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The Travailing Spot

Updated on January 29, 2014

The common thread in the heart of men


Prince Edike

Today, for the first time in human history, people from different spots on the globe, at any time and at few touches on keys, connect and communicate with anyone in the world.

One of the reasons that globalization with its pros and cons has succeeded is due to the underlying quest for survival and control among men and women of this age. This evolutionary element has always been there right from the time man was designed to subdue all creations but then he fell and was now left to hustle in order to survive.


During this epic quest, as history made us understand, he became unaware of the distractions created by his guts, and lost himself in things that are less valuable. Soon after, be caught a glimpse of his real self and he started seeking the real compass to take him to the place he once roam but lost due to his disobedience. Since then until now, a vacuum exist in him and it needs to be filled. This vacuum has made us all the same, a hunger from within. The thirstiness and hunger that stem from the universal vacuum drives us all to we seek and aspire for peace, happiness and eternity. There is need to recognize the spark plug that runs in each of our souls as well as this vacuum that spans throughout all minds on earth today, a travailing spirit, seeking to be nursed by the truth that humanity has denied it for long. There exists a common element that we all are basically seeking in the generational journey of humanity, a magnetic field of divine source that would aligned the metallic mind of men to the ultimate compass of life’s purpose. The quest to fathom the way to the truth has spurred many to embark on diverse journey to make it known to man.


Across the globe, men and women from different epoch of time have had the chance to connect to the universe engineer’s intent and they began to document the truth on how to live and fit well into the design. Their lives and works were examples for us to follow. They all point to a common truth to aid us connect well in order to illuminate the rest of the world. A truth that is so simple and easy to ignore, especially as we are being bombarded by information of diverse sources on how to live well and how to connect to the source of all intelligence and how to relate effectively with the people within our sphere of contact. The truth that these noble men and women speak to our heart and points to an open hand of a divine master, urging us to be re-birthed.

The existence of this hollow and our shared survival mechanism speaks to the heart of the humble not to even judge those condemn to their sins. We are all same and our differences are in degree but not in kind. A master was once asked by his people, to judge and condemn an adulterous woman, then after some silence, He announced to them “if you know you haven’t done same sin, be the first to cast a stone on her. They all departed and left the woman with Him…He then said to her, woman go and sin no more. ”

The hollow in our existence, seeks a substance to fill it and the substance has been shed and spread for us to hold on to. It is not in concrete form but in abstract designed to make even the least of us lay-hold of it. It is by believing, a belief that God was a man here on earth to enlighten us and at the same time to fill the void with His body. The universal pain body of mankind is likened to a travailing mother giving birth to a baby. This pain comes in myriad form and manifest in and out of man.


To enter the door of understanding about the meaning of life necessitates a humble quest to learn and be transformed by divine words. Anchoring to this truth and its teachings realign man to a common course, a course greater than man himself could fathom through mere reasoning. Understanding the very essence of our existence from the timeless dimension, would be the outcome of this transformation. The fundamental aim is to release the real man in us all. To subdue the ego and the collective madness that has geared man’s progress. It is to enlighten man that what bind us together is more powerful than that which pulls us away. The teachings of this truth tells us that the only panacea to man’s age long survival and mastery way to live; driving by his ego to control whenever he connects to others and driving him to cause socio-economic and environmental war across lands, is to re-emerged as a new man, conceived and re-born in new nature that manifest in love and hope. The love that he lacks in the past due to his inabilities to see others as himself, to love people as they are and to share and live for a greater purpose than self which will lead him to happiness and purposeful living. This is in consonant with the master’s original plan and also, defiles the individualistic way of living which our past and present culture breeds. This was a kind of connectivity that Jesus is asking of us make before we respond to others in order to align to the master’s great plan.


Humanity is on a road to Armageddon.

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In the world today, materials abound as to how to follow up on this calling and enlightenment crusade. Be open enough to this them and the reality they expose and grow while contributing also to its understanding to the people, fulfilling the plan of He that sends you and me, as the ambassadors of His words.


The hope that a better life awaits as we journey along our way, shouldn't be ignored. Such a hope would enable us to be resilient and be focus. More of our positive efforts combine with a greater faith would yield tremendous result in the future. The evidence of this fact is chronicled in one of the world’s greatest book; the bible as well as the daily miracles we see and hear in the news. The common travailing outcry was documented by Paul in his letters to the Roman. He wrote “I consider that the present systems of things are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. The creation waits in eager expectation for the son of God to be revealed…that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. ”

Are you worried about the end of days?

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    • GreenPrince profile imageAUTHOR

      Prince Edike 

      4 years ago from Philippines

      read and be renewed.


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