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The Time is Ripe for Surrender to State of the World

Updated on April 9, 2011

A rainbow is a symbol of hope and celebration

Photo by Karen Kliethermes
Photo by Karen Kliethermes

Seeing Global Upheaval from a Higher Perspective Gives Hope and Releases Fears

Things do seem to be getting “worse” and quickly, don’t they? We’re still in the midst of these devastating wars, countless people have lost their jobs, the world’s economies have spiraled downward, and on and on. That which no longer serves us is falling and it is out with the old. It is vital to see what’s going on from a higher perspective. In order for things to change, the old energies, those that no longer resonate in our embracing of the prevailing new energies, must fall. The time is now ripe for our surrender to the process.

If we choose to view things from a spiritual perspective, we see that greed and corruption are being greatly exposed, now more than ever, and we can celebrate that they are increasingly unwelcome in this world! Isn’t it about time? How can we evolve without this dramatic exposure and its subsequent fall?

Greed and corruption, along with the pervading behavior of those persons, and corporations as a whole, taking little to no responsibility for their actions, indeed has no place on our evolving planet. We witnessed this, for instance, with Enron’s collapse years ago, and now we see just how prevalent and widespread these negative behaviors really are. The prevailing behavior is to treat human beings as human beings, and not objects to manipulate and harm in order to feed one’s greed or sense of power.

With the economic situation in our global economies, we have a most significant choice in how we react. We can go into a fearful state or we can trust and, thus, surrender our worries, concerns, and struggles. In other words, we can feed on fear and thus create negative circumstances in our lives with the fear-based thoughts and feelings, or we can trust, stay positive, and continue on with our living in positive synch with the Law of Attraction—we can choose to attract all types of abundance!

It’s natural to feel fear, especially when presented with the shock of serious economic downturn and its massive effects on our lives. Yet as we process these emotions, we can also choose to empower ourselves by not falling victim to the situation but rather staying in conscious creation mode, which proves our trust in a Higher Power. This is not an easy path, and I do not wish to appear cavalier, as we are being tested, perhaps like never before. But our feelings of inner peace, throughout this process, are attained though our ability to maintain spiritual connection.

Whenever I dip into those thoughts of fear, lack, or “not-enoughness” (not a real word, but it says what I mean) regarding the global shifts, I choose again. This benefits not just my own situation, but the world’s situation. When each of us react with positive emotions, that energy spreads outward. There is so much fear out there but we have the power to counteract the negative energy. We can then model it for others in quiet, yet powerful ways—purely by example. We will be okay and we can choose to have peace in that knowingness. Surrendering to God shows that we trust in His power and His grace.

I’ve been heavily tested in my own personal life to surrender and trust for the past several months. It has been the most trying time of my life. But it has also prepared me for everything going on in the bigger picture here, in our country (U.S.), and in our world. When I surrendered and trusted, things progressed and I felt relative peace and connection with the situation I have been experiencing. However, when I allowed myself to be consumed with fear, everything felt like it was falling apart. So I kept choosing again and again and those feelings of fear have lessened significantly. I strengthened my spiritual connection, constantly asked my angels for their help, and continually reminded myself that letting go and letting God is the way, no matter what is happening.

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    • Mary Soliel profile imageAUTHOR

      Mary Soliel 

      7 years ago from Colorado

      Thank you for your beautiful words, ClaireDePlume!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      As always Mary, your words and ways are received in divine time. Thank you, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you. I choose Peace too.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

    • Mary Soliel profile imageAUTHOR

      Mary Soliel 

      9 years ago from Colorado

      Michael, your comments really touched me. Thanks so much!

    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 

      9 years ago

      Very informative interesting article for those of us who work with The Law of Attraction. I enjoyed it and will pass her name on. I see 'much' more 'writing and healing coming from this gentle highly evolved soul. Michael Dennis

    • Mary Soliel profile imageAUTHOR

      Mary Soliel 

      9 years ago from Colorado

      Your comments and support are deeply appreciated, Sherri!

    • Sherri Cortland profile image

      Sherri Cortland 

      9 years ago

      This article should be read aloud on the nightly news!


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