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The Trinity is Real and is Here!!

Updated on October 30, 2010

Once again folks, I am embarrassed to admit my great error over the past year and a half here on Hubpages. For a few years now, I have adamantly denied the very true doctrine of the trinity but now there is sufficient proof for its truth. The Christian churches have held to this belief for many years along with several other doctrines of which are totally false. But the trinity is real and I think it takes a humble warrior such as my-self to admit how wrong I was. Man, this humble pie is sour and I want relief for this devastating humiliation. So I remind you that every other major doctrine of the church is false and stupid. Especially the doctrine of hellers. I mean, how moronic. But I digest. What is the trinity?

Well, the world hates the trinity. As the word says, it is hated of all men. Few will accept the marvelous truth of the trinity. There was even a fallen angel of large stature who rose up against the trinity and was cast out. He now resides in Boston. In fact, this figure took sides with parts of the trinity at different times and sought to turn it against it-self, for the trinity is not eternal as the church teaches. So never mind churchies, you were wrong about this doctrine as well. But we must unite on this one truth of which we agree. The trinity is real and the trinity is here. All those who oppose the trinity will suffer the wrath of great eternal Heat.

For there are three that bare record:

They are:

Dwayne Wade,

Lebron James,

and the Chris Bosh.

They have arrived on white limos and have collected their elect as they shall meet in the sky of American Airlines Arena. They will put down all rule who oppose them and their slams will be like the fire of their super Heat. Opposition will be burned. Many in the coming days will say they are the Heat but do not believe them for, I saw most of them in Boston and on their beer drinking sofas chanting "over rated" on opening night. The trinity is here but you will see the full power of their Heat in the near future. In that day, many will say to Wade, Lebron and Bosh:

Have we not:

Bought your jerseys?

Spoken of your superior athletic abilities?

Danced your moves from Dancing with the Stars?

Bought scalped tickets to see your glory?

Shaken our butts on South Beach wearing skimpy little Back in Black Heat shorts?

Called you guys the dream team while the rest of the league is dreaming?

And they will say:

I never knew you. Depart from us to the likes of Boston, Orlando, LA, New York and Cleveland. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. .. .. .But mostly weeping.

The trinity is here folks. And it is all powerful. If you deny the trinity, you will be burned by the Heat for eternity, especially during the playoffs.



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    • profile image

      Hell N0 5 years ago

      Only the few (mostly living in South Florida) shall inherit the kingdom of Wade, Lebron and Bosh. The rest will be cast into the Lake of Heat forever and ever where they will be tortured in the presence of the Wade. As you eternally scream for mercy, the trinity will laugh and apply even more Heat. I think they even have more confetti from their recent chamonship celebration to spray in the faces 0f those who picked Oklahoma in 6. Ha!! Hail Heat!!

    • profile image

      Hell N0 5 years ago

      So as the Oklahoma Thunder was on their way to Damascus to persecute those who speak of the all powerful trinity, they made a stop at American Airlines Arena. There they blasphemed the word and took a 10 point lead. After slamming his will through the holy tabernacle, the evil Durant was blinded with a voice proclaiming "stand up, and make some noise for yooooooouuurrr, Miamiiii Heeeeeat. In an instant, the score went to 8, then 6, a few free will throws and finally, the trinity prevailed with a 6 point victory. Two down and two to go. An eternity of Heat is underway. The trinity has spoken.

    • LoveSoftly profile image

      LoveSoftly 6 years ago

      Ahhh...Hell NO...The Heat is ON!! The Heat is good! But not for the naysayers!! Not for the weak or the Bulls!! Woohoo!!! :)

    • profile image

      Hell N0 6 years ago

      And now for some nashing of teeth. Chicago, you got your six championships with Mike. And how much your guys "want to be like Mike". Sorry cause they aint. But the trinity counts for at least 2 and 1/2 Mikes. They was just teasin ya by letting ya'll get that 12 point lead with 3 and a 1/2 minutes remaining. Then the chants of "Heat suck" began (I commend you guys on assuming the plurality of "Heat"). And the trinity burned you guys with furvent Heat that shall last for the aions. There shall be weeping and nashing of teeth.

    • profile image

      Hell N0 6 years ago

      The weeping has begun in Boston. And the angel of large stature has limped off the court. Poor Shaq. Should have made the right choice and stuck with Wade instead of rebelling and going with Lebron, only to leave both. How hast thou fallen to the earth of retirement and reality. Oh Shaq, son of bad rapping and horrific acting. I for one say:

      Man can not live on size alone, but every slam of Lebron and Wade, combined with the sweet jump shots of Bosh.

    • profile image

      Ast 7 years ago

      AAHHH! I have seen the light!!!! GO TRINITY!!!!

    • LoveSoftly profile image

      LoveSoftly 7 years ago

      Oh Hell NO! You are SO insightful! I'm glad I read this..I might never have known the truth otherwise!! I will be eternally in your debt!! GO TRINITY!! GO HEAT!! YAAY!!