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The War That Only Faith Can Win-Part 1

Updated on August 19, 2015

Is Jesus your Lord and Savior?

If He is, you are in the middle of a war! Not a conventional war, but some of the same tactics are used. Truth is that unbelievers are in the middle of this war too and in many cases are being used by the other side.

This war is the war of all wars and we already know the outcome. We know who wins, but some still choose to join the losing side.

The reason I write this hub is because the enemy is deceptive and evil. His goal is to take believers and dismantle their faith and make them useless warriors. Stop them from praying; from reading the Bible and from attending worship services. In some cases, the enemy will even persuade these warriors to change sides.

I found a book that gives the enemies plans. It is not the "Black Bible" or a book of witchcraft. I believe that when the author wrote this book, he didn't even realize that within the pages he would describe every tactic that Satan, or Lucifer as some know him, uses.

33 Strategies of War

The book I am referring to is called the 33 Strategies of War written by Robert Greene.

Robert's book shows the different strategies used in wars.

I have looked through these strategies and I realized that every one is used in one form or another by the devil and his demons.

The strategies of war are divided into 5 different categories. I am going to do a five part series on this and start with one of those categories.

It is always smart to know the enemies objective and plan. There are ways to defeat these strategies. Lets take a look at part 1.

Unconventional Warfare

We are going to start with what is probably Satan's most used type of strategy; Dirty warfare is also known as unconventional warfare.

There are eight strategies used within the framework of unconventional warfare, there are more in the book, but these are primary Satan used strategies. Lets take a look at them and how the evil devil and his demons use them:

Misperception Strategy

The devil is very good at this. He is a liar and misperception is a lie. Some of the basics in this strategy include:

  • Make a strong front look weak.
  • Make a weak front look strong and attack from elsewhere.
  • Feed the opponent misinformation and lies
  • Keep a constant pattern and change it suddenly.
  • Use camouflage.
  • Make truth look like a lie and lies look like the truth.

In normal war here on Earth; experts claim this tactic should not be relied on very much. If found out, you need a cover story. One good example of this strategy being used was during World War 2; the allies created a "fake army" to deceive Hitler and his generals. That army was called FUSAG and created confusion with Hitler.

So how do we defeat these. Lucifer wants us confused. The title of this hub is #1-Faith. We need to be in constant prayer and do not necessarily believe everything you see or hear. Check it once, check it twice and make sure you check it in the Word of God. Satan is very good at all of these. If we are in constant prayer, God will give us discernment! Trust God; His Spirit will guide you with faith!

Ordinary-Extraordinary Strategy

Sometimes, we as Christians think we need to employ this strategy. If the Holy Spirit is guiding it, great, but many times churches, pastors and people try to do this on their own. It is never good to work outside of God's will.

  • Use tactics the enemy doesn't know.
  • Mix ordinary with unusual.
  • Act crazy but use calculated moves.
  • Always be planning new things.

In any war, a strong army always employs this strategy. A great example of this strategy were the Ojibwa Indians who had a band of warriors that would yell and scream in a crazy way. Their yells would always be the opposite of what they intended to do.

To defeat this strategy when Satan uses it, back to the first; faith! Always expect the unexpected and be willing to lose all for God. I know that God does replace. I have experienced this just recently from someone I never expected. I have put it in God's hands. We are not talking anything petty either, actually thousands of dollars not petty; the key is: those dollars don't go to heaven and will be no good there. God can handle the whole matter with these two persons much better than I can.

The Righteous Strategy

This strategy is also used by the devil a lot, after all, he was an angel of light. "Oh it's for a good cause, starving children," as the crook is using the money to buy him/herself material goods while the kids are still starving.

  • Reveal the hypocrisy of your enemy.
  • Justify your actions based on morals.
  • Represent yourself as good and the enemy bad.
  • Show that the enemy "started" the fight or war.

The United States used this strategy against Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He had all these biological weapons that we still have never seen and supposedly he had something to do with 9/11. After all was said and done, I believe that strategy backfired on the U.S., or did it??

The devil used this strategy against Jesus. It also backfired creating a way that we all could be cleansed of our sins. Have you been washed by the Blood of Jesus?

Void Strategy

How to attack something that isn't there?

  • Guerrilla warfare is psychological in many ways.
  • Large forces are susceptible.
  • Lure the enemy for guerrilla warfare.
  • Exhaust the enemy.

The North Vietnamese were masters of these tactics. They would attack and hide in underground tunnels making it very hard to find them. Many times the devil or a demon will attack and hide right in front of you at the church you attend.

Again, faith and prayer and not allowing the enemy an easy target is the key defeating this strategy.

Alliance Strategy

The devil will try to befriend you, even though you are the enemy.

  • Find ones who can advance your strategies.
  • Help someone so they "owe" you.

There are many instances in war that one will ally up with someone they really don't like just to defeat an even stronger foe.

Satan uses this quite often using weaker vessels to go after stronger ones. I have seen pastors ruined with this strategy. The thing is, in the long run, the truth prevails.

This is where we need to stay in the Word of God strongly. God can and will show us who are true friends are. Be wary, don't just go along, but check it! Pray, pray, pray!

One-Up Strategy

Give enough rope and the enemy will hang themselves.

This strategy describes itself quite clearly. Your actions as a Christian can be taken in a bad way at times.

We must watch our mouth, our actions and our writings. I know that this has been an attack point of mine.

Faith, prayer and study our Bible. Yes, we are free in Jesus, but that means we should watch ourselves the more closely.

The Fait Accompli Strategy

This means taking very small bites so no one realizes what you are doing.

  • Look for opportunities during an enemies troubled times.
  • Patience is a key.

Lucifer uses this quite often. Bit by bit. It may start with a smile and a drink; next a dinner and then full-fledged adultery is one of the devil's tricks.

Faith and prayer; prayer and faith and stay around faithful servants of the Most High. More prayer!

The Inner Front Strategy

Defeat from within.

The old story about the Trojan horse is a prime example of this strategy. The enemy didn't attack the fortress, they put a huge horse that looked like a gift in front of the main gate. the soldiers rolled it in and when all were asleep, soldiers climbed out from within the great horse and killed and defeated the enemy.

Satan uses this in many ways too. He seeps into the churches, Bible studies and in families too and attacks from within.

Defeating this strategy must come from faith and solid Bible teachings and study. Prayer is always important.


The devil is out loose and the war is a daily one.

Faith is our first step. Prayer is our strongest weapon of all. We must study the Word of God and we can be victorious.

Jesus gave us all the keys to this war and He will stand in our defense if we allow Him to. Are we allowing Him?

This is the first part in this series. I will start working on part two soon. Keep checking back and learn how the devil works in this war. When we understand what the enemy is trying to do, it makes it easier. Faith and Love. Love will win all and God is love.

If you haven't taken Jesus as your Lord and Savior, the time is now; please! I say this because I care and you don't want to go where you are going if you haven't accepted Him. Just ask Him, He is listening. It's that easy to have eternal life. Then turn from your sin and be the warrior God wants you to be!

God bless you, stay strong and have faith!

© G.L. Boudonck


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    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 5 years ago from Will soon return to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      Thanks pretty lady, now lets go to bed.

    • Lastheart profile image

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 5 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      I'll be waiting for the next...very good hub!