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The Tree of Life is Jesus

Updated on January 1, 2016

GOD uses metaphor

Find out the answer to the deeper truth - Jesus is the Tree of Life. God uses many types of speech to convey truth. One is metaphor. By definition a metaphor is a liking one thing to something else to which it it is not literally applied. An example was when Jesus said "I am the bread of life" no one thinks that He is literal bread. God uses trees many times when referring to people. In Daniel chapter 4 the king had a dream about a tree. No one could figure it out then Daniel was asked and he told the king "you are the tree" It seems that everyone could not see the metaphor. The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden is a metaphor for Jesus using a tree as the picture.

Are you open to seeing the tree metaphor of Jesus in Genesis? We all need to check our understanding, to rethink our assumptions. We are all human and have limited understanding of heavenly things we "see through the glass darkly" 1 Corinthians 13:12. One of the things we do really well is build mental boxes! Mind puzzles are a good example. The trick is to see outside our mental box. Mental puzzles are just that a play on our limiting our solutions.

IN John chapter 2 when Jesus was talking to the Jews about destroying the Temple and rebuilding it in thee days. They quite naturally thought of the physical Temple but "He was speaking of His body". The Jews all knew the scriptures, and were expecting a physical deliverer, but they were shortsighted. Another example of the tree metaphor is in Mark chapter 8. It is also the only place where Jesus did a 2 step healing. Jesus healed a blind man and asked him what he saw, the blind man replied "I see men as trees walking". Jesus touched him again and asked again what he saw now. The man said he could see clearly now. When his sight was blurred he couldn't discern the difference between a tree and a person. In reality he needed a touch of God to see clearly.

Jesus is the Tree of Life! It,s a concept that is very much misunderstood and may be hard to accept. Enjoy the story as literature, as history or its moral message. If you want more then you must think why, when, to whom and how its said and importantly what is the bigger picture, what else does scripture say about it and needs to be taken into account and then retest my conclusions. To quote Pastor Jim Wood of Wears Valley Ranch "you have to step back evaluate the various positions in light of scripture and then reengage with a Godly perspective."

In the Garden of Eden there were the trees and the text then says "And also" the Tree of Life. Please note the "and also" marks the end of the literal trees. Now He begins the symbol of trees for persons. In Scripture people are often pictured as trees. Just because we want to imagine or conclude something does not make it so. There has to be a scriptural basis. In Jeremiah17.7-8 man is "as a tree". In Daniel 4 the king had a dream about a tree. No one could figure it out them Daniel was asked and Daniel told him "the tree is you". Another interesting one was a healing by JESUS, it's the only one I know that had a 2 step healing. Jesus healed a blind man and asked him what do you see? The man the reply "I see people as trees walking." JESUS touched him again and asked again. The man then said he could see clearly now.

Back to the Garden of Eden, we have 2 Heavenly persons, the one was a metaphor for Satan, being called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Satan was a heavenly person who was God's highest angel.As the Arch angel he knew perfect good, but he wanted more and rebelled. Because of his sin he is now known as the Man of Sin. The first sinner in the heavenly realm now knew the depth of evil. Please note to know = to experience. Adam "knew" Eve meaning experienced intimately. Jeremiah 15:16 "thy words-- I did eat them" is referring to believing. When Jesus said you must eat me. He was not suggesting literally but to believe. In the Bible to eat human flesh was a sin. To believe Satan's lies is the equalivant of eating of his fruit. Satan never comes to us as the evil one he's sly like a serpent twisting truth dangling lusts offering freedom and self will.

God desires freewill love of Him not robotic or forced. Being the source of life, He offers it to us freely but we must "eat" no eat = no life. To prove that it is freely received He has given us a choice, a real choice. Satan looks "appealing" and "desired" and has "truth" but his truth is a twisted lie to snare with. What is the end? We are ashamed and flee from God. Jesus the Tree of Life was there then and is still with us now saying "come unto Me" and I will give you rest.

The bottom line is not whether you accept this point of view, it's about the the message of our fall and God's plan of redemption through Christ Jesus. Before the fall Adam knew the heavenly appearance of Jesus who did not dwell in a human body, but after the fall he needed to take on human flesh through the virgin birth be able to pay the sin cost at the cross. Jesus is the Tree of Life who offered Himself freely so we can have eternal life.

the Tree of Life JESUS

Tree of Life study


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