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The Truth Matters

Updated on December 22, 2015

The Truth Matters

Life can be a wonderful journey or not; it is what you make it. If only we had an instruction book to help us avoid the dangers we may encounter in life. And if only we could learn to use our minds to achieve true happiness. Truth is the foundation of happiness; therefore, the objective of truth is to create happiness.

The truth matters regarding life and thought, time, space, and elements. For example; if you know the truth about life, then you would know the way to happiness. And if you know that pain and death are obstacles to happiness, you know that these must be overcome.

As you travel through life, you find many roads to choose from. These roads all lead to death, but one leads to life after death. At the beginning two main roads exist; one of these is the belief in God, the Creator of life. The other is the belief that God does not exist.

Many do not believe in a Creator of life; they believe in the evolution of life. But they cannot explain the origin of life itself. They can only say that life was accidentally created from elements. Those who believe in a Creator can explain Him by pointing to the complexity of life and the structure of the universe. These could not have been created accidentally.

Time measures the evolution of life. Time did not have a beginning; therefore, life itself did not have a beginning. Life cannot be produced from non-living matter; therefore, a Creator of life must exist; and this Creator did not have a beginning.

When you know the simple truth that God, the Creator of life, created all living things, then everything else falls into place. Additionally, when living things are in harmony with God, then a positive, constructive environment is created. When they are not in harmony with God, then a negative, destructive environment is created.

Most of the world is not in harmony with God; that is the main reason the world is a chaotic, evil place. If you don't care about the deteriorating condition of the world, then the truth doesn't matter to you. And if you don't care that the world will someday be destroyed, then you may someday be destroyed.

However, if you care about improving yourself and want to live in a better world, then the truth matters. And if you discover the way of truth and follow it, then you will live happily for eternity.

How does someone survive the war between good and evil? Most people just choose to go along with the world and join its evil ways and materialism. Others choose to search for spiritual truth and join what they believe is the truth. Most of them realize that materialism is not going to save them from eventual destruction.

Many who search for spiritual truth find that the God who created humans wants them to live eternally. In addition, they find that they can be saved by giving up their evil ways and following God's plan.

What is the plan? God has a plan that will soon be realized. Most people, however, have other plans that have to do only with their lives on earth from birth to death. They don't seem to care what happens after that.

Many people, however, do care about what happens to them after they die. Some have vague ideas about the hereafter. Others search for the truth and, when they find what they believe, they plan their lives accordingly.

Does the truth matter? If you don't know the truth, then you are likely to go in the wrong direction. You might have a few years of happiness in this world, but what happens after that? If you care, then you may speculate about your life after death. You may find different possibilities regarding the hereafter, but first you should ask; why do people die in the first place?

Where is the truth? God would not have a plan and not provide a way for us to find it. He inspired certain men to write the Bible, which is actually a collection of books that reveals the truth about life. The Bible explains why people die, and how we can escape death. In addition, The Bible is a spiritual guide that includes the truth about Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God.

The life of Jesus is described in the Bible. Jesus taught the way of truth, and did not sin during His lifetime. Yet He was crucified by the Romans because He proclaimed to be the Son of God. Jesus could have saved Himself from the pain and death that He endured. His purpose, however, was to die for the sins of human beings. All we have to do is believe in Him as our savior, and we can be saved from eternal destruction.

The process of dying begins at birth. If we are immortal, then why does that happen? The fact that someday we die is an indication that we are not immortal. Death, however, is not as terrible as dying. The dead are not aware of anything; therefore, they are not suffering. After death, does anyone ever live again?

Many believe that people don't really die. Others say it doesn't matter, and that we will find out soon enough. But if you want to know your fate, then the truth matters.

The truth is that when you die, you are not conscious of anything until God resurrects you. You will not realize the time passing until you are resurrected; therefore, death will seem to last for just a moment. But in reality, those who have died will remain lifeless until God resurrects them.

The Bible tells us that whoever believes in Jesus Christ will not perish, but will have eternal life. In addition, the Bible tells us that, even though they die, those who believe in Jesus will be resurrected and receive eternal life. Long after that, those who do not believe will be resurrected; but they will face Judgment Day and be destroyed. Your fate depends on whether or not you believe in Jesus as your savior.

The end of the world is coming soon as evil increases. You can become part of the world and be destroyed with it; or you can find the truth regarding life after death. The world cannot save you, but Jesus can. He made it possible when He died for you on the cross.

Someday Jesus will return for all who believe in Him as their savior. If you don't believe in Him, then you will not be saved from destruction. Will you live for eternity or die for eternity? When it comes to your eternal destiny, the truth matters.

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