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The Truth about Energy Vampires

Updated on September 2, 2018
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Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach.

Energy vampires are much scarier than the vamps you see on Twilight or Vampire Diaries. While vampires on television are fictional characters, energy vampires actually exist in real life. In fact, I'm willing to bet you've probably met one or two already. No, they're not actually vampires with fangs who suck your blood. They are human people who negatively affect you after you spend any amount of time with them. You'll know you've met one by the way they make you feel. Some of us are more sensitive to them than others, but trust me, if you spend enough time with one you will know something is wrong and it's time to leave.

You know those people who feel like sunshine and can light up any room they walk into? Well, energy vampires are the opposite of that. They are like a cloud of doom that's walking around in a human body. They're all the bad human emotions like depression, sadness, anger, hate, and many more. You can literally feel the energy shift in a room after an energy vampire walks in. You might not understand it right away. It's like you were just happy and feeling upbeat and suddenly you feel lost and sad. Don't be fooled though, that's the energy vampire sucking up all the good vibes in the room.

Energy vampires are typically people with narcissistic tendencies and over confidence in themselves. They are their favorite person in the world. They usually put their feelings above everyone else's and it's hard to think they can have empathy or compassion for another human being. Energy vampires are very cold emotionally and don't usually show any open displays of affection unless they are acting. They can certainly pretend to act like the nicest people in the world to get what they want. They are master manipulators and can convince anyone of anything. You definitely don't get that warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart after spending time with them, rather you feel like something is wrong although you may not know what just yet.

As a highly intuitive person, I can tell someone is an energy vampire very soon after meeting them. I've had the unfortunate experience of meeting a few in my life and I remember very clearly what I felt every single time. The last time this happened to me was actually just a few months ago. After spending a few hours with this person, I had this sense of dread and sadness for no reason. I had actually looked forward to spending time with this person very much and was so disappointed to feel what I felt. It was a huge letdown and very unexpected. I felt so emotionally and physically drained that I thought I was probably coming down with a cold or something else had to be wrong. I didn't want to believe that I was dealing with an energy vampire. I decided, against my better judgement, to spend more time with this person to see if what I felt was actually true. Sure enough, the second time I spent time with this person I felt the exact same way. I knew right away I should have listened to myself, but sometimes you just have to learn the hard way.

After spending time with this person I would feel drained emotionally and physically for a day or two and then I would be back to my normal self again. It was a very strange and awkward kind of energy that you don't ever want to feel. Like you're being oppressed and you can't do anything about it. It's very hard psychologically to feel like someone else can have this effect on you and there's nothing you can do about it. You just have to let it run its course and get it out of your system. It's like a bad taste in your mouth after drinking something bitter, that after taste lingers for awhile and is very unpleasant. But then it's gone and you can replace it with something sweet.

Many people ask the obvious question: are energy vampires bad people? Well, I believe there's good and bad in every person, but energy vampires definitely have more of those bad qualities. I wouldn't call them good people because good people make you feel good after you spend time with them. Energy vampires make you feel bad and wrong and there's nothing positive about that. The best thing you can do is avoid them if you can. If you know someone makes you feel these very negative things anytime you're around them avoid them at any cost. You're better off that way.

What causes a person to become an energy vampire? Well people are a culmination of all their feelings. That's their aura or energy field around them. Basically, every person carries around with them their energy field, whether that's positive or negative. If a person vibrates at a high frequency, that means their energy is positive and light. These are the people who others are attracted to because they're warm and feel like sunlight. These are the types of people who have a lot of friends because everyone can feel their positive light and wants to be around them. Energy vampires are on the opposite side of that spectrum. They vibrate on a very low frequency and their aura and energy field is negative. They carry around with them all the negative emotions that a person can have. This may include depression, sadness, anger, hate, or just plain evil. The room feels lighter when they leave and you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

If you are dating an energy vampire and live together, you probably feel very unhappy in your relationship. You're tired all the time, you're drained emotionally, and you feel lost in your life and don't know what to do. Energy vampires can draw in a person like prey and make the person addicted to them. So at the same time they're draining you emotionally, you might feel like you can't walk away from them either. It's very conflicting emotionally to date an energy vampire because you know something's wrong but you don't always know what to do about it. Consider your partner's previous relationships and how long they lasted. Energy vampires don't typically stay with one person for very long because no one can stand to be around them for extended periods of time. If your partner is constantly changing relationships and you feel drained around them, they might just be an energy vampire.

If you absolutely have to spend time with an energy vampire, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. If you work with an energy vampire, you obviously can't just quit your job right away so you're forced to spend time with them while you look for work elsewhere. You should try to have a candle lit in your office which can clear up some negative energy coming from the negativity of energy vampires. You can also clean your work space with sage which is another way to eliminate negative energy. Just know that these solutions are temporary. You can clear negative energy all day long, but if energy vampires are still around, they will continue to bring the negativity with them. The only sure way to get rid of negative energy is to get rid of the source: energy vampires.

Always trust yourself and your intuition if you feel like something is wrong. You know better than anyone else if you're in trouble or the people around you are not right for you. If you're just in the beginning stages of using your intuition, you need to have faith that what you feel is right. Your gut is never wrong, but it might take you awhile to relax and trust yourself completely. If a person makes you feel so drained emotionally and physically, you need to cut them out of your life and move on. Your relationships should make you happy and light, not dark and depressed. Remember that spending prolonged time with an energy vampire is very bad for your health, mental and physical. It could literally make you sick and cause physical illness to develop in your body. Nothing and no one should ever make you feel that way so do your best to protect yourself, walk away; and never look back.

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