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The USS Arizona And Paranormal Activity

Updated on October 25, 2010
The U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Today
The U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Today | Source
The U.S.S. Arizona Battleship under way with President Herbert Hoover aboard.
The U.S.S. Arizona Battleship under way with President Herbert Hoover aboard. | Source

The Ghosts of the Arizona

December 7 1941 will always be remembered by Americans as the day Japanese forces attacked our Naval base at Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands. On that morning the U.S.S. Arizona Battleship was sank by Japanese forces and she took 1177 of the 1400 men aboard her to the bottom with her. Most were killed by explosions or trapped and drowned below deck. And anytime you have this massive kind of tragedy you are going to have paranormal activity.

Officially the U.S. Park Service that now looks after the Arizona Memorial pictured above in the top photo say that no the Arizona is not haunted however people who have visited the memorial and taken photos there will tell you a totally different story.

Over the years people visiting the Arizona and close by have snapped photos that show orbs , shadow people and even the images of people on the deck of the Arizona. So it would seem that yes paranormal activity does go on aboard the  U.S.S. Arizona.

Many people claim to hear alarm bells at and near the memorial and have even thought the alarm bells are part of the memorial. But of course no alarm bells are part of the memorial.

Interior of the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial
Interior of the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial | Source

The Ghosts Of The Arizona

Many people over the years who are in the interior of the memorial say they hear screams and strange noises coming from under their feet. One interesting thing to take note of here is the oil that still comes up in bubbles from the Arizona below. It is at times quite spooky its self.

On the memorial over the years people have reported young men running about on the deck of the Arizona just under the water and on the memorial its self. Some people have asked about the burning smell they claim to smell. And at times strange knocking sounds of metal on metal has really spooked some people. People have reported it sounds sometimes like there is someone inside of the hull of the Arizona beating on the interior of the hull with a wrench or other metal object.

Some people are so spooked by the eerie feeling they get on the memorial or around the Arizona that they can not wait to get away from the area. Some people have made the claim that the hair on their arms stood up and they felt very uncomfortable when near the Arizona. 

A shadowy mist is often reported in the area of the Arizona. It appears to move along the top of the water and while the U.S. Park service say that it is a naturally occurring occurrence many people who have seen it claims it looks exactly like a Japanese Zero or at least it has the shape of one. 

People who have snapped photos at night quite often capture pictures of orbs in and around the Arizona. The orbs appear to come from the Arizona and then they return to the Arizona.

The U.S.S. Arizona took only nine minutes to sink.
The U.S.S. Arizona took only nine minutes to sink. | Source

The Ghosts Of The Arizona

The Japanese bomb that struck and ignited the forward magazine of the Arizona caused the Arizona to sink in only nine minutes. And this is the reason that most of the crew of the Arizona went down with her.

And anywhere where you have a tragedy like this you will have paranormal activity. Many people believe that when people die like this that some of them are forever trapped in time and it is for sure that it is some of the ghosts of these men that continue to haunt the Arizona. The officer of the deck that morning was away from his post and he was killed in the attack. It is said that he is quite often seen in the area where the flagpole used to be on the Arizona. He has also been spotted on the memorial standing and looking down.

Some people over the years since the memorial was completed have made the claim that they can hear people in the water and some have even claimed to see men in the water. Others have even claimed to hear the sounds of the battle on the morning of December 7th. It is quite possible that this is a residual haunting that is being repeated over and over.

But we must never forget the 1177 men who lost their lives on that December morning. These men gave all for their country and it is quite likely that most of them never even knew that it was the Japanese who had attacked them that morning.

Please post your comments or questions about the , Ghosts of the Arizona. And thanks for reading my hub page about the Ghosts of the Arizona.

Thank you for reading my hub page. Please post your comments and questions about the Ghosts of the Arizona now.

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    • legalnursing1967 profile image

      legalnursing1967 3 years ago

      I can say that I never believed in paranormal anything until I awoke on the morning of 7, December, 2009 with the name Frederick Halden Owen so strongly on my mind. I went about my day as usual but the name would not escape me. I kept thinking there was no way that anyone ever had that name, especially all three names together. I decided to look the name up at the end of my day since it just like something just nagging me to explore if this person ever existed.

      Upon researching I discovered that indeed Frederick Halden Owen did not only exist but died in Pearl Harbor on 7, December, 1941. He was in the Navy and was on the USS Arizona. It was the exact date of his death only 68 years later.

      I am from Newburgh, Indiana have and I have never been to Hawaii. It is the one place that I would love to visit before I die.

      I have researched Frederick Halden Owen many times since his name came to my mind. In 2009 there was very limited information. I research him occasionally and now there has been other information provided by others and his memorial gravestone is in Collinsville TX. I don't know anyone from Texas except my sister-in-law in Houston. I have never met anyone he may have known and had never heard of him until his name entered my mind several years ago.

      I sometimes wonder why I had this happen. I am not sure but I used to live in a home that I bought in St. Pete, FL that I found out had been an adult living facility and it had been shut down because the owner did not care for the residents and several of them died in the home (there were strange things that happened there.) I also wonder if it could be because I am a ICU RN and I am with many patients when they pass. I always respect them and I am careful with them during and after the process ( I have seen others that do not have the same compassion-it happens more than you may think.) Either way Frederick Halden Owen was the first and now there have been many others and are typically either on the date of their passing or on their birthday. I cannot explain it and do not claim to understand it. It is just a gift that I have been blessed with.

      He has been on my mind and hasn't really left. -Johnilynn

    • profile image

      Darlene 5 years ago

      I visited the Arizonia in January 2012, I took a picture over the side pointing down toward the water. I later looked at the photo and I could see a faint image of a sailor, face only with sailor hat showing on his head. I haven't been able to get this off my mind,so I decided tonight to see if others have experienced anything similar.

    • profile image

      bill 5 years ago

      I have visited the USS Arizona twice - once in 1988 and once in 2011. On both occasions, I arrived at the memorial feeling very good, but upon leaving, feeling very nauseous (headache, upset stomach, etc.). I am curious, if anyone else has experienced this.

    • profile image

      joseph salmeri 5 years ago

      On a recent visit to the memorial my wife suddenly had an absolutly terrified look on her face, when I asked what was wrong all she could say was he just wanted to go home but that they wouldn't let him on the boat. The voice then told her to look down and her earing had fallen from her ear and was stuck on her blouse. Ive never seen my wife this terrified. She couldn't get off that memorial fast enough. If anyone else has had this kind of experience on the memorial please comment to this sight. She says she will never return to Oahu

    • profile image

      Wayne 5 years ago

      Yes I concider this very true about seeing faces in the water as I have a photo that was taken with film about 1985. In the picture there are numerous faces, I should say skull like faces.

    • profile image

      Elina 5 years ago

      I'm scared now

    • profile image

      Grandson of Navy Vet 6 years ago

      My grandfather served on a hospital ship in the Pacific during WW2. I have great respect and admiration for all those how fought for our country. I must admit, looking at the memorial using google earth was a creepy experience. I can definitely see how actually being there could be un-nerving.

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 7 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      Very cool. I love reading this stuff. Thanks for sharing

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Gives one pause for thought...just maybe....I have no doubts and would not argue against the possibility that paranormal activity can be felt around tragedys such as the sinking of the Arizona. Interesting article.