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The Virtuous Virgo Woman

Updated on December 16, 2016

Shania Twain ~ August 28, 1965

Claudia Schiffer

Cameron Diaz ~ August 30, 1972

Beyonce ~ September 4, 1981

Raquel Welch ~ September 5, 1940


The Virtuous Virgo Woman

August 23 ~ September 23

Seeking an innocent, demure and pure virginal princess? The Virgo woman can sometimes make that first impression, only to quickly dissipate that notion into thin air. Mystical and ethereal are somehow imagined when she first enters your view, but be wise, her tender naïve facade quickly fades. She is powerful, determined and owns the spine of a ten-foot giant.

The Virgo Woman begins her dance at first with a timid and feminine appeal, she will grace you with her womanly wiles and angel-like charms. When you fall in love with the Virgo Woman, make no mistake, you will fall hard. She is able to love deeply and completely, leaving you no room to want. The trouble is, it's perfection she seeks, if you are less than that, then her difficulty will only lie in how swiftly she should leave. Consider yourself forewarned though, for in the warmth of her arms you will realize the reality of Heaven on Earth.

The Virgo Woman practices practicality as well as ferocious passion. She knows her mind, and her will is displayed often. An ice-queen, quite possibly but although slow to delve into the fiery throws of romance, once ignited, you will never choose to turn back.

Time is of the essence when seducing the Virgo woman, keeping her waiting will prove deadly. Be on time or don't come at all, isn't that the way the saying goes? Undoubtedly, a lovely Virgo coined such a phrase. If you do decide to brave her ice storm, be prepared to enter on your knees. Her gorgeous eyes will slice through insincerity so begin your words with the utmost care. Explain how, what and why in 30 words or less and then bow your head and kiss her delicate hands. The rest of the evening will prove well worth any minor humiliation you might endure. She is, after all, exquisite and incomparable.

If her golden door precedes to let you in and you're lucky enough to find yourself in holy matrimony, it would be well-advised to let her handle the purse strings. Her mind is like a steel-trap and will allow her to catch any and all monetary flaws. The Virgo woman knows how to budget and will understand the importance of long-term rewards.

Keep your hands off the Virgo Woman, well at least, when you're in public. Displays of adoration and brutish manhandling will not be tolerated, for she expects to be cherished at all times. Behind closed doors, will be a totally different story, there you will understand the term "let the games begin" and what it truly pertains too.

All in all, the Virgo Woman will be a magical site to behold, she will be the glue that will unite your family and the ability she has in creating the most loving haven. She will protect the ones she loves with pure might and insurmountable strength. Cherish her, be loyal to her, comfort her and imagine the possibilities. Her happiness will extend to your ever-lasting days. Trust her for she will always show you the wonder and grandeur of a woman's worth.

Faith Hil ~ September 21, 1967

Jada Pinkett-Smith ~ September 18, 1971

Salma Hayek ~ September 2, 1966

Greta Garbo ~ September 18, 1905

Sophia Loren ~ September 20, 1934


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    • profile image

      Mimi 7 years ago

      This is definitely me! I do come off as a sweet, innocent little angel but it's definitely surprising to some when they realize that, when it comes to me, "innocent" =/= "naïve" or "pushover". (One guy kept me waiting when we had plans for a movie, for example. He'd done this almost every time we had had plans, only do ditch me at the last minute, so I turned it around and ditched him instead. The movie was pretty good by the way, haha)

      I won't deny some level of innocence though. I'm often described as "cute", I do squeal and/or jump up and down clapping when I'm overjoyed, and one of my friends says I remind him of Jazmin from The Boondocks. I'm also pretty passionate, which I often express through dance, writing, music, and drawing. (Im not surprised to find actresses and singers on here. I think creative self-expression is what gets Virgo's out of their shells. That, and more outgoing friends. Mine are usually Leo's, but I've also had a Gemini friend, and another friend of mine is a Scorpio.)

    • profile image

      gallycollins 9 years ago

      Hello, How are you doing?..If you are interested in getting to know more and more about me you can send me a private email to my email at or add to your yahoo messenger's list....I will wait to read from you...Terry,...Hello,

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 9 years ago from France

      My pleasure :)

    • summer10 profile image

      summer10 9 years ago from my happy place :)

      Virgo women are the best example of what most women strive to be... feminine, strong, and confident. Thank you Princessa for checking out my hubs. :)

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 9 years ago from France

      That's me 100% !!