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The Three Precepts of Destruction

Updated on September 5, 2012

Subtle Burning

It is my hope that the following rules with which I choose to walk my life are beneficial in creating a calmer and more understanding humanity. I call them precepts of destruction simply because those who chose to follow will begin a war within themselves to acceptance and understanding which will mean the death of prior behaviors and beliefs.

Never Underestimate the Ignorance of Others

It is rather silly to think that others either view the world like us or see the same things we see. Perception is based on not only what is being observed but the knowledge, experiences, motives and beliefs of the observer. Following this rule does not mean to view all others as stupid, but to accept that others may not see the same things you perceive. It also means that one should always seek more knowledge and experience as these are the dynamic forces in our perception.

Belief is More Powerful then Truth

Beliefs can be scary things that lead people to commit some of the greatest atrocities that humans have ever committed. Beliefs are static, unyielding and when broken, devastating. In many instances when pitted against the truth, belief always wins as it is what many people base their entire lives, no existence upon. The truth creates such psychological distress that many shy away from facing it in order to keep their beliefs and sometimes even kill for them. To follow this rule one must accept the power of belief and not force the truth upon others. If they want to remain ignorant, so be it.

Security is an Illusion

As children we carry comfort objects like favorite blankets or teddy bears, which as adults we trade in for security systems, guns and insurance. The only change is that the thing that goes bump in the night has been made more real by today's media. Fear is a great influencing agent. One must divest oneself of the belief that there is some sort of safety in this ever-changing chaotic universe. Live every moment fully, tell your loved ones you love them frequently and always seek new knowledge and experience for they are the only things that are truly one's own


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