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Triple Moon Goddess Symbols

Updated on November 10, 2016
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I am a photographer, published artist and writer. I am a makeup artist student, and studying herbs. I love to write and share my view points


The Triple Goddess

The Trinity of Life is something that is very important, regardless which path you walk. From my earliest childhood memories, my grandmother taught me about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Trinity concept of life applies to both male and female.

The older I got and the longer I walked my path and experienced different changes in my own life, I began to understand exactly how important it is to acknowledge the different stages of our life's cycle. It does not matter how you choose to word them, the fact remains each and everyone of us, goes through three (trinity) major shifts in our life. This is the female aspect of the trinity.

The Maiden: signifies youth, excitement, freshness of life, magic in everything. She carries innocence and waits for the wildness of life to enter into her life. Her age group is between puberty and her twenties. Her colors are usually soft and light: pink, white, soft yellow, mint green.

The Mother: represents nurturing, caring and fertility. She is a woman at the peak of her power. She carries strong "Bear Medicine" doing everything she can to protect her young. Her age group is in the area of thirties to early forties. Her colors are bright and exciting, Reds, greens, coppers, royal blue.

The Crone: represents age-old wisdom. She cares for the Maiden and the Mother. She stands at the door to the other dimension and understands that the journey is just another step on your path. Because of her years of experience, she is the one who people goes to, to be counseled. Elders carry stories (often known as storytellers) that are told about life in order to teach everyone. These are not just stories like fairy-tales, these stories are told and passed on from generation to generation.

In a sense it saddens me that in today's world, so many traditions are being lost because the younger generation has no interest in keeping the legends alive. Life is much different today than yesterday. The Crone's age range is late forties and older. Her colors are black, purple, brown, indigo blue and gray.

To have a better understanding of the Triple Goddess, write your own life's journey. You will be amazed when you go back and re-read your story; how each stage of your life represents each aspect of the Triple Goddess.

The Triple Goddess aspect of life is very important to me. I have honored each stage and currently live in the Crone Stage of Life. However, my learning process continues and knowing who I am, the day I stop having the desire to learn, is the day I will no longer exist in this realm.

(c) WhiteOak Art Designs

Triple Goddess Moon
Triple Goddess Moon
The Trinity
The Trinity
The Triple Goddess
The Triple Goddess

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The Earth is our Mother

Since you are here, What stage of the Triple God/dess are you?

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Moon Goddess

Blessed Be

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