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Warring Morality Over Religious Beliefs

Updated on March 17, 2015
Religions of the World
Religions of the World | Source

Defining Oneself Based On Religion

I have met countless people in this lifetime who introduced themselves as "I am Christian," first and then their name. For a long time, my naiveté about receiving this line of introduction has been perfunctory.

I have never met a Muslim, a Buddhist or atheist who introduced themselves as such. I became curious why some people use this line of greeting to strangers. It is an odd way to introduce oneself, but the more people I met who does this, the more I am convinced that this is not good. Off the bat, the expression of religiosity primarily sums up their persona. Was the latter the intention?

I found this specific act establish genuine prejudice and intolerance and this line of introduction reverberates with haughty loftiness and judgement. Despite, perhaps, a conscious belief that it can open up doors for this people, as a wary person, I have learned to conclude more often that these people who use these lines are 'con artists' on the prowl. It does help to form this conclusion when every single person who have used this line proved to be deceitful, promiscuous, greedy, racists and the paragon of the "ugly" human being.

Any good person out there who can define themselves good without religion? Good versus evil...we were taught that from early age. But of course, the definition maybe be subject to debate. Can "good" without religion be attenable? What I have known is, a good person does not define themselves by their religion, but what their conscience of the major good can do to other living breathing beings.

I was indoctrinated in a Catholic faith but during my formative teenage years, I questioned about a lot of things that did not make any sense. And yet, I was told to swallow the words of the priests and nuns. I quickly engaged in attending other services in other forms to get any answers from my questions. Doubting Thomas-es like me are a gift to others. Yet, the answers they promised have the repetitive adage on "just believe."

I realized that getting my answers will not come from so-called "holy" people, but from my own observations and research. All answers are based on interpretations. Different religious sects borne from different interpretations. Which interpretation is more convincing and persuasive to one, will be their religion or philosophy or the reason to life.

It's Just Another Picket Day
It's Just Another Picket Day | Source

The Doomsday Affair

Every approaching millennium, the doomsday prophets churn their pubicity and propaganda of preparedness for the coming end of the world. Events repeat itself. It is not rare to find communities brandishing their own style of salvation. No concept is exempt from multi-media marketing. Each concept has to sell and generate followers. The stronger the message no matter how the context is worded and brought, the more promising the coffers would bring. Getting rich in the name of a god is not news. Making heroes out of influential orators has been the forefront of political gain as well lending dominion to spirituality.

As long as human beings insist passionately on their chosen beliefs, there will be no end to wishing the unbelievers' termination. Hatred and war will never leave us because each one who insist their truth will wage calamity over the other in order to show their power, their strength and rigtheousness.

What kinds of beings habitate this planet? Humans who are prone to self-destruct....and it's not the extermination of the self, but the slaughter of many.

A Templar Vanguishing The Unbelievers
A Templar Vanguishing The Unbelievers | Source

In The Name Of Religion

Countless battles won and lost over religion. Whether they be Christians of a different sect (Huguenots vs. Catholics of the Middle Ages), or the current hostilities between Muslims vs. Christians, our sectarian disputes and massacre continues. The year 2011 highlighted simultaneous violent proportions around the world. We know, because we are constantly informed.

The massacre of those kids in Norway broke most of everybody's hearts. For whatever religion one believes in, most agree that this senseless criminal act was horrendous. Yet, this Brevik guy, masquerading himself as the modern Templar was convinced of his purpose. In his mind there was logic to his purpose.

What about those so-called Christian pastors who incite the burning of the Koran? Their belief of their One God and One Book was justification for them to hurl hatred to others. How do these "leaders" get "followers" to believe their definition of religious faith. What kinds of people shut their eyes and ears to these hostilities?

How many more of these so called "soldiers" have these kind of logic to their purpose? Countless. And they will carry on their purpose with speed and without regret.

The Slaughter
The Slaughter | Source

Believe It or Not

I skip people who quote the Bible because they are absorbed on their interpretation of it. To them there is no argument that EVERYTHING the Bible says is moral and right. To utter every word of it is salvation enough. Who is not impressed with great memorization? Who does not succumb to drama? Where will our beliefs be, if not for the Written Word...or Words?

What about the other holy books like the Koran? Or do you ignore that the Koran or any other religious books unholy or immoral because they belong to another religion? This remains to be a consistently continuously unceasing warfare.

Human beings are always elevating SOMEBODY to a position of influence and power and divinity. Go back in time and review the profuse adulations we pour on certain mortals. We have immortalized them in movies, in books, in all types of propaganda. Hundreds and thousands of years from now, a new generation will pick THE ONE that has shown wisdom the most, then they may have another god.

For example, how did the saints become saints??? Why did these people become the holy untouchables? Look, fans of Mother Theresa and Princess Diana are campaigning for them to be saints. Don't miscontrue me. The bulk of their work prior to their passing has been immensely unselfish and they are "saintly" by definition of their mission while they breathe. There are few of us who would make these types of sacrifices, thus, those that excel in these endeavours are "saints."

Let us not forget Hitler and his parallels. Human beings exalted his rise. It took millions of death and destruction before the good in human kind realized that evil lives within us. Stopping him was a temporary win for the moment. We remain witnesses and participants to every kind of evil humans are capable of.

Human beings have a habit of getting caught in euphoria. It is an incurable disease. We are enslaved to the idea of "The One" who would lead us or "The One" we have to believe. Do we have to?

Where does salvation lies?

A step in time when we ALL can get along and tolerate one another's beliefs without bloodshed.


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    • daisynicolas profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Alaska

      True, we should ask questions...intelligent questions about our beliefs. We've been spoonfed too long, and if there's evil and malicious intent in the doctrines, why follow.

    • Chris Neal profile image

      Chris Neal 

      6 years ago from Fishers, IN

      You make many good points but you open up a lot of questions as well. Why would Christian pastors, most of whom were not at all worried about Islam before 9/11, become so fearful of it afterwards? What is God's real desire for how we should treat Muslims? Is one book better than the others? There's a lot of ground to cover.

      Voted interesting.

    • peeples profile image


      6 years ago from South Carolina

      Great Hub! Voted up.

    • daisynicolas profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Alaska

      Thank you. We need to question the validity of our values despite being "spoonfed."

    • chelseacharleston profile image


      6 years ago

      LOVE the "good without religion?" question! Love how you think. Great hub!


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