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The Time of Arrival ? Just Be Ready!

Updated on December 14, 2012

The Time Of Arrival? Just Be Ready !

The time of arrival? Just be ready!

Only the Giver of Life knows when.

Destination is for Heaven Above,

When Jesus arrives we'll know then.

Be ready everyday all of the time.

He could call now or He could delay.

He does not know when He will arrive

It will be when His Father will say.

One day His Father will look at earth

And tell Jesus it is time for you to go .

Go tell Gabriel now to blow his horn,

And gather my children from here below.

So you had better be ready at the time,

There will be no more time for you to pray.

In a blink of the eye He will be gone

And God's children will be on their way !

Clara Kish


If we as God's Children will all be ready it

will be a wonderful time but woe to the ones

who are left behind.There will be weeping and

wailing but it will be too late. All of the prayers

that had gone Heavenward will be remembered

but to no avail now., The prayer warriors will

all be in Heaven now , their job on earth will be

done. They had tried their best to get their loved

ones in but they would not believe there would

be an end to the world as we know it now. How

sad to know that they had fallen for Satan's lies

and now they are doomed to such a horrible

place as Hell. What a horrible future! we must

work harder than we ever have to get our loved

loved ones in.! clara


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