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The Tree of Life always Trumps the Tree of Knowledge: Love is more important than Legalism and the Good or the Bad

Updated on January 6, 2014

Love is ALWAYS the Best Answer

Mankind began as the love of God conceived and brought to fruition by a single Divine Intelligence. There was no divide---no separation---between Creator and creation. They were One like a mother and a babe. But, ultimately, Source desired independence for its children: individuality, self-expression, choice and uniqueness. These profound attributes are people's finest gifts. They are God's grace embodied.

A Divinity of Love would never completely break Itself of Its most precious conception, Its most holy covenant. To think otherwise is to be lost in a sea of illusion and confusion.

I have been consumed by the Christian creation story since I was a young girl. I just liked it. I don't know why exactly; but, then I stopped being a Christian and I began exploring life outside my foundational religion. I discovered there were a plethora of creation stories in the world and all of them had a hint of the fantastic.

Stories are great to read and study. One day, however, I read a book on Tantra by Indian guru, Osho. I found a truth about my own root story that really penetrated. Would a loving God create a conundrum that would design the destruction of its most perfect, most delightful creation just to highlight the already spectacular Christ? Moreover, would that same loving God put the forbidden, the strongest tempation ever, right before Its children and then expect them not to feel overwhelmed by desire and seduction in the face of the most brilliant, "fallen" angelic host?

Osho went on to say that any good parent understands reverse psychology. In other words, would an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-present Supreme Being truly not get that the forbidden is like the most addictive sugar? Did saying, "Stay away from that tree, eat from the rest of the garden instead," not immediately ensure that Source's innocents would feel sweet curiosity deep inside? A curiosity that Christianity now references as the original sin?

So the Christian story folds in the face of this logic. And yet the "original sin" basic premise has led millions to their demise throughout the course of history. Don't you wonder why?

For instance, was the need to write a Biblical book called Genesis more important for a Heavenly "Father" than acting in perfect, unconditional love toward His naïve earth-bound children? It doesn't seem feasible, does it? Furthermore, would a begotten child of perfect, unconditional love named Jesus Christ really only "redeem or save" a select few who happen to be in the right place at the right time and have a soul "ready" to believe in Him?

No, again, the flow of logic is terribly weak and that is my point in this Hub. Love is ALWAYS the best answer and that has ALWAYS been Source's perspective regarding life. Anything contrary to that is a fallacy contrived by humanity.

Knowledge, Life and the Role Love has Played

So, then, the many creation stories are mythical representations about the origin of humanity. There are aspects of the stories given to us in order to help us make sense of life. Unfortunately, much of their experiences are not comprehensive enough and others are exaggerated.

Is there any truth?

I think they are as truthful as any oral story passed from generation to generation and then later put into writing. Consider the children's game Rumors to see my point. The rumor begins as complete truth but as it moves from person to person, the truth gets muddled with discrepancy thereby ending in untruth or rumor. Therefore, my point is that we don't have a definitive version of humanity's point of origin, but we do have a million threads to weave together to create our "big picture" tapestry. In other words, the threads get us close but the tapestry is rather subjective in nature. That is why I believe there are a multitude of different life paths and many world religions and spiritual beliefs.

I did missionary work for the Christian Church in 1997-98. Before I left the US to go to Hong Kong, I read a book called Eternity in Their Hearts. The author of the book stressed that people doing missionary work should focus on similarities rather than differences between them and the people they hoped to reach with the Gospel. The author's knowledge-base of the world and inhabitants was strong. He stated that universal truths are everywhere. He believed that these truths were a sort of "bread crumb" left behind by God to eventually create spiritual reconciliation. I believe in these "bread crumbs" as well. However, I no longer believe Christianity has some kind of edge on the rest of humanity and the people's individual belief systems.

My current perspective stems from those 34 years of Christianity, 12 years of magickal training and practice, 12 years of psychic development, and a variety of experiences with other spiritual belief systems. I am a faithful believer in One Love. My formal practice is Syncretism, and in keeping with this vantage point, I see life as a creative venue for life force.

I love the concept of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. I think they are amazing representations of what has been transpiring on the earth since the dawn of time. Judaism, in fact, orchestrated, "esoteric teachings known as the Kabbalah meant to explain the relationship between an unchanging, eternal, and mysterious Ein Sof (no end) and the mortal and finite universe (God's creation)." []

I lack a lot of the pieces to the giant mysteries, but I also resonate with the greater truths through my infinite inner world. I claim no monopoly on spiritual reality. There are just too many spiritual outlooks to count (as many as there are incarnations) and too many to know. In addition, I spent seven years damaging myself and others by subscribing to an external, finite belief system that I now see as just another set of "bread crumbs" about the Divine and my relationship to that infinite Intelligence and Loving Being.

I accept that Divinity encompasses all people and all things as well as all experiences. I know this because Source is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. This truth is inherent to me---though perhaps not to others. I have never been separate from it. Atheists and others may refute the concept and that is fine with me. It simply is a schism in our external and internal illusions (our perceptions). I accept this as a necessity of our present moment collective consciousness. Eventually this will shift and change. Eventually we will all be a part of Infinite, Kinetic, Perfection: One Love [whatever that IS and whatever it looks like and feels like].

I find the overall story about Christianity and Judaica to be finite as I do all religions of the earth plane. To boot, the story excludes most of the world and its inhabitants and insinuates daily that everyone but the members of the Judeo-Christian ideology is wrong; and in some cases, the story blatantly declares that most of those other people will burn in an everlasting inferno because they are not exclaiming Jesus as Savior---never mind the fact that a person may have not even been available to Christianity because of proximity or conditioning to the Christ Story.

I, personally, know Jesus Christ. I have since I was approximately six years old. I, also, know many other REAL and valid forms and aspects of the Divine. I passionately believe the ancient cultures were not living in a perpetual delusion that aggrandized ideas and needs into gods and goddesses. Rather, I believe that the gods and goddesses were created and designed by Source to help educate and manage the many individuating peoples [a.k.a., stepping stones for dark consciousnesses] about Divinity. That god and goddess hierarchy developed morality and spirituality over a long period of time and space as a result. There are references to "gods" in the Judeo-Christian Old Testament. This is where the concept of a Jealous God creeps into humanity's awareness despite totally contrary statements of the God of Love in the New Testament. 1 Corinthians 13 defines love as anything but jealous. Which testament is accurate? Both if you consider them through the lens of consciousness evolution.

Mythology shows some of the earth's historical context regarding this development. Students of mythology know that the study is greatly indepth and interlaced.

Furthermore, it is interesting that Greek gods like Dionysus had a very similar story to the Christian Messiah well before Christ walked the earth plane. [The story of Egypt's Osiris and Horus had a similar context to the birth of Christ.] Dionysus is not limited to one culture either. In fact, his reach was transferred to Rome as Bacchus. Nevertheless, the parallel to Christianity's Jesus Christ was quite uncanny. I find it ironic that Christians claim the importance of the Bible's Old Testament's Messianic references as prophetic but they completely dispel the truth of multicultural connections through the ancient mythologies such as Dionysus and Osiris.

Another fascinating truth is that the "damned and crucified" Paganism by the Christian Church was actually supplanted by the Catholic church as Rome began taking over Europe through military domination. Most Christian holidays and their traditions---including Easter and Christmas---have their roots in none other than Paganism. Is it any wonder why Pagans and Christians don't see eye to eye?

Moreover, the Burning Times---the period during the early Renaissance and late Medieval period when hundreds of thousands, perhaps even as much as many millions (there is no exact count recorded) were burnt, tortured and killed for witchcraft--- came about because the Church was splitting into a Protestant sect and Catholic sect and the Church needed a real, live devil to distract the masses.

Knowledge links the many peoples of the earth with the greater spiritual mysteries. Love has been a part of knowledge's birth, growth and development. This is life in all its aspects. It is up to humanity to rediscover our legacy and retain our evolution of consciousness while fully embracing Divine Love in whatever form or aspect the peoples of the planet resonate with within their souls. Knowledge alone creates judgment and divide. Knowledge with Love creates spiritual growth---even transcendence to the Soul of the everlasting Divine. The Tree of Life embodies Infinite Love. The Tree of Knowledge embodies Supreme Intelligence. Used in tandem, the Trees nourish the souls of humanity in its entirety.

The Human Body, Sickness and Death, Knowledge as God's Paradox

Source's greatest mystery is the human body. The body is the spiritual temple. But the body is finite at this point in evolution. Sickness and death are akin to all of mankind. Sickness has always challenged the human race. Spiritual growth usually occurs in moments of sickness and often when friends and loved ones transition to the other side of life. Knowledge has developed and man's life expectancy has doubled and in some cases tripled; though, there are Old Testament references to lives that are four times as long as our current day triple!

Laws were created in antiquity to prolong life and avoid physical hazards such as deformation from incestuous relationships.

The Tree of Knowledge's fruit was the root of death, according to the Judeo-Christian Bible. Again, what a tremendous responsibility for brand new souls to harbor. Did God truly leave the fate of all humanity to two naïve individuals who could so easily be seduced and prodded and persuaded? My intelligence screams NO!

Nevertheless life and death are paradoxical in that they constantly define one another, give meaning to one another and yet completely denounce the other...unless one views them from the reincarnation perspective where birth, life and death are just a continuous cycle of the infinite.

The human body is but one type of body in the spectrum of the human experience. There are seven energetic bodies as well. These incorporate the chakra system and encapsulate the soul. The spirit [breath of God] channels to and through the energetic system.

Today, people specialize in transitional therapies to assist dying people as they physically perish while simultaneously readying the individuals to spiritually cross-over. There is still a lot of different belief systems about disincarnate spirits like ghosts and why they remain on the earth plane rather than processing to the "white light" or the other side.

Knowledge of the spirit world is now merging with the knowledge of the physical world. I, personally, belief that people will eventually transcend physical death. I believe it will occur when the physical body is recognized for what it actually is...condensed vibration. The physical landscape---including the human body---can now be changed with energy work. Once people stop subscribing to the illusion called Maya, the human body should easily move between the worlds.

Where Knowledge and Life Unify

People will then be able to see where knowledge and life merge and unify. View the pictures depicting the Tree of Knowledge unifying with the Tree of Life. Also consider the esoteric framework create by Judaica regarding the Tree of Life. The physical body's DNA strand is a metaphor for this knowledge-life unified Tree. As one places the human structure within the tree, the rainbow bridge constructed by the energy vortices, the chakras, one taps a much bigger paradigm of God's connection to humanity: the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.

Leonardo Da Vinci explored mankind and mathematics. When the chakras are inserted in Da Vinci's famous diagram of the human body, the unified Tree is an inherent part of the universal sacred geometry designed by Source.

The chakras define all aspects of human life. The root chakra defines our life force's sense of stability. Families and upbringing, financial security, and personal well-being. The sacral chakra defines our sexuality, creativity, and emotional growth and development. The solar plexus chakra defines our will which defines our self-esteem---our self worth. The heart chakra defines our personal connection to Divine love and how that manifest in our lives as kindness, compassion and heart-centeredness. The throat chakra defines our ability to communicate. The third eye chakra defines a mental space to imagine and co-create reality in as it interconnects with the crown chakra which extraneously connects to the Universal Energy Field, Spirit and all that exists in the Divine Matrix often called God, Goddess, or Source.

When "life" Becomes Illusion and Love is the True Reality

Many belief systems incorporate the concept of Illusion otherwise called Maya. I subscribe to this concept. I believe Christianity does as well; but, most Christians would say something to the contrary. I recently listened to a song that a friend wanted me to listen to. It spoke of the Christian belief that the earth plane is not truly humanity's home. Rather, heaven is considered the true homeplace. This, to me, drives the the illusion point to the inth degree. And, as I usually think, it incorporates the concept of antiquated language which is the epitome of the Judeo-Christian Bible. People of antiquity had no mental model for life in the 21st century. The language they used is far removed from today's standards. Spiritual knowledge has expanded since that period in history. Heaven, Hell (and perhaps old school Catholicism's Purgatory) have traditional defined as places. Is this so or is there some other experience which is much bigger and multidimensional than what a finite mind can conceive?

I have studied psychic development for 12 years. I have encountered a multidimensional reality that is beyond the everyday average human being's life. I am not speaking egotistically. I know my life before the psychic development and it was like most average people of the earth. Now I am very entrenched in synchronicities, symbols, and all sorts of psychic and post third dimensional phenomena.

The most important thing to address is that the Illusion/Maya is the earth plane existence where energetic vibrations condense and SEEM solid but truly they are only vibrations that can easily be shifted into something non-material or something different in the material. The base-line truth is a realm of Divine love and eternal life. Mankind in antiquity had no context for this. Consider the development of theater and then eventually motion pictures! A lot has changed in that field. Early man could not imagine how to create a Steven Spielberg film. Neither could antiquated man imagine chakras, energy bodies, DNA, spirituality and physicality combined.

Love is mankind's true home. Heaven is infinite, interactive life amidst perfect, unconditional Divine Love Illusions vanish. The material will shift and tranform to support all that Is for all eternity. The Tree of unity awaits humanity!

© 2013 Joan Elizabeth


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