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The Windows of Future Past: Chapter 2

Updated on August 29, 2014

I wanted to get this second article published before the Sabbath begins. I feel it is important that the readers see what is happening before they gain a false sense of security that all is well with the world. Yes, there is a truce holding in Gaza right now, but that is fragile at best and meaningless in context of what is happening in the north as the Islamic Caliphate spreads across Syria and Iraq. You have an American president that still sees them as the Junior Varsity team that he referred to only nine months ago, afraid to admit that they are a far more serious threat than any junior team, and that they will be knocking at the door steps of Europe if they are not dealt with swiftly and effectively. As for Hamas, it will bide its time, letting the insurgents in the north continue their jihadist rampage which draws attention away from them, as its obvious the world cannot concentrate on more than one crisis at any one time. As you will see from Chapter 9 in Zechariah, or what I consider chapter 2 when read in the context of our times, all this has been predicted and how it will unfold is already known but the tremendous suffering until we achieve what is written in the last few sentences of this chapter is beyond measure. I didn't even try to publish the Hebrew characters this time but automatically wrote them in English phonetics. I do encourage you to read the versus as they are written in Zechariah and then compare them to the expanded translation I have provided as a reflection of our times. In that way you will come to realize why the Book of Zechariah has always been so important for this day and age and why the message I am delivering is so pertinent to your own lives. You must hear the message, and measure it against what is happening in our world, and then make the decision as to where you stand. There is a line in the sand but it is still your choice to decide upon which side you will stand. Standing in the middle is no longer an option!

Chapter 2

1. Masah devar Yahweh be-eretz Hadrach, ve-Damascus menuchatoi: Key le-Yahweh ain adam, vecol shivtai Israel.

These words that Yahweh as commanded to be passed on are a terrible burden. He will rest his hand upon Syria and Damascus to crush those that have raised their armies against all of mankind and specifically the tribes of Israel.

2. Vegum Hamath, tigbal ba, Tzor Vetzidoin, key Chacmah M’oid.

And they shall easily take the north of Syria around Hamath, all the way to Tyre and Zidon in Laebanon afor this enemy is very cunning and strategic in its efforts.

3. Vetivan Tzor Matzor lah; Vatitzbar kesef, keafar, vecharutz, keteet, chotzoit.

And by the time they take Tyre they will be fortified and impregnable, rich beyond measure in the wealth they have taken from the ground because no one has stopped them.

4. Henai Adonai yorshenah, vvehecah bayam chaylah; vehee, ba-aish taiahcail.

But where man has failed, the Lord will step in and he will crush this power with His army of believers, tossing the enemy into the sea and devouring all of them with the fire of our weapons. No mercy will be shown them for they have no mercy of their own.

5. Taireh Ashkelon vetirah, veahzah vetachil me-oid, ve-ekroin, key hovish mebatah; ve-ahvad Melech Mai-ahzah ve-Ashkelon lo taishave.

And those Palestinians in Gaza shall be sorely pained because they placed their faith in this Caliphate to destroy Israel and even the West Bank past Ekron will be ashamed that they chose to stand by those in Gaza which will be laid to waste and will be inhabited no longer.

6. Ve-yashave mamzer be-Ashdod, ve-hekrati, ge-oin Paleshtim.

And the one whom I chose that is scorned and rejected amongst my people will finally show himself in Ashdod, and he shall lay to waste the Palestinians, and they shall be cut off from my people whom they rose against.

7. Vahasiroiti daman mepir, veshekutzav mebain shenav, venishar gum-who, lalohainu, vehayah ke-aluf be-Judah, ve-Ekron kivusi.

The mouth of the rejected one will no longer be bloodied by that which he preached and by those whom he was accused of spreading hatred against others they will instead hail him as a preserver of the word of God, and he shall become a leader amongst the Jews, and those of the Palestinians that finally see the truth will also flock to him.

8. Vechaniti lebaiti metzavah mayover umishav, veloh ya-avor alaichem oid nogais: key atah, ra-iti be-ainah.

And I will set my followers from amongst all God-fearing people against this Caliphate army from the north so that none of them will pass south into my house, and no oppressor of those that follow My word in Torah shall ever come against them again, for I have seen enough and I will utterly destroy those that have opposed Me.

9. Geli meoid bat Zion, hari-I bat Jerusalem, henai malcaik yavoh lach, tzadik venosha who, ani verocave al-chamor, ve-al ayir ben atonoit.

Time to rejoice those that are the children of Zion and the children of Jerusalem, whether you be Jew or other that cherishes the word of God, for I am sending you a leader from amongst those that conquered your enemies, and though his birth was rendered lowly, his family long lost its glory, with no horse drawn chariots but riding like one on the back of a donkey, he will come in triumph.

10. Vehikraiti rechem may-Ephraim, vesus me-Jerusalem, venicretah keshet milchamah, vedibear shalom leGoyim, umashlo meyam ad-yam, umenahar ad, afsai eretz.

And the war machines from those that stood with Israel, and the armies from Jerusalem itself, will no longer need to take arms, and shall become My ambassadors of peace, bringing tranquility to all the world. And the one that rose from amongst you to be your leader will be my herald throughout the earth.

In Conclusion

There are seven other sentences from this chapter in Zechariah but they merely reiterate the coming peace following the terrible destruction which is at hand. It was important that I get this message to you so that you see, even after the devastation, we will survive and it will be a better world. As to the degree of destruction, those images come from the subsequent chapters in Zechariah and it will be another day that I present the next chapter so that you have an appreciation of the coming storm. But remember, from the first article, that there is still a chance this can be avoided. Ten leaders from ten nations must stand up and make a stand against this Jihadist tide. They must do so not with the intent of containment but with annihilation. That is a concept which is foreign and apprehensible to most of us in the west. We cannot think of annihilation without beginning to immediately condemn ourselves for having such thoughts. There is no choice in the matter. We do not have the luxury of applying humanistic values to an enemy that clearly has no similar morality. The land is drawn in the and it is up to all of us to choose on which side we stand.

Shalom Aleichim
Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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