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The Truth About Noah

Updated on August 19, 2014

I recently took advantage of an opportunity to watch the movie “Noah.” I must say, the movie was very entertaining, but on the other hand, it was a huge disappointment. It was so different from the story of Noah that I read in the Bible. I thought that perhaps the producers would allow me to see the flood through the eyes of Noah. I had hoped to see more facts. I anticipated the pages of the Bible coming alive, like in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” I never expected to see a prefabricated fairy tale, featuring rock creatures who call themselves the “Watchers,” who came to earth to help mankind.

As you might have already surmised, I am a Christian. We (Christians) are supposed to be the light of the world. But it appears that we have hidden our lights under a basket, hidden safely away inside the walls of the church, so that no one can see it but us, and sadly, we seem to be okay with that.

Facts of the Bible

One of the reasons we have such limited knowledge about God and the Bible is because we trust others to read it for us. If we would just pick up the book and read it for ourselves we would be all the wiser. The purpose for this Hub is not to pick apart the movie, but to set the facts straight.

Noah is a Christian story

Of the world’s many religions, when it comes to defending what each one believes, Christians are the most passive group. If the Prophet Muhammad had told Noah to build an ark, and someone made a movie that included irrelevant facts that ultimately defamed the character of Muhammad and his servant, the entire Muslim community would be outraged. Yet as Christians, we allow people to say all manner of untruths about our God without so much as saying one word to defend our faith. Could it be that we say nothing, because we don’t know what to say?

Wars have been started over disputes about religion. And while there are many non-religious people who would rather believe God is not real, it is in bad taste, and also dangerous, to show no regard for the religious beliefs and practices of others, that is, unless your goal is to destroy them.

The point I am trying to make is this: being Christian is not a title, nor is it a ticket to ride the love train to heaven. It is not a license to neither judge nor condemn. To be a Christian is to proclaim the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the rest of the world. That is why Jesus said we are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14). If we do not tell the truth about God, then who will? Perhaps if we were less entertained and more informed, maybe the rest of the world would not get their facts so twisted about God.

The truth behind the flood

If there is one thing all humans do well, it is suppressing the truth. The screen writers and directors of “Noah” should have done their homework before attempting to tell the story of this great man and his seemingly impossible assignment to save all life on earth. Instead, Hollywood has rewritten one of the all time classics of the Bible. They published it, the Christian community watched it, and we never collectively challenged their version of Noah’s flood.

Let’s expose the demons who call themselves the “Watchers” for what they are—renegade angels, (who by the way, will not lift a finger to help us to our feet, let alone us build cities, and a sea worthy vessel like the Ark. Hollywood has glorified these fallen angels, who had sex with women, producing a mutation of giants that was half human and half angel, in an attempt to destroy the seed that would bring forth the One who would ultimately destroy them.

The Watchers – who are they really?

The characters portrayed as the “Watchers” have a real place in this movie, except they are not the “Watchers” of mankind. They are what the watchers themselves say they are: they are fallen angels.

What are fallen angels?

Fallen angels are just what their name suggests. They are angels that have fallen from the glory of God. Man did not create sin, a fallen angel did. His name was Lucifer. God changed his name to Satan after he launched a rebellion against God and was defeated by the Arch Angel Michael, who cast him out of heaven.

Lucifer took one-third of an innumerable number of angels with him. They hate all humans with a passion because we are created in God’s image. These angels only want to kill us; they will by no means help us to do anything but die. Fallen angels did not shelter Cain, nor did they help Cain build a civilization, and they certainly did not help Noah build the Ark.

Sin entered the world through disobedience. First Satan and his angels sinned against God and then Satan deceived Eve (in the same way he deceived his fellow angels). He even tried to corrupt human DNA.

What sin did the fallen angels of Noah's day commit?

The fallen angels in the movie “Noah” said that they had sinned against the Creator, and they were being punished by stripping them of their glory, covering it with mud and rock. So what was their sin?

When God created man, his DNA was pure. He was a new species that stood apart from all other species, in heaven or on earth. For his part in the fall of mankind, God promised Satan that the offspring of the woman whom he deceived would crush his head (Genesis 3:14-15).

Also called the “dragon” in Revelation 12:9, Satan immediately devised a plan to corrupt the DNA of mankind trying to avert the birth of the promised “dragon slayer” who is the Christ. Of this incident, the Bible has this to say in Genesis 6:1-2: “Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of me, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.”

The sons of God are angels (Job 1:6). Angels who teamed up with Satan and rebelled against God are called fallen angels, because they fell from their original place of dominion in heaven. The angels in the story of Noah are the angels who tampered with the DNA of mankind by breeding with them. These angels have been confined in eternal darkness, where they will be kept until the Day of Judgment (Jude 6); they have not seen the light of day since before the flood.

What was so special about Noah?

We know that God determined that He would destroy the world because of sin. The Bible says that Noah was righteous in all his ways and that he found favor in the eyes of God. So does this mean that Noah and his family were the only people on the planet (8 people) who had not sinned?

The Bible says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). So was Noah the exception to sin? Never! Noah was not chosen to build the Ark because he was sinless, but because he was perfect in all his generations (Genesis 6:9), and because he had faith in (and believed) God (Hebrews 11:7).

Note that the Bible says that Noah was perfect in all his generations. In other words his DNA had not been tainted with the DNA of angels. God had preserved the DNA of mankind through Noah’s bloodline to bring forth the One that would crush Satan’s head, in order that he might fulfill the promise that He made to Satan in the garden at the time of the fall of mankind.

It's not just another movie

So, why make so much fuss about a movie? The movie “Noah” is not just another movie, because the story of Noah is not just another story. For Christians, it is an illustration of the eternal and unconditional love of God, an illustration of how God, in His divine wisdom, brought His Son into the world as a man, through preserving the DNA of the original man—Adam.

While the movie depicts Noah as a kind and loving man, it portrays God in a negative way, leading people to believe that God is harsh and cruel. It also spreads a dangerous untruth about fallen angels. The truth is, fallen angels are demons; they worship Satan, hate God, and abhor humans.

For many Christians, Noah’s Ark is an illustration of Christ. When the wrath of God is finally poured out on the earth, those who are anchored in Christ (the Ark) will be saved. For just as eight souls survived the wrath of God during the flood, so shall we survive safely in Christ at the end of the age.

If Hollywood insists on producing movies that are known to attract the Christian community, then Christians have the responsibility of opposing their efforts to make movies that are untruthful and demoralizing to our God. The truth is always fascinating, so why not just tell the truth?


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    • Carb Diva profile image

      Linda Lum 

      4 years ago from Washington State, USA

      I have not seen the movie "Noah", nor do I wish to after reading your summary. I appreciate your words and totally agree that as Christians we should not stand by passively and say nothing when the telling of a true story (not a fairy tale as some would like to think it) is rewritten to include falsehoods. Thank you for writing this hub. Voted up.


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