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Are Aliens & UFO's Real? - The Truth About UFO's, 2012 & Alien Greys

Updated on March 26, 2013

Where The Truth Lies

With all the controversy surrounding 2012, alien grey abductions, flying saucers, free energy technologies and the Illuminati and then consistently being bombarded with movies such as Paul, Battle: LA, 2012 and songs like ET by Katy Perry and Judas by Lady Gaga it makes you begin to wonder what on Earth is going on.

21st December 2012 AD

The Mayan calender resets itself on this day. It is said that the Mayan calender has turned out to be the most accurate calender in history, even more accurate than the Gregorian calender that we use today. Coincidentally the Sumerians also have predictions for 2012. These predictions are in the form of a returning planet commonly referred to as Planet X or Nibiru and the return of the Annunaki (their creator Gods). Some say that the planet Nibiru was destroyed and the remains now make up the asteroid belt.

So why does the Mayan calender end on this day? Or does it?

Official Confirmation From NASA

Due to all the widespread panic and hype regarding 2012 NASA have released a statement on their website regarding the Mayan calender and Planet X stating that there is nothing to worry about. However, they have never released such a statement like this regarding the claims of advanced extraterrestrial beings - why not?

They also failed to point to previously published information of concern, a subject which the media seem to have retained a very low profile on and one that David Wilcock writes about.

In 2008 NASA announced that they had discovered a gigantic rip in the Earth's magnetosphere, the protective layer that shields us from solar storms, flares and plasma radiation. This tear is four times wider than Earth and is therefore something we should be concerned about. Not only that but NASA also announced in 2008 that the suns heliosphere, which protects us from galactic cosmic radiation, is shrinking and has weakened by 25% over the last ten years.

Add this to the recently released information concerning the sun's 11-year cycle of solar flares which is expected around 2012/2013 (they have now refined this to May 2013 but could happen as early as 2012) and you can start to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

NASA believe that, potentially, these solar flares could be powerful enough to wipe out global satellite communications worldwide in a worst case scenario. Could it be, that if we hadn't discovered the breach and started using particle beams (HAARP) to revitalize the protective bubble, that the flares would have been powerful enough to wipe all of us out?

UFO's & Aliens

Whilst flying saucers have now officially been confirmed as a reality, it remains a mystery as to who actually manufactures them. Some people believe it's extraterrestrials, some believe it's the military - or maybe both. One thing we do know is that governments are in possession of technology at least 25 years more advanced than that of the general public.

UFO's are sighted all over the world, in particular near military locations and are known to allegedly shut down nuclear weapons. Some people believe that these UFO's (which are now IFO's) are zero-point energy technologies (free energy) created by alien humanoid beings, most commonly believed to be what we refer to as 'alien greys'.

This fits the description that many alien abductees and contactees describe. The most compelling evidence of this would be the Ariel School, Ruwa incident in Zimbabwe in 1994. Also see the photograph above - blood vessels, veins, wrinkles, pupils, iris, teeth and tongue can all be seen in natural looking detail and this is not the only photo of an alien grey (hybrid?) that I have in my possession.

In terms of psychology you should always go with your gut instinct, it's usually right. What do you think?

Hacking The Pentagon

UK hacker Gary McKinnon successfully hacked into NASA and Pentagon computers and claims he accessed a photograph of a cigar-shaped UFO above the northern hemisphere of Earth. Could this coincidentally be where the super-wide gap in the Earth's magnetosphere was discovered?

Could it even be that these 'grey aliens' are humans from the future who have come back in time to prevent some kind of of natural disaster from occurring?

Is it possible that this natural disaster is what caused them to have such large eyes (to allow more light in), no hair, no nails and blue-grey skin (from radiation exposure)?

Or do they genuinely come from the Zeta Reticuli star system as indicated by both Bob Lazar and Betty Hill?

Official Government Documents

Government documents regarding UFO's are being released all over the world, in the UK leading up to 2012. The MoD, FBI and NSA have all released files. Ecuador have released all of their files. Although 90% of these cases can be and have been explained in conventional ways the remaining 10% only confirm that these flying saucers are very real.

The most significant document was released by the FBI and shows an illustration of a flying saucer identical to those that can be seen on the video of NASA's tether overload incident in 1996. The document only confirms that NASA were lying when they said that the anomalies were just ice or dust particles.

Other documents placed under the subheading Unexplained Phenomena includes a memo from Guy Hottel regarding the supposed recovery of three dead alien bodies in New Mexico in 1950. It makes you wonder why the documents are going through a phased release and not being released all at once.

Over 400 military and government officials have provided testimonial evidence of the existence of UFO's and extraterrestrial intelligence at the National Press Club in 2001 as part of The Disclosure Project.

By Sparkster


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    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for the comment Peter,

      I have since found out that the photo is not of a real entity, but it is fairly accurate (in my opinion).

    • profile image

      peter christian 4 years ago

      for me i have nave seen the picture but real or not i can say

    • profile image

      lok nath verma 5 years ago

      please search my MEGA painting in declair 2012 real story watch and search my facebook profile take care LOk NATH VERMA.

    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      I have seen that photo before and yes it is very good but whether it's real or not I couldn't say!