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The Wisdom of Ages

Updated on December 25, 2012

The Wisdom of Ages

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

For those who are familiar with my work you may have read my hub on automatic writing. The concept is that as a medium, one opens to a channel of knowledge that is accessed in meditation or trance as it is often referred. The words are given and written by the medium without their conscious attention. The following excerpts come from several meditations undertaken before lectures on spiritual development that were held as part of a three month coarse back in the 1980’s. I hope you enjoy their wisdom and the intent behind them.

“The first subject is hypocrisy, for judging others is our foremost downfall. We are all too quick to judge, when first we should look within. We can always learn from the deeds of others. Learn not to judge, but first to relate to our own misgivings. We then may see some balance between us. We are all capable of anything and each of us may in turn go through or have gone through, that which we are condemning. So pointless is this hypocrisy.

Always remember that at any one time we are all at different points in our spiritual development, and we pass with varied step, the same path. So to look down on another is to not understand part of oneself. Reach for understanding first and with it compassion will follow and the need to help those who understand less. Remember it is usually the ones whom you think least of that will need your help in the end, and when that happens we are all quick to respond to the flattery. This is our hypocrisy in reverse.

Always consider your ego as one who speaks too quickly, and one that should be a tool to progress, not the master of it. This truth is a burden to ease.”


“Of greed do we admonish ourselves, and then drive further onward toward self-gain and would be happiness. Yet, do we find happiness in our greed? Does this cycle please us in the end? No, for love becomes the conquered, when greed becomes the victor. Greed is ‘self’; it is the product of selfish thought and false need. We understand, and yet persist to hoard our precious lots for all to see. We preserve our self-esteem, in basing our lives on wealth. Yet wealth alone leads not to happiness. Seek not to be of greater wealth, but learn to accept and utilize what you have been given, to whatever degree. When we reach for greater levels of wealth, we reach these levels only to be dissatisfied and to then reach even further. But this is not progress, not until we have learned to live in happiness and to understand each level.

So, we can see that balance in our physical existence is of the utmost importance, and ‘this’ we wish to achieve at any level of wealth or material life, in order to have happiness in that existence. We can see that many are already of great wealth in our material world, but few are of happiness and fewer of the understanding of it. Seek to understand your physical and material needs and place them in perspective, for ‘greed’ is the ploy of fools. Reach for balance in your acceptance and understanding, for this will lead to love and compassion for the needs of others. When we learn to put aside our greed, we have truly moved forward towards a loving existence and ‘inner peace’.


“The subject is peace, for peace we shall not know but from within.

Among all of our troubles we often feel the emptiness of self, the loneliness of our misgivings and the failure of our plans. But are we not the masters of our plans? We may so easily ignore our greed, and never understand why we fail and why we are not happy. For isn’t it happiness that we seek? Not wealth, not status, but the happiness that we believe it brings is what we want. The result comes from what we truly wish. How we achieve this result depends on our understanding. Look not to your physical life for happiness, for true happiness begins within and blossoms outward into all of your life.

It is opportune to find this way now, for we are being tested by faith and hardship and those strong within will be the salvation of our kind, not soldiers, not politicians. Find your peace for this peace is already being subject to a world of hate and conflict, and it will be difficult not to become a part of it.

Through all struggle, look to help your fellow man, for the weak can grow strong.”


“The subject is justice, for our judgments are often justice from our own perspective, and we are quick to make others pay for our own undoing. Remember always there should be balance. For justice is not that which is right for the judge, but that which is right for all, in balance and with either a positive or negative result. Remember this balance is not achieved at any particular time. Our soul’s progression is long, experiencing various incarnations. Balance may not be seen in one incarnation, but throughout many. Balance is the result of existence and cannot be anything else. We must understand that justice is simply our inept way of perceiving what in the end is ‘universal law’. We must have faith in this understanding and truth.

When we feel down despondent and downtrodden, there is always a reason. From what we see as negative, with understanding and faith come knowledge and only positive. For each experience is only another experience along the path of life, and if we learn from each as it reveals itself, then we shall grow and our footsteps will be steadier as a result.

Justice and indeed balance is a ‘universal law’ and ‘IS’. We must look to the whole, not the singular, and develop faith. This is the key that unlocks all within the universe.”


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