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The True Meaning of Colors

Updated on September 11, 2017
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Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach.

Our world is entirely made up of colors. We don't really stop to think about it because we're so used to seeing them everywhere. Color has a huge impact on our lives whether we realize it or not. Some colors make us happy and others make us sad. Certain colors bring us a sense of calm and peace while others excite and energize us. By choosing certain colors to decorate our homes or wear as the fabrics for our clothes, we're sending a message to the world about who we are and what we stand for. Isn't it time you knew the symbolic meaning behind all the colors you chose to surround yourself with?

Red is a powerful color that symbolizes energy, ambition, passion, excitement, love, strength, and aggression. Everyone knows that red is the color of clothes you wear on a date if you want to get a man's attention. Men respond very strongly to the color red because it excites them and makes them feel passionate.

Red is strongly associated with certain holidays such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, Forth of July, and all patriotic holidays because red is one of the colors of the American flag.

A fun fact about the color red is that most people who drive red cars, whether they know it or not, like attention. Red is also the color of cars that get the most traffic tickets. Maybe all that desire for attention makes them speed or something.

Many restaurants use the color red in order to make a person excited and therefore order more and eat more. Stores also love to use this color on signs to make people excited about sales and discounts so they will spend more money and feel passionate while doing it.

Orange is a beautiful color, and my personal favorite. It symbolizes balance, enthusiasm, optimism, and warmth.

Orange is strongly associated with the autumn season because of the harvest aspect, the trees, leaves, and of course Halloween and pumpkins.

On the negative side, orange can also be associated with traffic cones and prison because inmates wear those orange jumpsuits.

The color yellow symbolizes happiness, joy, sunshine, hope, intellect, and the mind.

Yellow is a good color to paint your office because it will keep you happy and is known to increase intellect.

If you associate someone with the color yellow, that means it is someone who you will never forget.

Yellow roses are common for funerals to symbolize that the deceased may be gone, but never forgotten.

Green is the color of nature and the environment. It symbolizes health, good luck, renewal, and and youth but it can also mean jealousy (green with envy).

Green is a calming color that makes you relaxed so it would be a good color for your bedroom which you want to ideally be your safe haven where you can be at peace.

Green is associated with St. Patrick's Day because the shamrocks are green and so are the Leprechauns (The luck of the Irish).

Blue is a color that symbolizes cool, calm, serenity, peace, trust, harmony, stability, loyalty, and order.

Things that are blue usually bring a person to a state of peace and calm. How could you ever be stressed out staring at the sky or the sea?

It is also a great color for a bedroom because it makes a person feel calm and at peace.

Blue is associated with the winter season because everything is so cold and the world seems to be at peace when the snowflakes start to fall.

Purple is a beautiful color that symbolizes imagination, royalty, nobility, honor, spirituality, and mystery.

In history, purple used to be a favorite color to wear for kings and queens.

Purple is a good color to surround yourself with if you're a creative type because it promotes you to use your imagination and escape the reality to a fantasy world where anything is possible.

Pink is a very girly color that symbolizes love, romance, caring, and tenderness.

Pink is a favorite for many girls and is said to express happiness and femininity.

Pink can also be seen as silly or immature. It is usually the color associated with baby girls and their nurseries. Many young girls continue to paint their rooms pink well into their teens. As girls grow up, they might continue to like the color pink but they usually reserve it for smaller items like clothes and jewelry rather than entire rooms.

White symbolizes purity, innocence, cleanliness, snow, peace, humility, sterility, and marriage.

The color white is most closely associated with all things wedding. The wedding is filled with white such as the dress, veil, flowers, and cake, not to mention decorations and other various other items.

People used to get married at a younger age in earlier times so brides were always virgins and the white color of their dress symbolized that. Nowadays it is very rare to find a true virgin bride but the tradition of the white dress continues although some choose to wear cream or even bright colored wedding dresses.

White is also associated with the medical profession.

Gray symbolizes neutrality. Gray also means security, modesty, reliability, and maturity. It is a cross between black and white and it means neither good (associated with white) nor bad (associated with black). It is the middle ground.

Gray is a color that you don't really associate with much except for the sidewalk. It is usually a color you see a lot in offices. Gray is very bland and doesn't demand much attention for itself. If you see someone driving a gray car you know they're not trying to stand out but rather blend into the colors of the road.

Black is a very powerful color that symbolizes a variety of emotions. Black means sophistication, mystery, secrets, elegance, formality, wealth, sadness, death, evil, and style.

We most closely associate black with evil, death, and power. Who wears the most black? People at funerals and people in the office. Maybe the evils of the corporate world are something that leads to death.

Black is considered a classic color because you can't go wrong when you wear black since it goes with everything. It fits most occasions and when you just don't know what to wear, you can always go with a little black dress.

Black is associated with Halloween, witches, and all the other creepy, crawly things that day represents like spiders and rats.

Black cats tend to be associated with bad luck, especially if they happen to cross the road before you.

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