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The Windows of Futures Past

Updated on August 23, 2014


It is funny when I think about the circumstances in trying to get this most recent article published. When I read Zechariah, I see a window into our future coming directly from a voice in the past. There is a strong connection between myself and this particular book of the prophets. I have alluded to it before. Besides both of us being of the priestly caste, our connection is far more intimate. Our association far more intertwined, and understanding what he was saying to those of us in our time has been the crucible that was left to me to grind in our time. But what is proving more fascinating has been my attempt to get this article published. Even though there is but a smattering of Hebrew in this article, its publication was refused in that it was said the majority of the article was written in a foreign language. Not true. Zechariah reveals how the tide to silence our voice will come in our age. If we cannot speak, others will never hear our voice and they will only hear what our enemies proclaim. That is already happening across the globe and particularly in America. Furthermore, ever since I've tried to get this article up, my social media sites have been hacked, my passwords hijacked, and I've been busy trying to restore my sites to my control. Coincidence? Hardly! This is how the enemies of our people will work. The Nazis had their propaganda machine, the Jihadists have their You Tube, and those whom are on the other side for nefarious reasons have their abilities to seize the internet. If we are silenced, we will face our greatest crisis. If we choose to remain silent, it will be our undoing. If I can't publish a tiny bit of Hebrew verse, then I will publish it in English phonetics. I will not be silenced. I will not go quietly into the embrace of extinction. I will challenge all of Pharaoh's magi and their bag of tricks until they Let My People Go.

It is time to share some of the events to which I have born witness which are now coming in to play. So much of what I am about to relate, came to me in a series of enlightenments in the summer of 1998 and they have been built upon over the past 16 years. Some of you may recall that I have touched upon this in other articles, but it is only now that I realize how much of what was said, and what was shown, is actually coming to pass. At that time I was told that of all the prophetic writings in our Tanakh, only Zechariah was of importance to this day and age. That there was a reason I was named Aryeh-Zuk, more than the fact that it had been used several times in the past lineage of my family. It was because it was the reverse of Zechariah, and whereas his name might be considered the Alpha, then mine would be the Omega. In other words, his visions would become the reality of my time. And as I mentioned, I was told that the reading of Zechariah should be reversed as well, so that beginning with Chapter 8, I would see exactly how things were going to come to fruition in our days. In essence, our future had already been laid out in the days of the past. I don't expect you to believe what your about to read, or what I'm saying to you. I have already been told that the majority of you won't and that again is no different from prophetic messages of the past. After all, had the prophets been believed, then their messages would not have been prophetic because the people would have changed the future. Instead, the majority of you will bury your heads in the sand, ignore what is happening around you, and pretend that somehow you will survive the storm gathering on the horizon unscathed. So be it. We are whom we are for the past 3000 years. It would be foolish of me to think that we will change now. As some of my readers have asked me, "Why waste my breath?" I can only answer that I do what I am told to do. Say what I am told to say. The message is there and those that have faith will hear it loud and clear.

Chapter One

For those of you that can read the Hebrew you will understand the Where, the Why and the How of what I am about to say to you has originated. Everything that was shown to me was written, every horror I have seen has been substantiated. That I can see the past in the future is both curse and blessing. The blessing that I have been told it can be stopped, the curse being that achieving a reprieve is unlikely since many of you, and mankind in general, will not listen and my words will be like dust in the wind. This burden that has been placed upon me is part of the reason I am in the farthest corner of the world. Only here could I be a voice in the wilderness. The day has not yet come that I might set foot in Jerusalem, or more to the point the 100th generation of my family, which I have been informed will be born December of this year. So perhaps my exile will be over soon and I can touch the places of my origin, feel the sands beneath my feet, but not until all that has been revealed to me has come to pass.

As you read the words from Zechariah, you will be provided with the perspective from my own visions of what is currently and about to come. You will come to understand the Alpha and the Omega that I have mentioned previously:

Co amar Yahweh tzevaot. Oid yashvu zekanim oozkanoit birchovoit Jerusalem. Ve-ish mishantoi beyadoh marove yamim.

Yahweh has brought us back to the land where the first of those that returned still intermingle with the children of this generation in the lands and cities that surround Jerusalem but those that came first lean heavily upon their canes and still they have not found peace within our holy city.

Oorchovoit hayir yimalu, yaladim ve-yeladoit, mesahakim birchovoisechah.

And the youth of this generation shall still be confined to the surrounding places of Jerusalem but on that which is most holy they cannot tred.

Co amar Yahweh tzevaoit, ki yipalai be-ainai sheairit ha-am hazeh, beyamim hahaim gum be-ainai yipalai ne-oom Yahweh tzevaoit.

And Yahweh has said to me, "if this is how you wish to remain in the land of your forbearers, should your acceptance of this quasi status be acceptable to Me? I am eternal but my tolerance for your disobedience is not!"

Co amar Yahweh tzevaoit, hinaini moisheah et ami me-eretz mezrah oo-me-eretz mavoi hashamesh.

And the Lord said until me, "No, I shall not let this be, whether you understand or not, I will deliver you from the seeds of destruction that you have sewn on the East Bank of Gaza and the West Bank of Jordan for I do not accept that which you have done by giving away that which I have given you."

Vehavati oitum veshachnu betoich Jerusalem. Vehayu-li leam, veani ichyeh lahem le-alochim be-emet oovtzedekah.

Stand strong in truth and righteousness and do not yield to the pressures that have been thrust against you by those amongst the other nations and once again you will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem and you shall once again be My People.

Co amar Yahweh tzevaoit tachazeknah yidechim hashoimim beyamim ha-aileh at hadvarim ha-aileh mipih hanvaim asher beyoim you-sad bait Yahweh tzevaoit hahaikol lehebanoit.

Let your right hand be strong against your enemies, and you will hear the words from my prophet that now is the time for us to once again lay the foundation of My temple and rebuild it in My name. Listen and be filled with courage. Do not waiver in this task for I am not a forgiving taskmaster.

Key Lifnai ha-yamim hahaim secar ha-adam lo nehyah oo-secar habhamah ainenah velayoitzeh velabah ain shalom min hatzar veashalach at kol ha-adam ish biraiahu.

You are alone and abandoned in this world with none that will stand with you in spite of the money that you think will hire their loyalty. Those that remain silent are pressured by your adversary and will not stand with you. Already they have set upon your neighbors, and your one time friends tremble in fear for I have raised neighbor against neighbor. All this I have done to teach you in whom you should place your faith.

Veatah loh ceymim haroishnim ani lesharit ha-am ha-zeh na-um Yahweh tzevaoit.

But this time I will not come to your rescue as I have done in former days", says Yahweh,"for the remnant must learn to call my name and obey my commandments which they have abandoned in order to be like other nations.

Key zerah hashalom hagefen tetain piryah veheretz tetain at-yavulah vehashamayim yetnu talam; vehanhaltati at shearit ha-am hazeh-- at kol aleh.

Only those that redeem themselves in My eyes shall bear the fruits of peace, the dew of heaven, but this will only happen after the long suffering war that will eventually open their eyes to the truth..

Vehayah keasher heetem kelalah ba-goyim bait Judah vebait Israel -- cane oishiah atchem ve heetem baracah al tiraoo techezaknah yedaichim.

First you must be cursed and be oppressed by the nations of the world, that will come against not only the country of Israel but Jews wherever they may be. But fear not, those that stand for Me I will rescue and bless you.

Key co amar, Yahwen tzevaoit, ke-asher zamumti leharah lachem behaktzif avotaichem oitih, amar Yahweh tzevaoit, velo nechamti.

There will be evil times that are coming as a result of the sins your fathers have committed against Me and which you have perpetrated in your pursuit to be one like other nations.

Cane shavti zamamti beyamim ha-aleh, lehaitiv at Jerusalem ve-at bait Judah, al tirahu.

But in the end I will protect My children, the nation of Israel and the Jews of the Diaspora but not until you call out My name and rely in Me rather than the false human idols you have set upon golden thrones in the capitals of other nations..

Aileh hadvarim asher tiahsu dabru emet. Ish at reahu emet oomishpat shalom. Shiftu besharaichem.

You will execute judgment at the gates of your land. Within those gates My law is supreme and those that have failed to execute that truth to his neighbor shall suffer the things that I am about to do for there will be no peace at your gates until you do the things that I command you to do..

Ve-ish at reat reahu. Al tihashvu baalvavchem ooshvuat shekar al teahchavu; key at kol aleh asher sunaiti, neum Yahweh.

Let no Jew stand against his fellow Jew in what needs to be done. Those that love their false oaths to other nations over that which I have commanded you are evil in your hearts and I will hate you most of all, more than all the other nations that have come against you. So sayeth I , Yahweh.

Veyehe debar Yahweh tzevaoit ali leamor.

These are the words of Yahweh that have been told to me to say to all of you.

Co amar Yahweh tzevaoit Tzoim harvii vetzoim hahamishi, vetzoim hashvii, vetzoim ha-siri yichyeh le-bait Judah lesasoin oolismahah oolmoyadim toivim; veha-emet veha-shalom ehavu.

Yahweh says to you now, the events will come to pass at the time of the fast of the month of Tammuz, and will not dissipate through the fast of Av, nor the fast of Tishrei, until the fast of Tavais and those of the Jews that see this sign lasting six months will know that the time has come and though they suffer they will be filled with gladness for they know that they have entered the season of truth which will eventually end in peace.

Co amar Yahweh tzevaoit; oid asher yavau amim, veyishvai ahrim raboit.

And Yahweh Lord of hosts has said to me that when the suffering is over, My people shall come from all nations, from cities all around the world that they inhabit and will come to Me.

Vehalchu yoishvai echat el echat leamar. Nalcha haloif lechaloit at penai Yahweh, oolvekesh at Yahweh tzevaoit; alchah gum ani.

And when the other nations see the devastation I have brought against them they shall realize finally that I am the Lord and you are My people and they will say to one another, let us go also to seek the Lord and be one with his people.

Uvau amim rabim vegoyim ahtzumim, levakesh at Yahweh tzevaoit be-Jerusalem, ulhaloit, at penai Yahweh.

All those that you considered mighty nations will come crawling to Jerusalem to beg My forgiveness and entreat My favours, begging to be forgiven for what they have done against you and against My name.

Co amar, Yahweh tzevaoit, beyamim hahemah, asher yachaziku asarah anashim mecol lishonoit hagoyim; vehecheziku becnaf ish Yehudi leamor, nalchah amichem -- key shemaanu Elohim amichem.

But of the devastation which will come to pass in those days that I will describe to you, I will give you this chance to stop the suffering that I will bring upon the earth. Let ten men of standing and power from the other nations take hold of your skirt and say we know that you are the Jew that the Lord has spoken to and we will stand with you and speak out against the sins of our world for we know that God is with you.

There in lays our salvation. Ten men is the deal that is non negotiable. I do not think they will stand up and make themselves known and what I will describe in the articles to follow will let you know what will soon happen.


Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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    • profile image

      BAR 3 years ago


      My house trembles.

      The sword of no sword, this can only be found in Torah.

      The Sword of Moses.

      Wielded in perfect understanding, it slays the wicked while they yet sit in plot, having been struck so perfect,they yet not know their innards are exposed before them.

      25 times we've climbed 5 rungs, Jacob's Sons in search of a ladder,with none to be found.

      Tell me wise one, who is Shabak or better her son's of war Shin Bit? Who guards her house of harlots? Warriors with what destiny? You call on them as if they are already not exposed, shall you perish with them doomed by a hardened heart? Heaven forbid.

      You read here because your brought here, except your fate and Return.

    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 3 years ago

      Okay, Ovadiah, so I know who you are now. Once there was hope for you, but now I see that you have become lost. As I always said, you are entitled to your opinion as mistaken as it might be. I make no claims, I only report what I have seen and what I have heard. It is for others to either pay attention or dismiss. You may believe the Torah is nothing more than literature, that is a failing that you are entitled to hold on to. The Almighty only asks that you believe and those that don't believe will bear His wrath. You seem to presume that I encourage his wrath but as you are well aware, I am only trying to seek a solution of unity of all people that will allay what is coming. I would think as one whom claims to have heard the thunder that you would have learned a valuable lesson but it would appear that you have gone astray and abandoned a role that you were supposed to portray. That is the only sadness I see. You have turned your back on that part which you were to play.

    • profile image

      Ovadiah 1:21 3 years ago

      Kahana, so you make the claim that you are a prophet, Zechariah essentially. If you are a prophet, why do you censor anyone who show's the Torah is nothing more then literature, nothing more then preexistant texts incorporated into another account with much of the details omitted, along with combining gods into a singular god. I find it difficult to believe in one who's words sound child like, nothing behind them. There is an extreem danger in extreem religious zeolotry which you seem to portray. A self invented claim that you are the one that "god" has given the role to is laughable. Are you going to screw everything up again like you did in a previous life as Caiaphas and attempt to repeat what you had done before, but not in such an obvious way? It seems you have the idea that you have been wronged by "them". And that "god" is going to make it right for you. Let no Jew stand against what you need to do, is that a threat Kahana to kill fellow Jews who do not believe in your message? Should we forward your articles to the Shabak in order to keep us safe from this insanity? Having zeal for human decency might be a better goal for you to look at. I look forward to your reply. Sad sad sad.

    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 3 years ago

      Shalom Alan, that is a fair way of putting it. The Hebew (phonetic version) is the direct quotes from the Book of Zechariah but the English which follows these is the interpretation as it was shown to me. The reader should look at what Zechariah said, and how through my vision it has been extrapolated to events happening as we speak. Second Zechariah, well, I prefer to go by my given name of Aryeh-Zuk.

    • profile image

      alanbedford 3 years ago

      You are right about censorship in social media. Anything that is not "politically correct" or is contrary to the "official truth" is considered dangerous. As for your article, maybe you should clarify a point for the readers who are not familiar with your previous works: the quotations you cited are not from the Book of Zechariah but were revelations to you as the "second Zechariah", is that a fair way of putting it?