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The Theory of Dreams

Updated on July 28, 2016
salucas profile image

Shaina has recently graduated with a MA in English and Creative Writing in 2015. She also is an avid Batman and Social Media expert.

What do we know about dreams?

We know dreams come to everyone. But not all dreams are the same. We all see our dreams in color, some of us can remember them and some of us cannot. It seems the ones we really remember are the ones we see most vividly, not typical of the falling right to sleep and feeling like we woke up 5 minutes later. In my case sometimes I remember dreams and sometimes I don't. Science says dreams are created by what our mind has seen throughout the day and is processing it. But is that what's really happening? Or is there something more?

NOTE: These are just my thoughts and experiences throughout this life. They do not actually have any scientific background or related to any academic research. These are all pure thoughts and ideas.

First Theory: Crossing Dimensions

One of the theories I thought up about dreams is that they are a pathway to our lives in another dimension. According to my "beliefs" (The reason I put that in quotes is because a close friend of mine pointed out the two words in belief: be lie. Think about that a second.) there are other dimensional planes out there that we do not exactly have access to in our conscious state. When we sleep, we dream. Our guard is down allowing us access to our 3rd eye just like if you were meditating. This allows us to access those other dimensions and what I think is we possibly get a glimpse into our other lives on these other worlds. From what my dreams tell me, one of my lives is utterly terrible surrounded constantly by horror and indescribable creatures that would make any of us terrified and sick to our stomachs.

There is always one dimension, if I could physically, love to visit. A dimension where the Earth does have superheroes, the ones we all know and love. My character I created many years ago for the Batman universe that I saw in my daydreams and night dreams may actually be real on this plane. I have seen what she does, how she lives her life, and honestly I don't even want to wake up because of the fun we have and just the feeling of it's where I belong.

That brings me to my next statement: if this is true, are others looking into their other dimensions and that's how we get our creative ideas? Take Bob Kane for example, or even Stan Lee. Did they see those characters they created in their dreams from another dimension? Did Stephen King see Pennywise the Clown or Jackie Collins is Lucky Santangelo? Could be.

Second Theory: Past Lives

Another theory of mine about dreams is we have the opportunity to see our past lives. I personally can account for that since I have seen my past lives in my dreams, and they have spoken to me. Even though my soul is now on this plane, in this body, it may be a way for my soul to subconsciously speak to me and remind me who I once was throughout time. My earliest past life memory is that I was a silver dragon, which was very very rare and only one is born every couple thousand years or so. I think I was alive during the time of Vikings, born right before the start of the Middle Ages. I know I was maimed and killed and set on fire. then the next past life comes, a vaimpyre. I know my name was Valiciena, and a princess. I was then killed by a jealous dragon who was a shape shifter posing as a vaimpyre. It started a war between the two races and caused their extinction as far as I know. I only get small glimpses here and there. I apparently was involved in the Hindenburg disaster, and now here I am.

Note: the reason I do not spell it vampire as we do today is because in my dream I was shown that it was not spelled that way back then in the actual Vaimpyrin language.

If our dreams created by our soul shows us who we were in the past, it does give you a glimpse of why you are they way you are and your personality, or why you have an affinity towards something like having a connection to dolphins, or gargoyles. Could be you were one in a past life and you just need to remember and listen to your dreams.

Third Theory: Premonitions

A lot of people seem to also believe in this theory, the idea that you can see the future in your dreams, premonitions. I've experienced it myself where I've had a dream and later on, could be a day or even weeks later, where that same event happens. Then you remember that dream and think "Whoa, deja vu!" But the thought of premonitions are mysterious. No one seems to know where they come from, since it hasn't happened yet. It could be our Higher Self, the gods, anyone from Above giving us a message, a warning. They could possibly be telling us this event needs to happen, or we have to avoid it in order to prevent the outcome of said event.

Dreams can sometimes be so ambiguous maybe we'll never find out why exactly we have them or why we see the things we do.

Your Dream Thoughts

Leave me a note on what you think dreams are made of and where you think they come from!


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    • profile image

      Laney Breyette Sa 17 months ago

      I have first hand contact with dying loved ones in dreams, premonitions of future events, and other dreams that could be future events...but they just haven't occurred yet. Sometimes these are really tough to deal with, especially as someone who wants to fix everything. It's tough knowing that someone you love is dying and there is nothing you can do but say goodbye. It's tough feeling like you know something bad can happen, but there is no way to stop it. I definetly wish that I could learn more about my past lives, though I believe that my husband and I have shared previous lives together...and that came to me through dreams. Loved your thoughts on this!

    • salucas profile image

      Shaina Lucas 17 months ago from York, PA

      I fully agree with you Oztinato. I believe I included that in one of theories for I believe in that too. There's just so much we don't know out there in the world, and even about ourselves. Everything is questionable you know?

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 18 months ago from Australia

      There are certainly many categories of dreams and you are correct in listing a few. Many dreams of course are only jumbled memories and wish fulfillment but there are excellent case studies of premonitions in dreams that break the laws of time and space.