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The Throat Chakra - Learn to Express Yourself!

Updated on November 6, 2017
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Christy is an empath and intuitive. She loves to help others discover, grow, and nurture their abilities.

Express Yourself!!

This is another chakra that can be overlooked sometimes. Why? It controls our expression and how many times do we truly express ourselves? Sometimes people keep things in and others may express too much. So let's talk about how we can balance this and truly express ourselves for the greater good.

The Basics

CHAKRA NAME: Throat Chakra

SANSKRIT NAME: Vishudda (Purification)


Associated with depth and stability

PLANET/ZODIAC/ELEMENT: Mercury/Gemini and Virgo/Ether

ARCHETYPE: Communicator/Masked Self

Positive: Communicators, they are compassionate and know if their communication isn’t received it’s not them, the receiver just wasn’t ready.

Negative: Basically the clown, they are using comedy to mask the tragedy




There are many ways of communication and self-expression. Sing, write, create

BODY PART/ENDOCRINE: Mouth/Throat/Ears/ Thyroid


•Sore throat•Earache•Neck ache•Thyroid problems•asthma


Too much energy:
• talkative (too much)
• arrogant
• self-righteous
Too little Energy:
• quiet
• closed-off
• unreliable


CRYSTALS: lapis lazuli, turquoise, blue lace agate

ESSENTIAL OILS: chamomile, peppermint, rose, geranium

YOGA: shoulder stand

Mantra & Affirmations


AFFIRMATIONS: I am open and honest in my communication, I have an authentic life, I speak from my soul

Healing Notes

The throat chakra is all about expression. It can be hard to express yourself. Sometimes, we have the opposite problem, we talk too much. Either way, one activity that can help either get all what you want to say out or focus what you really want to say is journaling. Start by practicing journaling, express what you want to say. After practicing writing it all out, slowly move to verbalizing all of it.

Singing or even just letting out a scream (ok do it in a way that you do not alarm others that may be in earshot) can really help you with your throat chakra. Check out my video on how to do some throat chakra exercises.

Throat Chakra Exercise

© 2017 Christy


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