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The Truth About Wicca

Updated on September 18, 2012

Not the Satan-Worshipers of Yore

If someone was the asked about the definition of a Wiccan, you'd get a few different answers. Some people might mention Halloween-style old women brooding over a cauldron. Others might say something about secret cults lurking under London's streets. Some might have no idea what you are talking about.

The truth is less cinematic. Wiccans are not the people that have been painted as Satanists.

Wheel of the Year

Facts and Fiction

Wiccans are evil pagans with sacrificial holidays. Wiccans do, in fact, have holidays. They take place in intervals during the year to celebrate the changing of the seasons and the subsequent relationship changing between the God and the Goddess. The word "pagan" basically means a religion or set of beliefs that are not the mainstream, usually having more than one deity. So, yes, Wiccans are Pagan. Wiccans as a whole do not believe in evil. There is no source of all evil (Such as Satan) but merely different parts to the God and Goddess' personalities. Wiccans also usually believe in a Three-Fold Law, meaning that if something is done, good or bad, it returns to you three times over. Another thought or idea that is sacred is the tenet "An' it harm none, do as ye will", which means that as long as no one is harmed, even yourself, you are able to do as you please. They also hold a key thought that sacrifice is not needed to please their God or Goddess. In conclusion, Wiccans cannot be evil because they do not do things to hurt by general definition, nor do they believe in evil. They do not have sacrificial holidays because sacrificing (hurting living things) goes against their core belief.

Wiccans are ugly old women making brews in their cauldrons. There are some old women who practice Wicca, just as there are old women who practice any other belief. There are unsightly people evident in every religion at any point in time. Are all Wiccans ugly old women? No. Just as not all Christians are ugly old women, though some may be spotted. As far as the cauldron goes, yes. Cauldrons are a part of many Wiccan's altars and yes, sometimes brews are made in them. Wicca is not, however, all about making brews or love potions to ensnare lovely young men.

Wiccans are Witches and Witches ride brooms and steal children to eat them. Yes, a common singular for a Wiccan is Witch or Warlock. I have never seen a flying person on a broom. I don't think it is possible. The Hollywood magic and the Magick practiced in Wicca are on very different levels. While the magic in Hollywood allows practitioners to move mountains with a wand (which some Wiccans do use) Wicca in and of itself is more subtle. Wiccan Magick is geared more towards using personal energies to produce an effect, such as meditating to clear your head to come to a decision. Cannibalism has invaded many a sects, but I really don't think that Witches eat children, other than in story books.

Wiccans worship sex and run around in forests naked. Wiccans do not worship sex, but are accepting and unashamed of the act. Some rites were held in forests and some practitioners do like to be naked in order to feel more natural and therefore in tune with nature and all of nature's wonder.

Wiccans are few in number and have secret books guarded like gold. Actually, Wicca is a fairly popular religion and is growing still in number. The "secret books" are usually referred to as a Book of Shadows. The Book of Shadows is no more than a recipe book, more or less, for a Wiccan. It holds their rites, their recipes for spells and other such things. The books were secret for a long time as the Witch Hunts were forcing the Wiccans into secrecy. Secrecy today is still evident as some covens have one Book of Shadows and it is to be secret among the coven. Persecution still haunts the Wiccans today and secrets have become a way of life for most. There is usually nothing ominous written inside of these books, but were enough evidence to secure a death warrant, so they are guarded by some, but not all. Some people have published their works openly and are easy to find online.

Wiccans worship Satan. As I said before, Wiccans do not acknowledge the existence of any evil being. Worshiping something you don't believe in is ridiculous.

Witches can make voodoo dolls of you if you are mean to them. They can also give you warts if you touch them. In other religions there is a voodoo doll system. You won't find it in Wicca. It goes against their core beliefs of not harming anything or any one. Warts are transferable by many things. Unless this Wiccan has contagious warts, there is no danger.

Well, What Is Wicca, Then?

Wicca is nothing more than a peaceful religion that has been unfairly persecuted and forced into secrecy for a very long time. Secrecy usually brings about people's suspicions, so Wicca was branded evil by many.

Wicca revolves around the seasons, nature, and the God and Goddess. The core beliefs are very different from person to person as there is not one core "Bible" to be found. General thought is that the God is a horned hunter (also conjuring up thoughts of Satan to some, though he is a protecting spirit) and is the Sun God. He is the masculine aspect of all the world. The Goddess represents three aspects of the female- the maiden, the mother and the crone. She is the Moon Goddess and represents all of the female aspects of the world. The seasons are vital to them because of their ancestors' great dependency upon the earth to provide a life for them and the tradition carries on today.

Wiccans today are earth-loving, peaceful people. You might know a few of them without having known it.



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    • Lil Miss Reader profile image

      Stephany 5 years ago from Somerset New Jersey

      Thank you for posting this hub. The more hubs like this that get out into the world the better off Wiccan's and other Pagans will be. We need to let people in and let them see that we are harmless. Thanks again and blessed be. Have a Happy Yule!

    • mirandalabelle profile image

      Miranda La Belle 5 years ago from Dunedin, Florida

      Actually, DAWNEMARS, people give the God and Goddess different names so that they feel more comfortable with them on a personal level. There are only two deities, but people come from all over. Greek-influences may call them Zeus and Hera. Others may go with Egyptian names. But as in Christianity with calling Jesus "Christ", "The Lamb", or "Jesus", they are the same person. I hope this helps you out :) Blessed Be.

    • DAWNEMARS profile image

      DAWNEMARS 5 years ago from The Edge of a Forest in Europe

      Loved the way you clear up all these common myths. The only problem that I have with Wicca is all those Gods and Goddesses! Makes me so dizzy! Great hub, voted interesting and useful-since it dispells all those common misunderstandings.

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale Adams 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      I used to fully believe in the Wiccan way, but now I have put it all together. So there is a God, and he does have a wife which is mother nature, so on and so forth. Afterall we are made in his image, so he must have a wife also...I am thinking that he may have created her from himself. This is getting deep!

    • mirandalabelle profile image

      Miranda La Belle 5 years ago from Dunedin, Florida

      Thank you very much! If you have any questions, let me know and I would love to answer. Blessed Be.

    • Mama Kim 8 profile image

      Sasha Kim 5 years ago

      While I don't really have a religion myself I have done extensive studies. It really bothers me the misconceptions people have about Wicca. Wicca really is a great religion and when wiccans themselves actually know about their religion before they practice it is quite wonderful.I'm very happy to see such a great hub on the topic, good job.


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