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The Swan Principle : filled with grace and poise

Updated on March 5, 2011

The Swan Principle

I have always loved to look at a swan confidently swimming in the pond. Such beauty… such poignance…

It is, to me, a picture of perfect grace and impeccable peace.

Being in the corporate jungle requires a lot of hard work & continuous training. Ours is a highly competitive world, that the minute you slack, another eager beaver might just happen to take over.

Therefore, one has to struggle to always be on top, and in that struggle and desire to be noticed, one faces an awful lot of stress. It’s a dog-eat-dog world that we are moving in, and being in full control is a non-negotiable trait.

Unfortunately for some, this is too much to bear. Either they slip down and get out of the race, or keeping their sanity over career is something they’d much rather choose.

This is where I think my so-called “swan principle” take into play. While we see a display of true calmness and confidence, beyond the swan’s perceived poise is a struggle to stay on top of the water. You see, the swan’s feet never for a second stops to paddle. It’s the swan’s way of coping to rise above its struggle, yet if you are not aware of whats happening below the water, you would have thought its just light and easy for the swan, right? Well, this definitely is not the case. Even swans have to paddle and work its way to a beautiful wade.

We can all learn from the beautiful swan : how it strikes a balance between struggle and confidence. And the swan tells us this is possible.

I guess it takes constant practice to perfect the art of flawless calmness in the midst of a chaotic world. It requires belief, trust and confindence in one's self, knowing fully well that your ability to rise above your difficulties lies in your attitude, your control and your grace under pressure.


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