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The Ten Commandments Should Not be in Public Spaces

Updated on September 25, 2012

I have no passion concerning the displaying or taking down of the Ten Commandments in public places.

I have often seen the news lines or the internet articles concerning battles for the TC's and how they were removed or saved in a certain place and I have never felt any tug at my conscious to celebrate or mourn appropriately. There has always been something odd to me concerning this battle and with some scripture study I see why I am not so invoked to action by the removing of these ordinances.

Studying 2 Corinthians 3 and have came to the conclusion that the energies wasted on preserving the monuments with the commandments are better directed elsewhere. Let me begin by asking if you love the commandments. Do you? Who reading this would reply, "Dearly." It is true, when I sit down and behold the objects I love I do not consider the Law, but grace, mercy and Christ. I invoke the Law because when we talk of the Ten Commandments it would be folly to divorce them from their whole and all that was given with them.

If you read 2 Cor 3, we see Paul giving a distinctive difference between the ministry of the letter and the ministry of the Spirit. It is written that the ministry of the Spirit, the ministry of life, the ministry of righteousness has come and with a glory so great and surpassing that the old ministry, the ministry of the Law, the ministry of condemnation is as it has no glory at all. We also see the nature of the Law from the very beginning, that it was to be a temporary ministry, one that was meant to fade away as the glory glow faded from the face of Moses.

More importantly, the Law and all it's ordinances were meant to direct us to have faith in One who was to come a fulfill or save those in the grasp of sin. The alternate atonement in sacrifice, the temporary temple which held the glory, the provisional priesthood all direct us towards one who would do away with this things with greater ministry. Christ brings to us an everlasting atonement, He makes us living temples and grants us a priesthood that does not perish but forever stands. (A study through Hebrews reveals all these truths). We do not behold the law because it is not our ministry to serve.

Considering this we can see how the Ten Commandments are not necessary to uphold, but the Gospel of Christ is what we should fight for and offer up to sinful men. Rules and laws only reveal the sin of man, as was the purpose of the Law, but the Gospel offers men salvation and redemption of sin, which we being in the ministry are to serve.

Do not be confused, I am not advocating any hating of the law. But it is not the Law that convicts my heart, it is the Spirit of our Lord. So see this, you need not the law to minister, but faith in Christ and His commands for our obedience as well as the Spirit and His conviction of sins upon the hearts of men.

Also, I am not suggesting we lay down all our territory, but consider the secular nation we are in and do not lose heart if we lose battles such as these, rejoice that our Lord and King will make the world right and that we are to be faithful ministers of the Gospel to all men. Tear down the strongholds of Satan with the Gospel of Grace, not the tradition of Law.


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    • Millercl profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank You Mike

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      well writen


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