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The Unicorn Card, How To Connect With The Divine...

Updated on July 16, 2019
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Welcome to Spirit's blog. The place where we find the beauty in the hidden, occult, mythologies of our world. Blessed be.

Hi all, and welcome to Spirit's blog. I believe that all forms of divination are equally valuable and essential to daily life, so with that said, I blend Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot, to give the most applicable interpretation. Today is the day of the week that I draw a tarot card and use it's interpretation for advise for the following week. Today I am using "The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit" deck by Kim Krans. This is a 63 card oracle deck, it takes the energy of different animals, real or mythical and crosses it with an element. In my interpretation I take color, planetary influences of them, the numerical essence of the card and the meaning itself, to seek hone in on a single piece advice. With that piece of advise in mind, I personalize it to zodiac signs, because every sign has a different approach to life matters. This week's card is The Unicorn card.

Colors in The Unicorn Card

The colors in this card that are the most predominant are purple, yellow, blue, green and white. The colors blue and purple are indicative of how a person approaches leadership, business, expansion, money and power. The color purple itself is also strongly associated with our personal Karma. Yellow is representative of happiness, joy and success. Green shows healing, beauty, growth and abundance. White relates to our hidden aspects and purity.

Planetary Influences of The Unicorn Card

Each of the colors is represented by a planet. Blue and purple are synonymous with the planet Jupiter. Jupiter's energy is that of expansion, optimism, abundance and understanding. This masculine energy is where we project from and also where we may over extend ourselves. Yellow is the color illustrated by the Sun. Solar energy shows our ego, basic personality, consciousness, vitality and stamina. It is the essence of who we really are. Green is the color represented by Venus. Venus shows how we balance, are attracted to things, what we hold as beautiful, and what we find to be harmonious. White is symbolic of the Moon. The Moon is our unconscious mind, emotions, instincts, habits, moods and how we care for others. Lunar energy is very maternal in nature.

Numerical Symbolism of The Unicorn Card

The Unicorn card is number 62 in this deck. If we use Numerology as a a tool to gain more meaning 6 would be added to 2 to equal 8. Therefore this card has an energetic signature of 8. The number 8 represents good judgement, honesty, leadership, ambition, leadership, opportunity and wealth. It brings to mind the imagery of scales, fairness and equality. The key to using this energy is to seek balance and use caution in situations. It also has a strong tie with returning Karma.

Unicorn Card Interpretation

The Unicorn card itself is meant to reflect your connection to the divine. It represents your higher self, your wisdom and spirituality. It is your approach to the key questions of life like, "Who am I?" or "Where do I belong?". It is a reminder that what was once sought after can in fact be found. This energy speaks to our inner most desires and aspirations. It is a reminder to keep reaching searching, because the truth is out there.

What About Me?

So now that we have examined basically all the aspects of this card, it's time to get personal. You may be asking yourself, "What about me?", "How does this apply to me?", "How can I use this advice for my best personal interests?". Well, here's the integration of Tarot and Astrology. This is how each of the zodiac signs can keep searching for the divine truth.

Unicorn Card for Aries

You may have to part your pride, so to speak. Independence and confidence are your calling cards, but you may have to ask for the assistance of others to see the divine truth.

Unicorn Card for Taurus

You may have to let go of that natural stubbornness, or at least "put it on the back burner" for this one. Allow change and evolution to enter your life, accept your personal growth. This will put you more in a position to accept your divine truth.

Unicorn Card for Gemini

Use your natural curiosity and adaptability to embrace this energy. Allow yourself to be filled with wonder and exchange your ideals with others. This will show you the divine truth.

Unicorn Card for Cancer

Embrace your natural caring and sympathetic nature. Care for others in a way only you can, foster their dreams. This will show you how to search for the divine truth.

Unicorn Card for Leo

Be your creative, passionate self, allow others to absorb some of your light. Share with those who are like minded, but do avoid being arrogance, Unity with others will show your divine truth.

Unicorn Card for Virgo

Be kind, generous and warm. You are capable of great kindness, if you do not over analyze it. Simply believe, because it feels right, not because it's perfect. Let some of that magic of the divine in, to see the truth.

Unicorn Card for Libra

The old proverb comes to mind for you, "all is fair in love and war". Well keep that in mind, divine connection is a love, of the deepest kind. There is no room for blame or injustice in the divine truth. What you seek is what you'll find, no more no less.

Unicorn Card for Scorpio

This is not a time for quiet observance. Passionately seek the answers you value most. "He who asks is a fool for a moment, he who does ask not remains a fool forever".

Unicorn Card for Sagittarius

You have an innate talent for searching, it's what you do. Be patient though sometimes the answers we want most are the ones that take the longest to get.

Unicorn Card for Capricorn

Do not allow your self control, to also be what limits you. Allow yourself to search for answers, you do not have all the answers and nobody does. Let go of that standard that you are holding yourself to.

Unicorn Card for Aquarius

Allow yourself to feel, emotions are not a giant shadow that's going to consume you. The more you open your heart, the more connected you will feel, to anyone or anything, especially the divine.

Unicorn Card for Pisces

You know the divine truth, accept it and believe it. Incorporate your faith and beliefs in your daily life. Use faith as a driving force, not just something to get lost in when you're overwhelmed with life.

So to wrap this up, search for your divine truths, your faith, beliefs, etc. Use these in day to day life, don't hide from them or over think them or run from them. Faith and hope are the safety nets of your life path. They are what make us stronger,more resilient and brave. That is how we truly connect with the divine, by sharing, loving and learning. Blessed be.

© 2019 Occult Spirits


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