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The Vedas Part Two

Updated on August 22, 2012

The Original Source of Knowledge

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How to create a better society

I am always searching for ways to improve life's conditions. Presently the world is less than desirable in my humble opinion. There are too many corrupt leader that exploit the people that they are responsible for maintaining. The amount of violence is unbearable for me to even comprehend. The vast disproportionate distribution of wealth between the rich and the poor is also disturbing. The level of respect that people have for the life of living entities needs to improve over all. I am pretty sure that most of us can recognize harmful effects in our society of what I previously mentioned.

Now what should we do? To start we could make basis rules that will help us to create a more civilized global society. I know no one really want to hear about rules, we want freedom to do what we want. I want that same freedom as well, however, we have to share this planet, and reduce our egos. O.k lets not call them rules, lets call them ideas for improvement, that sound better. I will only write about four today because these are considered the major topics.

The first idea to improve the consciousness of our society is that we should not eat meat. Wait, don't shoot me just yet, I am only the messenger. Please let me explain. All living entities have a soul, and to kill another living entity to eat for pleasure will give a person bad karma. The cruelty involved in killing animals will lead to a more aggressive merciless society, because we will not value the soul of living entities.

Think of it this way would you kill your pet to eat it for pleasure. If no why should you partake in eating animals that have been slaughtered by the meat industry. This is not a display of compassion for life. There is enough fruits, vegetables and grains to sustain the entire human population. In addition, meat stays longer in the human digestive system and has a greater potential to cause ailments than fruits and vegetables.

I use to be a very big meat eater and I loved it when I was a meat eater, so I am not saying that it would be easy to give up meat. I am saying that if you know that it is a more compassionate way to live then try. You will earn better karma this way.

The second idea for improving our society is to stop getting intoxicated. This means to avoid mind altering chemicals such as alcohol, drugs, and oh caffeine (sorry that means no coffee, what a bummer). Intoxicants may cloud the mind, causing poor judgement. They may also overstimulate the senses. I know that is ow some people deal with the reality around them, that is very easy to understand. Eliminating or restricting getting intoxicated, for some people is very austere.

I would argue having a sober mind and dealing with the reality of this world may be painful, but in the end it will be well worth accepting the challenge of staying sober. Think about how many accident that have been related to drunk driving, or crime committed that are drug related. It this what we want in our world?

The Third idea to improve the consciousness of our society is not to gamble. I do not just mean playing the slot machine or poker. I mean not taking risks that you need to take. Gambling has the potential to turn one into a cheat and a liar. The act of gambling also leads to envy, greed and anger (those are the three gates to hell). Some people have been so unfortunate that they have lost their wealth and friends due to gambling.

The fourth idea to improve the consciousness of our society is, are you ready for this one. No illicit sex! Oh my goodness, that is when I loose most people. If you are still there, please let me explain. Sex out of wed lock has the potential to create more bastards running around in the world.

I could say that because I was born a bastard, and because the people who were supposed to be monitoring me and teaching me how to stay out of trouble let me run loose I got into trouble when I was younger. The trouble I got into followed me even into my adult years because it is hard to wipe a record clean. I had to work really hard to turn myself around.

These ideas are not unique to me, I learned them from the Vedas ( ancient teaching from India). I do think if more of us could follow this path the world would be a better place.

Thank you for your time and best wishes on your journey. :)


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    • Darrell Roberts profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrell Roberts 

      6 years ago from North Carolina

      The truth as far as I see sounds like this: We know we exist here and now as a "human being" (we could specify what makes one human, but that is another lenghty topic.), We know that we need food, water, air, protection from our environment to survive. This is on a physical level. We know that there is something that makes the body moves (call it the soul), and once it is gone the body dies. We should know that all living beings are unique and special.

      We know that there is life and we know that there is death. The rest is faith, belief, speculation. I cannot prove nor disprove the existence of God, or the theory of evolution for that matter.

      What I do know is the living entity wants to be happy. This is the only truth that I know that transcends all barriers of "human existence".

      I have been around and meet a lot of great people, but the above applies to every singel one of them.

      Best wishes.

    • yoginijoy profile image


      6 years ago from Mid-Atlantic, USA

      -Do you think the best way to improve society is a top-down approach? Organized religion tends to, shall I use the word, regulate us, yes with Rules. And as you suggest indirectly, the ideas are what are really dangerous! Are not our own ideas of how to connect with the divine perhaps more apt to allow us to reach the destination rather than follow a prescribed path that may not speak to us?

      I am wondering what your thoughts I am a fellow seeker of truth as well.



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