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The Trinity: Wisdom of Kahana

Updated on November 5, 2013
Whore of Babylon
Whore of Babylon

There appears to be a tremendous effort of late for certain spiritual leaders to create a hybrid of Judaism and Christianity in order that it appeals to those Jews desperately searching for self-identity and a religious foundation. They even make their appeal convincing, that believing in the special nature of Yeshua (Jesus) does not in any way abrogate the sacred commandment that you shall have no other gods but the one true God, Yahweh. I have no condemnation for those that wish to say that Yeshua was a teacher but exactly what did he teach. Certainly not the messages that have been passed down through the myriad of Christian churches that can't even agree amongst themselves as to which messages were his true convictions and which have been adulterated by Church elders from the time that Saul of Tarsus first began converting followers to his own brand of Paulism. But the moment that these conciliators, these proposers of a Judaism where there is a miracle worker named Jesus that is described as being much more than human become involved, then they are an abomination to the very spirit of Judaism. The reason Moses ordered his grave to be concealed from all the people was so that at no time we would ever elevate his status to being more than a man of God for he feared exactly what this Judeo-liberalizers are trying to do. Similarly, not even Aaron could have his grave known for any man that performed miracles must never detract from the fact that he was nothing more than a vessel for God to channel the Almighty's power and never was that power belonging to the man, himself. To think otherwise will lead you down a very slippery slope, far from the light of the truth.

The Three That Were One

The concept of the Trinity, especially that proposed by the Catholic Church is difficult for anyone to accept other than a blind follower of Christian religious dogma. The manifestation of godly power in an actual human form, as a direct extension of Yahweh, is so foreign when we think of the historic channeling of His powers through the likes of a Moses, Elijah or Elisha, that there is no other conclusion that the paganism of the Helenistic Roman world where gods fornicated with humans all the times had pervaded and preyed upon the naïve and superstitious nature of some early Hebrews that lacked the educational background to actually appreciate how abhorrent this concept was to Judaism. Even so, I cannot blame them 100% because there is a little known fact, one that most Christians don't even realize, that the concept of the Trinity is actually an ancient Jewish legend that accounted for the origin of us as a people. For those of you that have read my book Shadows of Trinity, you will know what I am talking about. For the rest of you, this will be a revelation of sorts, but even so, it should not be considered by any means a justification by which these modern day perverters of the truth should be allowed to confound any Jews confused about their beliefs any further by leading them astray.

When a people become united, especially those from various backgrounds and origins, then they search for common denominators in order to establish an acceptable universal history that they can share. These are the legends of a people and although they often take on a mystical and sometimes mythical life of their own, they still preserve the basic kernel of truth behind their edifice. The same is true of Genesis. It was written in order to unite people from different turns in life that fled from Egypt and although many shared some common histories, those histories had diverged and practices had become altered until some may have borne only the slightest resemblance to another. That is historical fact of any people and for us, as Jews to think we were any different is not fully understanding the will of God. In order to unite us, He knew we needed to emphasize what we shared in common and minimize those differences. Whether we argue that this was the design of God or the manipulations by Moses is a moot point since everything Moses did was by the will and manipulation of Yahweh in the first place.

In order to establish monotheism, then it was necessary to find the common factors within differing beliefs and unite them into a single entity. Not because they were separate beliefs in a divine being but because they emphasized different aspects, or facets of the Almighty. At the time in Egypt there were three basic beliefs in existence. There was the cult of Isis, centred around the feminine aspects of God. There was the cult of Ra-Amon at Heliopolis, centred around the life giving aspects of God. And then there was the cult of the desert people, those that had come to Egypt as workers or slaves and this was El-Shaddai, the wrathful, angry God aspect. As explained in Shadows of Trinity, they were also referred to as those that follow the Fool (love, kindness, humanity, the feminine), the Creator (life, renewal, birth) and the Destroyer (the destructive forces of nature, the masculine, and the likes). Three faces of a singular entity and yet very different in their practices. In my series on Rediscovering the Exodus, you will read about many events that point to the fact that Levites were a priestly tribe long before the advent of Moses or the Exodus, centred in Helipolis and therefore focused on the Ra. Cult. That Miriam with her songs and dances, having equal status to both Moses and Aaron, had a following of women and certain tribal chieftains of her own and her actions were very typical of the Isis cult. And lastly, we know for a certainty, because Moses admits it himself that he was exposed to his father-in-law, Jethro's cult that worshipped the wrathful God of the Mountain, El-shaddai.

Amalgamating these three cults, all worshipping a different aspect of the Almighty was an amazing feat and one must give Moses credit for achieving, but never forget that without Yahweh's guidance and inspiration, he never would have been able to do so. The first step in birthing a people is giving them a name. Prior to this they were the Apiru (from which we get Hebrew), a displaced people, not Egyptian but not belonging to any other specific people either. Some were tolerated, like the Levites, some were despised, like the Hyksos, but more importantly, they could never be Egyptian. The rejection united them, and the name given to them made them one. IS from the Isis cult. RA from the Ra-Amon cult. And EL from the El-shaddai cult. Together they became ISRAEL, one people, one GOD that had all the combined aspects of their former beliefs. Essentially, Yahweh was a trinity. Not because he had a son, or a holy ghost but because his nature could be represented in three parts, and we as a nation were from three cultures that became one.

A Bed Of Lies

One can choose to believe in the Genesis story of Jacob wrestling with an angel of the Lord and then calling himself Israel from Ish-ra-El (the man that wrestled with God) but if you read the story, not only is it sequentially out of place, having no bearing to actual events, but it doesn't even make much sense. There is no point to the story, other than the fact it was inserted afterwards, most likely by Pharasaic editors to conceal the origin story of the three cults because they considered that offensive rather than see and cherish the beauty of our origins as a people.

But all that is immaterial as long as we have this deliberate attempt by these Christians in Jewish clothing preachers that are attempting to make us believe that Jesus was anything more than a man and that he essentially was the messiah that all our Torah and Tanach indicators pointed towards. What he was, was a charismatic, educated, and powerful person as is evidenced in the Toledoth Yehua, that recognized that Roman society would eventually swallow and assimilate Judaism if it was left unchallenged. His original message was one of resistance, ie. ploughs into swords, set sons against fathers and daughters against mothers. It wasn't until Saul of Tarsus that his original message got twisted and reshapen into a conciliatory message that bridged Judaism with the demigods of paganism. The real message is in the results. If we look at the events that surrounded the message of Jesus against those that followed Bar Kochba we can see the truth. Bar Kochba also preached resistance and did so effectively for 3 years. We lost half a million Jews in that time, we were banned from Jerusalem, and thousands were sold into slavery. Bar Kochba is described often as a madman, a failure, a deceiver, a false-messiah. Now we look at events post Jesus. At the hands of his followers we have been slaughtered in the millions, cursed and condemned for two thousand years, enslaved and never accepted by the world we live in and banned not only from Jerusalem but our entire homeland until 1948, and even that fact is now being undermined by the nations of the world. Yet, they choose to describe Jesus as a prophet, a god, the greatest man that ever lived, the true messiah. I would rather follow a Bar Kochba than a lie that has led to our near extinction.

In Conclusion

You are being attacked, though subtly and so cleverly that you actually are attracted to the message that your attackers are deliberately trying to sway you with, weakening your resolve and destroying the very fiber of our heritage. Reject it! Reject it without all your heart and all your mind because this is the true test of your faith in Yahweh, in the one and only God and He is measuring you and weighing you in His scales to see how you react to this challenge.

Do not let them draw you from the true path. That which was handed down on Sinai, forged in the land of Canaan and hardened in the wars against empires must not be defeated now through sweet and honeyed words that make us believe there is a compromise to God's acceptance. There is only God, there is no other. He will send us many prophets but also many false prophets. Let your faith be your eyes.

Shalom Aleichim

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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    • profile image

      Bar 4 years ago


      "My disdain is not so much for the man but for those that purposely wish, especially now, to elevate him to being far more than a man with the sole purpose of leading us from the one path."

      Brother this I understand. It's an interesting challenge before us all. Very exciting time cycle to be living in, I've concluded.

      It's wonderous to be hurling through a visable fractal universe in on and of a biosphere made of vibrating energy and yet we still must contend with such as these who cling to manipulation in vain. As if the time had not come.

      "Or in other words, to the Almighty it is more important how we get there, and that is upon which we will be judged"

      In the end it that simple.

    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 4 years ago

      As always, your comments are most welcome Bar. There was much happening at the times of these events, intrigues and insurrections that have remained well hidden both from the failing memories of time but also intentionally. My disdain is not so much for the man but for those that purposely wish, especially now, to elevate him to being far more than a man with the sole purpose of leading us from the one path. They will counter, "But does not every path lead to the same goal, the worship of the almighty," and this may sound alluring and reasonable at first, but we must always remember that the end does not justify the means. Or in other words, to the Almighty it is more important how we get there, and that is upon which we will be judged, rather than the fact that we made it to the endpoint.

    • profile image

      Bar 4 years ago


      Glad to see your words again. They mean more to some then perhaps even you yet realize. It seems We both receive/perceive

      the same flow from ABOVE, this very subject matter has been the topic of discussion for my House for the last few weeks in particular. What to do with the Historical Man, the IsRaElite demigod with a Latin name that sounds Greek? Hey Zesus.... I've digressed. As my Ahavat pointed out "anyone that would die such a brutal death would have surely earned it. "and by same logic flow you contend also the same conclusion though applied to US All as a people. Interesting in of itself.

      I have compassion for the Man that lived in 2nd Temple, ate , argued ,walked... Obviously the impact of his actions still reverberate into my own life today. But what can be said? He still is in my mind a part of a continuum of Our People. For a Priest perhaps it's different? Different in that you all have an intrinsic disdain for a blasphemer that extends from your very DNA? Understandable if so. After all Micha'El? As always you've given much to think about as Moriah approaches.