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The "Topsy-Turviness" of Making Dreams Come True

Updated on September 8, 2013

“There’s a lot of uncertainty inside about what to do to make my dream come true,” she told herself. “I don’t even know what my dream is anymore. I have so many ideas of things I want to do but all seem as if they can’t be done. My mind spins when I try to focus on one thing because I think that the one thing I pick isn’t going to be the “correct” one or the one that I can do best out of all of them.”

“There are so many ways I would like to make a difference in others’ lives or at least to fill the emptiness inside where my “innate greatness” is supposed to reside.”

These are things she wished she could have done or could do again or could create in her life, after she figures out which one is her most “burning desire”:

  1. She always wanted to get her Master’s Degree in Psychology. She started doing that but quit going to college because she got divorced and used that as an excuse not to continue her education.
  2. She wants to be a support group leader for abused women, like she used to be but that doesn’t pay the bills – it’s a volunteer job!
  3. She wants to paint, to do abstract art so beautifully that she could have my own showing and have people want to buy what she creates!
  4. She wants to write, since that is seemingly what she does best, yet she doesn’t seem to always have the discipline to be consistent and write something every single day. She is halfway to that goal by the writing she does once a week or so on HubPages, but that isn’t enough, it’s a half-hearted attempt. It also doesn’t get her any income, so far, anyway! The sad part of this is that she LOVES writing and putting the article together with art and pictures in order to get it published each week! It gives her a sense of empowerment and a sense that she has done something beneficial to touch other people’s lives, which she knows is her life purpose.
  5. She wants to be a travel writer. She wants to write for a living and travel to do it because those are the two things she loves best. She could write on a regular basis and NOT travel, she would be totally okay with that.
  6. She also loves to sing but she can’t read music and she never did anything professional with her abilities (she can sing 6 ½ octaves) so she felt that my singing dream was dashed down the drain.
  7. She wants to work at the courthouse again, where she was employed for 3 years. She misses working in the Criminal Division, it fascinated her and made her feel fulfilled, even though they were so short-handed and it was “crazy busy” there, she still miss it very much.
  8. Because of her work at the courthouse, she wanted to get her Paralegal degree or certificate so that she could work for an attorney or the DA or any other Law office that would be thrilled to have her expertise.
  9. Because she is already fifty-one, she feels time slipping away. It’s “too late” to get a Master’s in Psychology because by the time she graduates, she would be fifty-five to fifty-seven-years-old and only five to ten years away from retiring. Who is going to hire someone who is fifty-five who just graduated after earning their Master’s??!!

Ok, so how does she get out of the tailspin about which road to take??

She has to do something that will definitely earn her an income. She has to get any kind of job she can to pay bills and that means doing her “dream stuff” on the side. It’s the “side” bit that totally irks her. She is an idealist and wants to just jump right in and do the “dream” without having to do the reality stuff of earning a living. She is fifty-one, like I said before. You think she would have made steps towards this goal already, wouldn’t you??? Writing on HubPages is a tiny step. Publishing a book in 2001 was a tiny step. It got her nowhere financially. She gets the fact that writing that book was a healing process for her. That part worked. It did heal her for the most part.

There are a few jobs she have applied for (out of the more-than-four-hundred resume’s she sent out in three months’ time after she was laid off from her job in February of this year) that would have been her “dream job.” She didn’t get those, obviously.

She realizes that we draw into our lives what we believe we deserve. She believes we draw to our lives what it is we see in our subconscious about our lives. Having faith and believing in our deepest heart that we are going to have the things we desire is the best way to get those things. However, if we have all these visual pictures in our heads that say it going to be too hard or too scary or that we don’t deserve it or that it takes too much effort to make it happen, then we definitely will never have the things we desire most.

She wanted to write a book since she was sixteen and she did that. It took a lot of effort, discipline and time. She was younger then. That’s not an excuse. She loved doing the research, that’s why they allowed her to do the Criminal Research at the courthouse! She loved doing the writing and organizing the chapters and telling her story so that it might help others who had gone through or were going through all the same things that had happened to her. She was thrilled to pieces when the books came to her home, all in their shiny newness with her name right on the cover! She had completed a lifelong dream at that point! Why can’t she do that again???!!! Focus, focus! Discipline, focus, desire (yes, burning desire), time, a plan, a written out plan, step-by-step as to what needs to be done, a “vision board”, goals, long-term and short-term, all these things need to be done in order to accomplish more of her dreams.

Vision boards are the most fun, by the way. You get a poster board and get several magazines and just thumb through them, cutting out anything that totally pops out at you from the page. Don’t think at all about what to look for, just cut out those things that appeal to you. Then when you paste them on the board, you will be able to see them everyday so that they will become more ingrained in your subconscious and that is what motivates the desire to keep doing what needs to be done to fulfill those dreams.

So many people are stuck in their day-to-day existence that they forget that it is never too late to go for their dreams. It’s never too late. Remember that it is not the things that we accomplished in our lives that we will regret on our deathbed, it’s the things that we DIDN’T do that we most desired to do that we will regret the most. My wish for all of us is that we strive unceasingly to be that person we were created to be from our beginning. My wish is that our innate greatness will shine through and fulfill our dreams to their utmost. It’s never too late!


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