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The Will Of God For Biafra And Nigeria

Updated on June 11, 2017

Gowon and Ojukwu

The Ark of Covenant, Biafra and Nigeria.

This is the message the Lord God of Celestial (heaven) gave to me to deliver to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Nigeria. God spoke to me through the new Ark of Covenant which He made with the Jews and the Gentiles. This was sealed with seven seals but is now broken and opened by our Lord Jesus Christ by His precious blood (Revelations 5:1-10). If you desire to know God's Will for your life, or any area of your life, you may contact me through +2347067550237. This is special gift of prophecy which probes even the most sublime matters.

The Lord God has revealed to me His displeasure of seeing the Biafrans breaking away from Nigeria. Not that Nigeria cannot survive without the IPOB, but there is a greater plan waiting in the future for IPOB in Nigeria - to rule Africa, and then the world in the future. A wise man will understand this saying. That time, a continent will be ruled by the most powerful nation in her. And Nigeria is eyed to take the mantle of power in Africa. Then later, when a new orientation pervades the world, as waters cover the sea, Nigeria will be used by God to establish His New Covenant with the whole world, both Jews and gentiles. Then people will understand that God has not cancelled​ the Old Testament, but has only modified it to produce the New Testament with scientific explanations and proofs of biblie principles. At that time, quantum physics will be used to understand the principles behind most Bible miracles. And all this will have it's root in Nigeria when the powers of the world power nations must have been broken by war and natural disasters.

Kanu and Buhari

Words of Reason to IPOB

The Lord God wants the Indigenous People of Biafra to calm down and listen to Words of Reason. God speaks to them through the book of Proverbs 19:20-21. But if they fail to listen, but continue in the struggle to have their own nation, the Lord says He will turn His back against them, and cause them to fall once again. He speaks and compares their actions to the event in 2 Timothy 3:8-9.

There will be greater civil war and desolations in many Igbo lands. Generations to come will eat the sour grapes and the scare will not erase till Christ come back. A great people, known for their zeal in business and enterprises will become​ lowest classed people in Nigeria. Epidemic, starvation, wandering will be the lot of those people who aspire to break away. And at the end of the struggle, they will fail woefully! This is not a threat, but a fact. The future will judge me if my message is based on lies. I repeat. GOD WANTS NIGERIA TO STAY TOGETHER. If there is a problem, they should unite together to fight and win their battles, internal crisis and external intrusion from foreign nations.

But unto the people of Nigeria, the Lord speakes. "I will strengthen the hands that keep this great nation's unity. And I will preserve them from the future trouble coming against the whole world. He speaks further in Joshua 10:35-42.

Now I have delivered God's message as He has sent me. This is not a prophecy but an expression of God's Will. If all the warnings in this piece are heeded, all interest parties will live in peace to God's glory. I have no special interest in either parties in a political or economic way. My greatest desire is to let people know God's Will for their lives and helping them to meet their Lord to solve their problems. So let him who have ears to ear listen to the voice of God.


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