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What Type of Lover are you? This tarot spread reveals what type you are.

Updated on July 14, 2014


Tarot Lovers as an Archetype

Tarot Lovers as an Archetype

For those who are familiar with the Lovers in tarot, you might not considered its’ value as an archetype. Using the definition from, archetype- an inherited idea or mode of thought in the psychology of C. G. Jung that is derived from the experience of the race and is present in the unconscious of the individual. The majority of times, when we go to see a tarot reader regarding a love relationship, we often become excited if the Lovers card is pulled out as an outcome card. We are told that there are good possibilities regarding the person in question. This often satisfies the client, but they do not understand the depth of this card, The Lovers. The Lovers always speaks about choices that we will need to make throughout our life. Will we be led with lust or love? Will we have conditions put on the person who has our affections, or will we offer unconditional love?

The Lovers as an archetype

Have you ever considered you are an archetype of the Lovers Tarot Card?

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Sacred Lovers

The Archetype Horoscope Wheel

There is a spread that I use, and it is simple. You use the Horoscope spread, and only the Major Arcana of the Tarot. There are only twelve cards that will represent your natal horoscope tarot archetypes. These will play out throughout your life. These cards are the agreements that involve your soul path.

The Lovers happens to be one of my twelve agreements and by using it in the horoscope spread I have found out that it is in my forth house. Along with experiencing the common challenges attached to The Lovers, I also will experience it as an ancestor condition both of my blood family and my soul group. This I will discuss in a bit, but for now let us focus on the common challenges this card gives to us all.

Though The Lovers speaks to our superconsciousness, subconscious and conscious self, I am only going to address the last two. Our subconscious is what holds the records of all our past emotions and experiences regarding romantic love. If we have been hurt in a relationship, we might be fearful to become vulnerable to love again. This produces a crisis, for we yearn to be loved, yet our fears prevent us from trusting a person. Though there are other reasons people will seek a psychic regarding love, the majority of time it is to answer one question; is this forever? We struggle inside to enter a relationship if we are not guaranteed that magical word, ‘forever’. We might be told yes or no, or if you came to me, I am sorry I cannot guarantee that. It then falls back into our lap do I move forward or not? The question really is can I go without being in a love relationship? We can see the challenge of The Lovers, but there is even another challenge that we might not be aware of; the quest of profound verses profane.

It is at the profound level, in which we are serving our spirit and the superconsciousness. The superconsciousness is the part of our Spirit and its’ path. We are all here to learn the lesson of profound and profane. The sacred verses the mundane is another way to view this, or better known as the spirit verses the ego. We want to be love and yet we strive to imprison that person, so they become what we want. I am sure you have seen this in others, and perhaps yourself. The need to change a person is predominate in relationships, so they fit what we want. We keep a person chained to us, even when we know they are miserable. There is honor in making changes for another, if they are not attached to your core. To change the core for another or to try to make one change their core is feeding them poison. You are attempting to kill their spirit. You are contributing or experiencing the profane aspect of The Lovers. To accept one’s core without any hope or attempt to change it is contributing to the profound aspect. We see their spirit as it is, not as we wish and with all things we set it free verses chaining it. Their love is free to breath and so is yours. The relationship might stay on course for this lifetime, or it might not, but the outcome is not the desire point. The desire point is simply to experience. Profound is loving unconditionally, and it is a challenge we all are here to learn.

Eternal Love?

Surrendering to Lovers Position

Lovers Archetype as An Pre-Incarnation Agreement

I mentioned earlier this archetype is part of my twelve agreements, and it is located in the fourth house in the horoscope spread. This house deals with the parent who nurtures us the most, usually considered to be the mother. It is where we learn to love ourselves. It is also the house that links us to our ancestors, and as I mentioned our soul group. Soul group is the band of soul we travel with throughout many life times. This group helps us learn those lessons we decided on prior to this lifetime. It is my belief, since we have traveled many lifetimes; this means they are the ones that I have interacted the most with. In the fourth house this would have been my family of origins. It was their duty to teach me the difference of profound and profane. In my family unconditional love was not taught. I learned a lot about people wanting to change me so I could fit into their design of what a person should be. It is interesting and gives understanding to why I would have chosen a family that was very different than me. Why in many ways I always consider myself an orphan, though I was not. This has been my hardest lesson as well, for to learn to love me unconditionally had to come prior to loving others. It will remain a lesson to the day I die. My family gave me the best lessons and played their part supremely. I could not have asked for better teachers. Through their hurtful ways, I had to fight within me to approve of myself, as well as being open to those outside of the family who could teach me differently. There was another lesson in here and will be until my existence here is done; to break the chain of expecting someone to be as I want them. I have had to learn to love my child unconditionally, and free her from any self-impose prison I put her in. With this Tarot card in this placement, it is clear to see my agreement in this lifetime was to stop the pattern of my family and start a new one. This pattern would be the value of loving unconditionally.

My understanding of both the profound and profane regarding the archetype The Lovers and the forth house aspects has helped me in understanding if it is my ego responding or my spirit. It still is a challenge for me, but now with this knowledge I am able to work through any ego attachments found here.

You may wish to do a Tarot Horoscope Archetype reading for yourself, and perhaps see if The Lovers is there. Understanding your archetypes and their positions can be of great benefit to you, and is one spread I do welcome to do for clients.

The next time you seek an answer to a romantic relationship, and the Lovers appears, ask yourself what challenges are popping up in this relationship. What areas do you wish the lover to change for you, or you for them? Can you begin to understand, this is impractical? Do you understand that changing the core of who we are or they are is an action the ego seeks and not the spirit within? Can you find ways to accept who they are? Can you both accept each other as is, and move forward? Sometimes you can, when you realize that giving someone the freedom to be themselves is the best gift you can share with another. Sometimes, though in accepting a person as they are, we know we must move on without them. In this case, the anger, fears and disgust is diminish, for you know the two of you just are not on the same path. You are both free to leave with the knowledge that this choice leaves you both open to a relationship with others that actually resonate with your soul.

The Lovers card in Tarot is the card of choice. Every choice is regarding the material world/ego or the spiritual world, your true self. You have entered this life to let your soul grow. I hope you will consider doing this for another. I hope the Lovers card is your gift of spirit to another, as you journey through this life.

Tarot Archetype Layout

Archetype Layout Spread

The 12 houses

1st House is our self-expression. It is how others see us. It is where we become.

2nd House is how we feel towards monetary gain. How we value ourselves.

3rd House is communication usually between siblings, neighborhood friends, writing and any form of communication

4th House is the home. It is where we are nurtured. It can represent the adult that took care of us.

5th House is our creative expression and what we give birth too in our life. This is the house of children, love affairs, creative activities

6th House is our everyday house and it is where we serve. It also covers health issues.

7th House is partnership, long committed relationships be this of love or a work partner/owner

8th House is joint finances, sexual needs and studies of the occult

9th House is our higher education, or philosophy, or beliefs

10th House is our career, life path, and how we fit into society

11th House is our dreams, goals, acquaintances

12th House is large organizations, sometimes our undoing

These are just short explanations, which will work well with this reading. Use Only the Major arcana, and lay out in the wheel format of 12 sections. If the Lovers did not appear in the first circle, lay out the remaining cards. Find where the Lovers Card is and you will discover what house it acts in. You may consider this as the natal house, and do a spread at any time, to see where it is placed now. This will help you to see where the Lovers is today, and how both house (natal and present) are affecting your life.

Spiral Deck is what I use

The House where your Lover is Placed

Where you surprised at the placement of your Lovers in this spread?

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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Stessily, I so apologize to not commenting, which is so unlike me. I thank you for your comment, and am glad you enjoyed reading about the 12 agreements. I will consider writing more on those alone. Thanks you again, and please accept my apology for nor commenting on your comment.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Renee: Your generosity in sharing your insights is much appreciated. I hope that you write more about the 12 agreements because your presentation is clear and reveals your personal understanding. It is helpful to discover that perhaps some kind of positive plan does indeed underlie all of the confusion which seemingly muddles our paths!


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