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The Unknown Search

Updated on June 20, 2017

We were born and evolved with concepts often planted full of Christianity and Mysticism. In an era where "everything" is allowed, we wonder why such concepts are used today. Over the years we have passed through several phases of our lives, a child can go through long periods in catechesis and etc., being tamed with doctrines and customs. A child forged with a minimum of intelligence will make of those studies their daily practices without knowing for sure whether this may be true or not. So the child is tamed to believe that only they are the true owners of the truth, and without choices of ways, they grow in the midst of "truth", a "truth" that ends up bringing many doubts that are never clarified.

Over time, they begin questioning to the supposed owners of the "truth" why this and that, and without any real answers, some of these little ones run after what we call the unknown search of the occult.

Now it begins the search that the DEVIL likes, a time where everything is computerized. The search become more real and "easier". there are games, series and cartoons with total occult support. The internet is here for that, social networks where we easily find practitioners of the arts of the left-hand path. With some simple contacts with occultists, magicians, satanists and so on, the person becomes so dazzled by so much knowledge that he gradually loses his archaic thoughts and practices.

And this is what we proclaim with the voice of our Father Lucifer, only a contact it's enough so that everything is modified. Our Father were always at the door without ever needing a call. That is why I consider Satanism not as a religion, because our father never abandoned us, but we were hypocrites who never really came close to him. We need only the right triggers to maintain and strengthen this contact, and then we see that Satanism can be followed as a path of the Self, and not only as a Religion full of rules and customs that take away our freedom.

And to finish I say this: find your truth. The way has already been given to you, just find the correct grounds.The result is immediate, here is done, here is paid, here is asked, here is gained, and are with simple concepts that in practice give us results,
so make yourself your own truth.

In the absence of someone to pass the direction there will always be The One who has never stopped being with you, always trust in yourself that soon you will arrive where you want.


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