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The True Lord's Prayer

Updated on January 23, 2017

Father, Your words are true.

You gave Yourself

So I could live.

The hour has come

For Thee to die.

Behold, Thy glory,

My Heavenly story.

Thy true Lord's Prayer

For me to hear,

To share Thy love

With all so dear.

Thy name Jesus Christ

Whom Thou did send

To do Thy work.

Thou hast healed my hurt.

Father, I pray for them

Which Thou hast given,

For they are Thine,

And you art mine.

The world knoweth not

Thy word is true

Because of evil,

Deceived by the devil.

Sanctify them Thy word of Truth.

I sent them

With tThy word

So that they have heard.

They may be with us

As I am with Thee.

Glorify Thy Son.

We are One.

Father, Thou hast given me

That they are with me

Where I am

Never to end.

Declare Thy name.

Thou hast loved them.

I'm in You.

Oh, 'tis true.


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