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The Universe is a great Illusion!

Updated on September 30, 2015

Great minds.

What we see is not Real.

We are aware only of the Present. The present is spoken as ‘past’ after sometime and we expect the ‘future’ with reference to the Present only. If we think deeply, ‘every thing that has happened has happened only in the Present and not in the past nor in the future. Hence God is also termed as “Omnipresent”. It is the human mind which classifies the time as ‘past, present and future’ and the entire world believes the assertions of the mind and take it to be true!

Time is a great enigma and it is not real. Time, space and causation belong to the realm of mind. Scientists also believe that only after the “Big Bang”, time has started and hence space and causation with reference to the time.

Imagine a situation before all creations commenced. What existed before creation? Nothing! Whether there was space or causation? NO! Is it not a great dilemma for the mind and its imaginations? Yes, it is beyond the ken of human intelligence or intellect to dwell on the subject “what existed before creation”?

When human intelligence developed, many subjects like “Logic, Psychology and Physics have evolved after millions of years of creation. Great minds around the world started constructing the theory of origin of the universe ‘brick by brick’. Thus we have Darwin’s theory of evolution, the Big Bang theory and other such assumptions on the origin of the mysterious creation. So far, none could give a correct explanation and hence the “Hadrons Collider” is the latest set up to understand the ‘god particle’. But it is still elusive. In addition, the universe is expanding as per the theory of many Astronomers and Einstein theory of relativity too gives credence to this expansion.

The latest version of ‘atomic scientists’ is still unimaginable. They assert that there is No matter at all. What we perceive as matter is just the gyration of energy particles at high speed. Thus we perceive the solids, liquids and gases too. Then we can safely conclude that the senses and mind hoodwink us to a great extent. Still we believe the mind as our best associate and friend. This too is an imagination of the mind which creates illusions after illusions. How can you say that the mind should be relied upon? Mind is the greatest conjurer in creation. The scriptures of the East stamp it as “Maya”, a great illusory power. But why is the illusion? Who created this illusion?

I will answer this point by an example. In the twilight hours we sometimes go out and on the way, we observe some thing dark, lengthy on the path. The immediate reaction is fear. Yes, we stop abruptly. Why? We imagine a snake lying on the path since there is every possibility of snakes’ crossing the paths. Our next reaction is to somehow get a torch to focus on the place to see what kind of snake that is lying there? Whether it would be safer to venture further? Fortunately another man passes through the path and we caution him. “Don’t move forward! He has a cigarette lighter. He stuck it open to get light. “Oh! It is coir lying there, come and see closely. With thumping heart we go near to find that it is coir lying on the path. Now, a few questions. “At what point of time you visualize a snake? As soon as I noticed a dark thing lengthy in the middle of path, I imagined it to be a snake since there is twilight. 2. When you realized it was only a coir? Only after the light is focused on it. The conclusions are simple. There was no snake at all and all along, it was a simple coir.

Vedanta clearly says, “There is only Brahman (Self or Atma). People look at it during darkness (Ignorance) and take it to be the world of creation. This ignorance can be destroyed when the light of wisdom dawns in a clarified conscience.

I would like to add a few more examples. In a lake, some time hyacinths develop completely hiding the water. If you consider it as leaves, you will fail to notice the water hidden below it. Remove the hyacinth and you can see the water. Nowadays cataract is a common disease of the eyes. A layer of film is formed over the eye balls and the vision is impaired partially or fully. We go to the eye surgeon who removes the cataract and restore the vision. The surgeon has removed the external growth and he has removed the veil. Ignorance is like a dark cave, no matter how long the cave remains in dark, a small candle light will illumine the interior of the cave when it is brought lit. Hence the persisting ignorance can be removed by Divine Wisdom once we make one pointed aim to realize it. Hence we should not remain idle thinking that ‘darkness is natural’. Bring the light and see the things clearly!

The world is Illusion!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Shreya.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Excellent Article.


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