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The Three Wishes

Updated on November 9, 2015

The Three Wishes

If everyone were given three wishes each, what would the most popular wishes be? I believe most people would wish for more money, good health, and a long life. We all have wished for something at one time or another, but the most popular wish is for money. Many seem to believe that having enough money would solve all or at least most of their problems. Being able to pay your bills and expenses would eliminate a lot of your worry and stress; but would that enable you to be happy?

Visualize yourself alone on a deserted island like Tom Hanks in the movie, "Castaway." Your only possession is a suitcase containing one million dollars. You don't have a cell phone or any other way to communicate with the rest of the world. Of course, survival would be your first concern. Let's say you built a shelter and were able to find enough food for yourself. Then your biggest problem would be loneliness. The million dollars would not help you; it would just be a lot of meaningless paper.

Many believe that money could buy happiness, but it cannot. Having a close family and true friends would be better. If you were rich, you wouldn't really know who your friends were. It's true that riches could improve the quality of your life, but riches cannot bring real love into your life. Remember the Beatle's song lyric; "I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love." It's true, therefore, wishing for love would be better than wishing for money.

Many wish for good health, but that takes effort to achieve. Most people seem to take their health for granted. Some even abuse their bodies and minds and expect to stay healthy. To be healthy you must eat nutritious foods, exercise, and get enough sleep. You must avoid things that are known to be harmful such as smoking cigarettes, eating "junk" foods, and taking certain drugs.

Sometimes the way you think causes you to be unhealthy. Many get "stressed out" about their problems, and many think negative thoughts about themselves and others.

According to the World Health Organization; "Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity." In other words just because we do not have a disease, sickness, or pain doesn't mean that we are healthy.

We must bring about a state of well-being within ourselves. If you don't think right or treat your body right, then you become likely to incur disease, sickness, and pain. If you do incur these things, you should try to overcome them by natural methods.

You can improve your health in several ways: Think positive thoughts and don't dwell on memories of any bad experiences that happened in the past. Develop a healthy diet and consume healthy foods and liquids. Develop and participate in a good exercise program. Relax more and don't worry about problems: instead, learn to solve those problems. Sleep is important to your health, and can be even more beneficial if you are relaxed prior to bedtime.

What else would people wish for? Naturally, most would wish to live a long, happy life. And most believe they could live long and happy by having enough money and good health. But even a long, healthy life would eventually end. Shouldn't we wish for a life that would never end? People who wish for eternal life have come up with different ways of having it. What are some of those ways?

Most people believe that, after death, we come back in some form. Some believe that a person's invisible spirit, called a ghost, comes back to haunt places where he or she had lived. Others believe that a person's spirit or soul is reincarnated into another living body. Still others believe that a person's spirit or soul goes either to Heaven or Hell, depending on whether that person had been good or bad.

Why do people die? The question is not whether we have eternal life or not. If we could eliminate the reason for death, then we could live eternally. We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. That is the reason for death. Why are we imperfect? One reason is that we have a sinful nature, and we make bad choices. So why do we make bad choices? Many believe that their choices do not have consequences; they believe that they are immortal.

Most people are caught up in a deception, believing that we have an immortal soul that lives on after the body dies. So why does the body die; and what really happens to the soul? If we believe that the soul lives eternally, then we must not believe in death. If our soul cannot die, then we would be like God.

God is immortal, but humans are not. Your body is part of your soul, and the breath that gives you life is also part of your soul. The body dies because we have a sinful nature that makes us imperfect, and we sin. When you die, your breath leaves your body and your soul dies.

Having three wishes come true might be wonderful, but be careful what you wish for. If you wish for wealth and receive it, but have a selfish attitude about it, you probably would'nt be happy. Material wealth can make life more comfortable, but cannot bring love into your life. If you wish for good health and receive it, just remember good health is not enough to make you perfect. And because no one is perfect, each of us must eventually die.

If one of your wishes is to live eternally, you must first become perfect. Money cannot buy your perfection; neither can living a healthy life. Only God can give you eternal life; and He will if you ask Him for forgiveness for your sins, and believe that His Son, Jesus, died for your sins. If you believe in Jesus as your savior, God will forgive your sins. Then after you die, you will be resurrected, become perfect, and have eternal life.

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    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "Many believe that money would buy happiness, but it cannot." - Yes. And I know a little about happiness. Haha ...

      "Sometimes the way we think causes us to be unhealthy. We get "stressed out" about our problems, and we think negative thoughts about ourselves and others." - I also think this is a very important message - wise words here! Thank You.

      "Actually, most of us are caught up in a deception, believing that we have an immortal soul that lives on after the body dies." - This is where I go off the radar for You and You can simply think I am nuts/crazy ... and that is fine too. I am immortal - "I" has no name - Mr. Happy is a label ... I will stop here for now on this. It is all opinion anyway. : )

      "We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world." - Here I disagree again and I would say that we are perfect luminous beings, living in a perfect world. We hardly experience much though because we limit ourselves in countless ways ...

      "then we would be like God" ... pray to the Great Spirit on this.

      "The body dies because we have a sinful nature, which makes us imperfect, and we sin." - You are a wonderful being. You are free of sin as long as your path has heart. That is always a good question to ask when one is confused on what to do or think: does my path have heart?

      Forget the original sin story in my opinion ... live freely but responsibily, consciously and with compassion and love.

      "If you wish for wealth and receive it but have a selfish attitude about it, you probably won't be happy. Material wealth can make life more comfortable, but cannot bring love into your life." - I fully agree with this too. Words to follow here as I see It.

      "So if one of your wishes is to live eternally, you should know that you must become perfect." - I agree here but then, You wrote that: "Then after you die ...". Can't live eternally and die ... seems like a broken promise here, haha ... Sorcerers and those who live like Warriors can live as long as they wish, as long as they live an impeccable Life; not many do.

      I enjoy philosophy as well and discussions on religions. I am no fan of institutionalized religions but I respect the knowledge. I would be considered a pagan I suppose, from your perspective.

      I enjoyed the read and the presentation of your interpretation of this three dimensional perspective. All the best!