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The Un Pardonable Sin? Where, When, Who, and Why is it Un Forgivable?

Updated on October 15, 2014

Jesus does Explain It! Have you Read? Have you Not Heard?

The UN-Pardonable Sin? Where, When, Who, and Why is It Un-Forgivable?

There are many, many views and great theories upon this simple passage, from our Lord Jesus on this subject and for His believers, this is a confusion.

I am not talking about those with the guts to sit in silence and meditate, on the words of Jesus. And if that doesn't do it for them! I am not then speaking to those who will actually get down upon their knees and ask of the Father to give to them the meaning of it!

And when or If they still do not get their answers, I am not then speaking to those who then continue in pray and fasting, until they do get them!

For these people my friends these people now Know! For their Father has answered them! I am however speaking to the rest of the so call Us Christians.

There is still something that needs to be done!

I am here to tell you, that there are not many that will suffer to the end or till their completions to receive these truths.

The beginning and the ending of the Good Book are at the very least incomplete, but no matter! For God is more then able to speak to the hearts of men (Mankind) hence this is where the Scriptures came from in the first place, is it not? And Who they came from.

They these scriptures came from God, through inspired men .

Today although they do not come directly from God or directly from Jesus. They now come by way of the Comforter who is the Spirit of God’s Son and not His flesh, this is the one Jesus promised to send.

Now in this time period and for the time yet to come. If one does not understand that there are three Periods or Ages as some will say. They don’t have much hope in understanding the message of the Un Pardonable Sin.

Firstly one must understand what has happened. What is happening now. And what is about to happen!

In short I will break it down quickly! Step by step, can you dance the dance? Can you walk the walk? Oh everyone loves to do the talk.

OK there was a war in Heaven not as men know war. There is a war on earth and still not as men know war. This war is of Powers and Principalities. We too are to be fighting It, for we are the salt of this world. And without out us this world is unseasoned. Or it is not balanced so that one could make a proper choice as to who they are going to follow.

We are the thorns in the evil Dark Prince’s side.

Even he this Dark Prince at this time is not here today in his Spiritual God given body, only his evil presence is here. Along with his followers, his children, and his minions or God’s unbelievers.

No Satan is physically in Heaven being held there until the sixth trump, the sixth vial, and the breaking of the sixth seal. Hence all the who ha of this 6,6,6. God is not the Author of confusions always remember this.

Simply count them these seals, these vials, and these trumps and you will see his sign, or his coming.

Because he will be cast out of Heaven and back onto this earth. Only as these things come to pass. Jesus said that He beheld him fall as the lighting from Heaven. The first time that he fell. As in the beginning it shall be in the end. Satan he is tossed or commanded back here again to reap what he has sown or to gather all that he can.

Do You Know Who You Are and Where You Came from Or How You Got Here??

So why am I bothering to tell you all of this?

Well brother to brother and child to child we are all God’s children it is my duty for I love my siblings and my Father. And my Father wishes are that none shall perish. That is NONE! It is my duty as a good son to tell or forewarn, to cry the alarm. That is why if the house is on fire and it is going to burn! I must shout it out! Save yourselves!

OK! Satan is now cast back unto this earth. “Oh boy look” says the un believers the damned Christians were right Jesus has come! Why is it that they no longer believe? And Many almost ever one is fooled. The “where” is here on earth and the time is Now! Right after Satan is cast back upon the earth. This is where and when that this UN pardonable sin can take place! But Who and why?

Well have you not heard? Have you not read? Jesus does ask this of the so call scholars and theologians of His day, these same questions. If it is true that what they were saying that they knew. How so is it that you do not know? Jesus is speaking not to those who slumber or who can not hear the teachings of the parables, but Jesus is speaking to those who claim to be in the know! And to those who He will put into the Know. The ones who were doing the teaching and the true believers of the promise. That the Christ would be sent

Jesus is speaking of the Elected Ones, the ones chosen by His Father before the foundations of the rejuvenated earth, the earth that we now live upon. The one right before and then right after the flood of Noah, and this one that still remains till this day! After that flood of Noah's time and the earth Age that was before It. For this period of Time that we are still living in is the only Time this unpardonable sin can be comitted. Why?

Well why is it that you dawn the gospel armor? Why is it that you gird up your loins?

It is for to do battle, but not battle as men know Battle!

It is for to defend against the Fiery Darts of Satan or his lies. And Then the Questionings of your faith! "Why is it that you do not believe me?" Satan will be asking, and for fear thinking this false christ the Ant-christ or instead of christ or in Christ's Stead. Some might think to save their lives, Only because they are Ignorant to the Word, Jesus. The Scriptures (the Bible) and the Story the Spoken belief to and of the Story..

But Christ warns us if they do (try to save their lives, their flesh body mortal lives. They will lose it and quite possibly the spiritual body as well. Leaving only their souls to which belong to GOD.

For one a flesh man, has no hope to match wits or strength with, a God created Body and Mind, from this first Age or the perfect age which was before the fall. Not even the angels of this one's time, would fare well, except for it were not for Micheal and his angels. After all he still did take a third of Heaven with him , Satan Did! And when he disputed over Moses Body with Micheal, Micheal would only state GOD rebuke Ye! Showing us Satan even in his fallen state is being directed or commanded by GOD Our Father. To cause and to see the correction comes to Its full age and bounty as GOD so Deems it to.

So what is happening and why is it happening?

What is slowly happening now, is what will happen suddenly, then! A great falling away is what will happen! Known of by some as the Great Apostasy! Why is this sin Un forgivable or an Un pardonable Sin?

To side with the devil, why God in His Spirit is standing right beside of you.

And He has already given to you what it is that you should answer Satan, as he questions you before his world. This is the greatest harm that you could do to yourself!

And God is saying if you can't care enough to save yourself when I am with you! Then He is no longer interested in you! For you will not except His help!!

But, always remember that the Elect were chosen from the world that was! And before the world that is.

These were taken from their positions in Heaven. These are some of the Stars that were swept away! And did not go willingly into the darkness. They are more then ready to fight and die, let alone speak that which the Holy Spirit will give to them to say. And within the self same Hour before Satan Accuses them unto their faith.

This is the Un Pardonable Sin

I hope I've given you the reasoning why, well enough if not read you the Good Book! And believe! Believe upon the Lord Jesus with all your Heart! And know that He is in the Father and That the Father is In Him and where ever these two are, is also the Holy Spirit , amen.

Note: Some more clarification on who and when!

Only God's Chosen not todays church or believed true church this is as of today not yet, been assembled! Only those Who Know and not Believe They Know! Are able to blaspheme the Holy Spirit who is Christ in the Spirit before His coming or revealing the drawn vale of Heaven. Jesus will once again rent the vale! And in the twinkling of an eye!

All will Know that Jesus is The Lord!

The When! Is after Satan appears as anti-christ and not the Lord Jesus! The Sixth Trump the Sixth Vial and The Sixth Seal Broken! These are the anti-christ's Sign! The Numbers of the Beast not number, but Numbers!

For we Know The True CHRIST and his Numbers are all seven of the same: The Broken Seal, the Trump sounded and the Vial porn!

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man


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