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Our Search for the Water of Truth

Updated on March 13, 2013

Our Searching the surface won't find the Water of Truth

Have you started to dig down into what you really are?

Some few have the ‘Water of Truth’ rain upon them. This is an epithany. This is a gift. Such people are never the same again afterward. For the rest of us, we appear to live upon the dry, desert ‘Plains of Unknowing’ and long for something better. Many of us live upon this plain. Some few, decide to dig – to dig within to find that “something better.” So begins the digging of many wells on different parts of this vast Plain of Unknowing.

As time goes by many give up digging - but if we persevere

Has your urge to self-actualization taken the next step?

As time goes by, some of those who are digging give up. It is too hard. All they have done is exhausted themselves, it seems, in a futile search for that elusive Water of Truth but have been unable to find it. So they stop. Some even deny that there is such water. It is a myth, they say. Yet some few labour on, perhaps stopping to rest for a while, but always knowing that they are never going to give up. So they do not give up. Then – lo!

They break through!

Above the top of Maslow's Pyramind lies Self REALIZATION

There below them is such an abundance of water it must be a river – a great river- A MIGHTY RIVER! It could be a lake, or an endless sea, or an illimitable dimensionless ocean. Whatever it is it is the Water of Truth. Moreover, it is the same to all who have discovered it. No argument about that. Those who have truly discovered it never argue among themselves.

The well will tap the stream - a stream of true peace and understanding deep inside

Water is water and truth is truth and takes no heed of the labels we use for it

Now, it happens that these wells were initially dug miles apart; so far away from one another that one group of well-diggers was not even aware that there were other groups digging. Not in the early days. But later they did become aware of these others and they straight away believed that these others were mistaken as to what they had discovered. These others were making it up. Either that or they were fools. Whatever they were, they had not discovered the truth as OUR discoverers had. We were and are the ones who are the keepers of the real truth. We have found the Water of Truth. The others have not. They are unbelievers!

A stream that will broaden and bring you a much lighter scene

Faith is not necessary,instead an open mind so you can find out for yourself

Of course, we didn’t personally find the Water of Truth ourselves. But our representatives have. Our well-diggers did. We thought they were cranks whilst they were alive but now they are dead. Now, we hold them in very high regard. Indeed, we name places of worship after such. But what really annoys us is that there are others among our own people who do not believe. Atheists!

Enough of this, "I am right, so you must be wrong," find out for yourself! ...or continue to be part of the ongoing problem

That is not the worst of it. We now learn that there are other well-diggers who actually claim that they are right and we are wrong; that their water is pure and ours is polluted. Nay, ours is vinegar and unfit to drink. And so our anger justifiably rises. The wars begin. The wars beget further malice and unforgiveness. We are right so they must the wrong. And so it goes on down the years, the centuries, the millennia.

And our world, although the same, will seem more beautiful

Just as Nature has no favourites so, too, the Water of Truth

Yet underneath, the great ocean which makes up the Water of Truth is impervious to all of this. It is. It is illimitable and available not only to all Humankind but to all intelligences and life forms beyond the ken of human consciousness…but we silly humans still either don’t believe, or believe inaccurately, or, if we are of those very few who know, are unable to convince so many of those who do not. And so it continues…


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  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    I appreciate the praise about the content of this Hub, Deborah. However, be sure that you're able to distinguish in your mind the difference between Jesus of Nazareth - the man - and Christ, which is the 'consciousness' that Jesus found within himself and taught others about. It needs be remembered that such consciousness attainable to us all.

  • Deborah Brooks profile image

    Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

    the truth,the water of life Is Jesus our Lord.. this is a great hub.. sharing on facebook