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Conversations with a Spirit Guide

Updated on July 12, 2014

The following is a session with my Spirit Guide. I have never shared one of my sessions before, but I feel that this information is important to know, and I do not believe that I could relay the message any better. Please excuse the personal information. I have removed the majority of it, which took place in the beginning of session, however a few “stragglers” remain.

My words are in boldface type.

You are given everything that you need to succeed in every life. If the elements you require do not exist externally, that only means that they exist within you.

What are these elements? Are you talking about Karma?

They apply to every aspect of your existence. Karma is a value placed on your behavior, but you are not all about your actions. Your internal processes are also evaluated – did you stay true to your teachings?

The teaching you were mentored about before incarnation?

Yes. These are the most important elements of any incarnation because they are the reason that you came. This is your mission, your entire purpose for incarnating.

If people listen to their Intuitive Voice, they will always discover their mission. People who let the words of others govern their thinking will diminish their insight, which is necessary to discover and achieve their mission.

Everyone has a Life Mission. Just like you were drawn to theology. It was a force within you that you listened to and responded to by searching for the truth. You looked for it externally while it was always within you. But you never gave up and you always fed your desire to learn more, which is why you were able to discover your Life Mission. You refused to give up until you found your place in the world. It was your Intuitive Voice leading you down the path of your destiny.

If you ignore this voice for material gains or any aspect of greed, you stifle this moral compass that was created to guide you down the path to spiritual enlightenment. Once this voice is silenced, your core is in grave danger, and so are you. You are at risk of becoming consumed with negative energy and embracing hatred.

What other elements of physical incarnation are there?

They are not all physical. They are mostly spiritual. Intellectual.

Isn’t that the same as lessons from pre-life mentoring?

No. You can be taught how to achieve something and still fail on an intellectual scale.


By ignoring your teachings, by going against them, reconsidering them, allowing yourself to re-evaluate your innate thoughts and tendencies in the name of ego – praise – wealth. This affects your karmic debt, but you are judged separately on this because, unlike Karma, it is a spiritual offense.

Innate thoughts and logic are the result of your mentoring. You carry them into the world to govern you and ensure you succeed. So when you discard them, you are making a choice to go against the Universe. These thoughts represent the Universal Laws of ethics that govern all of us. And once you choose an alternative logic your mind becomes weak because the driving force you were born with is stifled and you are left to navigate the complexities of life on your own. People who find themselves in this position usually suffer during their incarnation. These are the ones who become lost souls. Not all of them, but some. And some of them choose not to return to us after passing. That is the truly tragic aspect of this offense.

Wow, so really important to follow your inner voice.

Essential. Most people do to some degree, but more often than we would like to see, they allow themselves to stray from their path, getting distracted by elements of life that are nonessential to their mission. If everyone would follow their path, the world would be a much more enjoyable place. That is why your work is so important.

Do you choose your spiritual lessons?

Some. Some are chosen for you. If we feel that you need an additional lesson to move you forward spiritually, one will be assigned to you. Especially if you have fallen short of your expectations in previous incarnations. It is all about helping you advance. Sometimes souls will take on more than they can handle, while other times they do not challenge themselves enough, so a mentor will step in and work with that soul to prepare them for a journey that will help them in their evolution. These are special souls who deserve a second chance to right a wrong or take a significant step forward.

What happens when a soul fails their mission?

Excellent question. We work with any soul to accomplish their goals for an incarnation. And if they fail, they are not faulted, for they tried, and they stayed on their path. They receive better mentoring before their next life, and by that I mean that their education is altered to better prepare them to deal with the elements that led them astray during their last incarnation. We want everyone to succeed.

Most souls choose goals and missions that they feel confident they can achieve because returning home successful is important to them.

What if your Life Mission is revealed to you, and you choose to ignore it?

That is a terrible offense against the Universe. You are turning your back against all that created you, loved you, mentored you, supported you, and believed in you. Once a soul realizes what their mission is, they may struggle with the process at first, especially if they feel unworthy of such greatness, but down to the core of their soul they are programmed to accomplish this task, and the yearning to fulfill their destiny will become overwhelming until that soul either returns to the mission or turns to darkness. Very few souls walk away from their Life Mission.

What do people need to know so that they can achieve their Life Mission?

Follow your Intuitive Voice and do not let anyone deter you from that desire inside you that refuses to be silenced. If everyone around you tells you that your desires are unobtainable, that only means that you have been blessed with the opportunity to teach by example that others can achieve similar success.

Always extend yourself to others and share your blessings. Spirituality transcends every aspect of humankind, and you are only held back by your human shortcomings, and those shortcomings are usually self-imposed. If you believe in your dream, if you have a desire to share your beauty with the world, do not let anyone deter you from your mission.


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