself, the mathematics that lie behind the divine design of even the small anatomy in one’s palm is a fascinating and complex mystery based in sacred geometry. Every action one takes is based on past desires, and arranging objects to influence outcomes, eating with the artistic eye, only provides the realm of infinite possibilities an outline of what one would like to manifest. Similarly, when objects are exchanged between people, the exchange is not only physical, but a bartering of energy as well.

It is essential to pay attention to your environment and assemble free associative designs. Eventually, the physical objects are transcended, and the realization that one affects one’s environment and that of the other’s around them is complete. Survival Alchemy is a form of prayer.

Anger, as well as love, when directed properly, can become a telekinetic, or a telepathic force. Materialization of items, remote moving of objects, and speaking to others mentally is entirely possible. Anger directed at objects is better than directing anger at people. Master this direction to channel anger in a healthy manner. See what you come up with. Similarly, love can affect objects from afar. Experiment to your heart’s content. I speak from personal experience, but I will not bore you with the stories.

A déjà vu, it came to me, is actually an instance of simultaneous time. I once read channeled material that spoke of a hall of records, so to speak, that contained “books” of people’s lives, to be read by all.

If it goes without saying that part of your immortal soul remained “behind” when you chose birth, this part deemed your “higher self”, who is to say that your higher self is not in that “hall” , reading the “book” of your life and you are both at the same particular moment in that life at the same time. The connection with the higher self, or immortal soul, is a déjà-vu. It seems familiar because, on a certain level, you have already lived this life. Not only have you lived it, but you have previewed it before birth. Of course it seems familiar.

Lastly, I will speak of invisibility. Invisibility is about misdirecting awareness. Similar to prestidigitation, where the magician distracts the audience with one hand, while performing the trick with the other, one can remain invisible by distracting someone’s perception over to the outside world. Then their awareness will not perceive you.


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