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The Top 6 Resources for Free Online Tarot Readings

Updated on July 30, 2014

Finding free services and goods online can be pretty easy once you know where to look and the same can be said of online tarot readings. Knowing where to look really is key and I’ll be walking you through six of the best ways to get access to a tarot reading whenever you need it, without having to spend a single penny. A few of the resources we’ll look at include free minutes, demo readings, video sites, social networks, competitions, and online forums.

Online Tarot Reading
Online Tarot Reading | Source

Phone Networks and Free Minutes

It’s no secret that the psychic or Tarot industry is one of the best converting when it comes to returning customers. It’s for this reason that phone networks often offer new users free minutes to test the site or service before booking a paid reading.

These free minutes are often limited to around 3 minutes, but some networks may offer as many as 6 minutes on the house to every new user. When registering for an account, you may be asked to give your credit card details, but this is usually to ensure that you are over 18 years of age.

3 minutes or so might not be enough to have a full tarot reading done, but it will give you the opportunity to ask a basic question and get a response. Before getting on the phone, think of what it is you really need to know and then focus on that particular question as time tends to go quickly once you speak to a reader.


Demo Readings

This is something you’ll see most often on psychic sites that have live chat rooms with streaming video. These chat rooms are open 24/7 and the readers are often required to do a certain number of demo readings for each hour they are available.

This is great advertising for the site because potential clients or chat room users can see for themselves how a reader works and what his or her reading style might be like before going private for a reading. What this means, is that anyone who is in a reader’s chat room could have access to a free online tarot reading. Some readers will play games with the chatters or ask them to answer a question, but some others work according to their intuition and will choose a username they feel drawn to.

These demo readings often last for a few minutes, but are long enough to give you a fair amount of information. The only downside is that these readings are done in the chat rooms so they are done in front of other people. If privacy is a concern, simply omit the name of your partner etc when asking your questions.


Youtube and Metacafe

These are two of the largest online video sites today and they are a great resource for someone looking for free online tarot readings. Many professional advisors use these sites to market their own services, and will do free readings as long as they’re able to record and upload them to the site. If you’re not too concerned about privacy, this is a great way to get a reading done without having to pay. These video readings can be very informative because the reader will usually take a question and then spend x amount of minutes sharing whatever information he or she receives, so you should get a pretty thorough overview of the situation and an answer to your question.

Try searching for terms like ‘free tarot’, ‘free tarot reading online’, ‘free online tarot’, or ‘tarot reading giveaway’ to find videos from advisors who give away readings free of charge. Also check each video’s description for instructions on how to qualify for a free reading, and then follow those steps to contact the reader.


Facebook and Myspace

Many of us spend hours on social networks anyway, but did you know that these sites can be a great resource for free tarot readings? Many sites allow users to create special pages or groups that are focused around a specific topic, and many of these groups are for readers who either need more experience or for professional advisors looking for extra exposure.

Search each social network for Tarot related groups and then join to ensure you are able to contact the readers. The best way to go about it is to ensure you take part in discussions, add value to the group by posting helpful information and by interacting with other users before posting a request for a free reading.

If users believe you are there to add value to the group, they will be more inclined to help and give of their time and energy in return. The great thing is that you should be able to join an unlimited number of groups or pages, and by interacting a little on each one, you should have access to free readings whenever you need it.

no source needed - writer's own image
no source needed - writer's own image | Source

Would You Enter a Competition to win a Free Tarot Reading?

Would you enter a competition to win a free tarot or psychic reading?

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You’ll find that many of the online tarot readers and psychics run competitions via their professional sites to draw in new clientele. This is another avenue to get a free reading done, potentially by someone who is a real professional in the field.

You could use search engines to search for terms like “Psychic reading giveaway”, “Win a tarot reading”, “Free tarot reading” etc to get targeted results that will take you to each advisor’s page. Once there, be sure to read the instructions carefully, to ensure that your entry is valid. You won’t be guaranteed a free reading, but should you win, you can be assured of a high quality and fairly in depth reading as you’ll most likely be dealing with someone who has a great deal of experience and a professional reputation to maintain.

Internet Forums

Most forum users focus mainly on their interests, but never realize that Tarot related forums or online groups can be a wonderful source to readers from all over the world. It’s important to remember that not all users who offer free readings via forums are very experienced or professionals, as some users may offer readings purely for the experience. The best way to ensure you’re able to connect with someone is to register for an account, read the forum rules, and behave accordingly.

Most forums will require that you post an ‘about me’ post where you introduce yourself to the community. Be as real as possible and try to interact with other users. Making friends on a tarot related forum could mean that you’re able to contact someone for a reading pretty much at any time, and if you are in good standing with the forum and an active contributor, you should have no problems getting responses to a reading request.

Some forums have special folders where they allow users to ask for free readings, so always check before posting a request. If there’s a free reading folder, you’re pretty much guaranteed a free reading and all you need to do is post your question.

Psychic Directories

Some of the best psychic directories online today test and screen their members prior to approval and this also means that someone has to be available to test each reader that applies for a listing. You may find that a psychic directory gives its' clients the opportunity to receive a free reading in exchange for a fair and accurate rating based on their experience with the reader.

This means having to make notes and giving the advisor a score based on his or her professionalism, accuracy, and demeanor, but is a small price to pay for a free reading with an experienced and professional psychic or online tarot reader.

What has your experience been with free online tarot readings?

What has your experience been with free online tarot readings; Are they accurate?

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    • Emeraldgreen21 profile image

      Atell Rohlandt 3 years ago from South Africa

      Hello Ihavenomoney. Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry to hear you're going through that. If you have a read through the article, you'll find some good resources for free online tarot readings. If not, you're welcome to swing by my website and enter the monthly competition. I give away 1 or 2 free readings every month.

    • profile image

      Ihavenomoney 3 years ago

      I need a free reading coz I need to know if my boyfriend is cheating. I found a girl's number on his fone. Help please.