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The Taurus Child

Updated on April 30, 2011

The Taurus child is, perhaps, the most stubborn in the entire zodiac! Obviously, not all Taurus babies are going to be exactly the same, and you'll need to take their other astrological influences into consideration, and have a nice long look at their natal chart. But there are certainly typical traits all Taurus children will share and that is what we are focusing on today. To learn more about the astrology surrounding the Taurus boy or girl, please see below!


Though I mentioned the famous Taurean stubbornness in the opening paragraph, I should also mention they are some of the most benevolent and giving children, as well. That said, the thing which really sets the Taurus child apart, in my opinion, is their amazing ability to function independently far, far ahead of most of their peers. Both Taurus boy and Taurus girl will seem remarkably self-efficient in many ways, long before other parents begin to observe such behaviors in their own children. This is not to say other children won't catch up quickly enough, it's just that Taurus children will seem like mini Taurus adults from a relatively early age.

These children will be fair to other children and they will not kick up a fuss too often. But do not mistake them for pushovers -- a Taurus child is able to recognize right from wrong very early on and they will not appreciate anyone bullying them for any reason. So a parent who wants their Taurus child to do something should simply ask them, and explain why (if they are met with resistance, that is), rather than simply ordering them. And a calm voice should be used at all times, as screaming and yelling have a tendency to produce either an outburst of temper, or a prolonged silent treatment (Taureans can go eons without speaking to someone they feel has wronged them!!).

Hard Working and Patient

The Taurus boy or girl will be able to focus in school and they will not become easily bored like some other children. They will seem to understand, from a very young age, that their studies are important, even if they can't fully fathom why yet. They will not be the type to brush their homework off or stay out all hours of the night, as there is rarely a rebellious streak in the Taurus boy or girl. They also have tremendous patience, and a calming effect on other children. For this reason you may be surprised to find your Taurus child has numerous friends of varying characters and personalities that might make you nervous -- do not worry! Your Taurus child is not easily influenced by other children in this respect, and he or she will actually have a good influence on other children.

Boys vs Girls

Taurus boys are the epitome of grounded, confident male energy, while Taurus girls are the epitome of sugar and spice and everything nice. Apart from these obvious differences, they will be very similar in nature, as both will be very capable and self-reliant from an early age. They will also likely be well respected and admired by their peers.

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