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The Truth and the Divine Teachings

Updated on March 17, 2016

The Divine Guidance


The Truth and the Divine Injunctions

While addressing conceptual details with regard to religion we often get into a kind of inexplicable trap. One of the most striking questions posed; rather I would say one of the most difficult things that we come across is regarding judging the truth. What truth is? What are its characteristics? How to arrive at consensus? What happens if one does not follow the truth?

Truth is something that can be genuinely experienced, there can't be an outside pressure to accept the facts. Truth does not mean only an authoritative declaration or something which has been endorsed by religious heads. Yes, no doubt, to some extent it qualifies these essentials, but truth has its enormity beyond these perceptive ideas.


The Truth

Anything that appears to eye is visible similarly anything that provides a kind of solace to the heart is truth. Anything that gives a sense of self satisfaction is truth. That which is free from confusion is truth. It means every act and the principles which qualify these reasonable aspects can be regarded as truth. Hence it should be free from all forms of deceptiveness.

Now in view of its definition in broader sense you can narrowed it down to day to day affairs and can easily analyze what truth is and what false is all about? We can say that the human hearts and minds have been harmonized with the true essence of truth, and anything that is up against it is automatically rejected. This very sense gives rise to the concept of universal truths. Justice, peace, covenant, promise, good words, protection of human rights, belief in God, belief in His guidance, love and tranquility, social service etc. have universal acceptance. Nobody can dare to resist these values.

Here an important aspect needs to be dealt with regard to the comprehensive definition of truth. If it is to believe that anything that provides solace to heart is truth, it implies that corruption of a corrupt person, act of stealing of a thief and heinous crime for a cruel person can be regarded as truth? Isn’t it? As all these acts satisfies a person one way or the other.

The Idea of Truth

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Balancing of Values for a Disciplined Life Is Not That Easy


A Benchmark to Judge

Unarguably a thief acts satisfies him, but the act of thief cannot be a reflection of truth, right? Similarly the heinous act of a cruel person can bring happiness to him but that dehumanize act cannot be termed as truth. To arrive at consensus we need a benchmark to judge what is right and what is wrong?

This aspect can be argued in two ways. Firstly even for a thief an act of stealing cannot provide solace to the heart otherwise he would have never done it secretly and repeatedly. Soon after stealing he might rejoice but the cause start diminishing in due course of time that’s the reason why he tries to do even more than what he did in his previous attempt. Similar is the case of all evil acts that provide a brief respite but the impact doesn't last longer.
Secondly, there should be a benchmark over which one can judge between truth and false. Since truth has its direct relation to the heart and human conscience, with this the spiritual aspect of humans get consolidated. which in turn provides a yardstick.Its a blessing bestowed by the Creator of human beings. That’s the reason why the values pertaining to truth and false have their own place in religious scriptures, which are nothing but the Divine Injunctions and a reliable benchmark of judgment.


The Divine Injunctions

The Divine Injunctions basically elaborate the conceptual details of truth and falsehood. They deal with the human struggle which takes place from time to time.

Divine Injunctions are the words of God that exemplifies what is good and what is bad, what is virtue and what is vice. Which is the path of Heaven and what factors lead a person to hell?
One may argue that the admonitions of religious leader may also be considered as Divine injunctions. To understand the true spirit of the sayings of great persons one should go back to generally accepted fact about the prophecy of a person. The only source that help understand this complex issue is the religious scriptures which have been, as it’s widely believed, revealed by God. Apart from this criterion anything that falls on the either side can be termed as valuable teachings but not the Divine injunctions. Moreover the human nature reflects when one utter some words, since human nature is Godly in spirit, the words uttered - that are true to the belief in God - appears heart softening.


What If One Does Not Follow

Another query that follows the baffling trap when we address this issue is what if one does not follow the truth and Divine injunctions? There are many things that need to be understood before addressing this issue.

  1. There are innumerable blessings of God, the air the water and the food etc. These favors have been the real source of human existence on earth. The earth, the wind, the under water streams, the human energy involved systematically to utilize the blessings of God. Here one can find precise co-ordination between man’s potentials and those bounties of God. Similarly there is a perfect relationship between the Divine injunctions and the man’s nature. The prescribed behavior on earth is an attitude synchronized with this very fact.
  2. One needs to understand the correlation between the truth and man’s nature? The way one perceives its idea helps recognize the agreed behavior. For instance a company to which I am not associated doesn’t entitle me to follow its rules and regulations. It’s a known fact that the values pertaining to truth are directly proportional to human concise. Therefore following truth is following one’s inner voice. Truth is man’s own nature.
  3. The human history bears testimony to the fact that the human problems have been resolved on the basis of Divine Guidance. Take for instance any major religion of the world; you can witness a high relevance to this fact. Man was and is in need of Divine guidance, by virtue of which the social and collective problems can be solved.

There are many problems of individual nature, the pre-requisites of the solution to those problems are nothing but to stick to the basics and follow the principles based on truth and justice.


The Human Need

These four reasons explicitly portray the essence of truth; it is the human need to be an epitome of the shades of truth. This adherence is not because of the external pressure, it’s an inner conscious that encourages a man to set an example of right attitude. Same as starvation persuade a person to eat. So, to follow the right path and be an embodiment of truth becomes the ultimate portrayal of human being. There should not be any compulsion, the one who follows the truth, follows for his own good self; it’s not a favor on anyone. If one acknowledges this accepted viewpoint of following the truth then nothing can prevent from following the right path and leading a life quintessence of peace and progress.

The very purpose of human beings and the very purpose of their existence on earth can be exemplified, true to their essence, when the principles based on truth, justice and honesty are followed. To be very honest, the Divine injunctions are nothing but a spiritual food that every man on earth needs.

(C) 2014 - Muhammad Abdullah Javed ( m abdullah javed)


Truth, is basically an obstinate part of human nature. No one on earth dare to deny truth nor its various means. What required is a humane approach towards its realization. When the matter is perceptible and things are understandable, the desired human approach is to accept it. There can't be any external form of compulsion,either to accept or reject, all depends on the conscience of a person.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      You've got it in one. Coundl't have put it better.

    • m abdullah javed profile imageAUTHOR

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      3 years ago

      Hi Rae-LieghDawn. Love your comment. Thanks.

    • Rae-LeighDawn profile image


      3 years ago

      "If one acknowledges this accepted viewpoint of following the truth then nothing can prevent from following the right path and leading a life quintessence of peace and progress." this.

    • m abdullah javed profile imageAUTHOR

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      3 years ago

      Thanks Harishprasad for the kind words. Wishing you too all success. You are most welcome.

    • Harishprasad profile image

      Harish Mamgain 

      3 years ago from New Delhi , India

      Muhammad, this hub is very insightful and thought provoking and speaks about the truth so beautifully. My friend, to comprehend truth is a very daunting task.

      I love your approach to the truth, and I admit that the divine teachings definitely play their role in leading us to the right path.

      Wishing you all success here on hub pages. Voted up.

    • m abdullah javed profile imageAUTHOR

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      4 years ago

      Thanx stracy, shall try to write more on the topic.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Dear Javed,

      Very interesting article. Though we all know about the divinity of the truth but your brief write up shed light upon the depth of divinity. I appreciate your approach towards the spiritual aspect. Expecting more enlightening write ups from you.



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